The Standard of Ur from Sumeria 



Some figurines from Sumeria  



An early cuneiform tablet uncovered in Mesopotamia



 Famous Buildings from most ancient Sumeria



The Great Ziggurat at Ur in Sumer



In the early 20th Century, the Temple was excavated and restored in modern Iraq






Sargon's death mask superimposed by the ziggurat of Akkad, his capital





The Tower of Babel, Mesopotamia



This is Ishtar, the goddess of fertility and revelry of the Babylonians



The chief god of Babylon dominated Mesopotamia- Marduk



Modern interpretation of Ishtar, shown in color with a ziggurat in the background



An actual specimin of the Code of Hammurabi






The location today of Hattusilis, modern central Turkey- who could tell it was an ancient capital?



the old city gates of the Hittite capital



the Hittites real advancement, widespread use of the war chariot as shown in their art






The key to Assyrian power: cruely, intimidation, and the weapons to back it up



not only great conquerers, Assyrians advanced cuneiform writing



The Assyrians gain the chariot... to dreadful effects on the peoples of Mesopotamia



A view of Nineveh, Assyrian capital on the Tigris River



Imperial Palace of Nineveh, capital of Assyria



The ziggurat at Nineveh in Assyria -- not the palace- the temple



Nineveh today- its hard to imagine that this was once the capital of the ancient world



Assyrian Imperial Palace at Nippur



Palace of Emperor Sargon II at Khorsabad



The Famous Winged Bulls from the Palace of Sargon II at Khorsabad



Nineveh today- again we see desolation where grandeur once was... nothing lasts forever...






The Ishtar Gate at Babylon



The Hanging Gardens of Babylon- the amazing city of ancient times



A reconstruction of Babylon's center in a museum in Berlin, Germany- compare it with the current photo of this site:



The Hanging Gardens Today... oops- guess they should've been good!



Eternal Mesopotamia- a view of the rivers going through town from early 1900's



Baghdad, though on the Tigris not the Euphrates, this city has inherited control of Mesopotamia




Patriarchal societies are the norm in human history... until now?








Art of the Age of Empires: Small Kingdoms and Nomadic Peoples

 c. 1500 BC - 500 BC






The symbol of phoenicia- the purple flower that gave the ancient world this color- and made

phoenicia a maritme trading power on the Mediterranean Sea



Another symbol of Phoenicia- a boat at night



The top trading city in the ancient world, Tyre



The second city of Phoenicia, Sidon as it was



The Canaanites


This is Baal, many Canaanites worshiped this idol of Baal for many centuries before

the arrival of the Israelites. These kinds of cults were common all around the ancient middle east





Genesis 1 - God created the heaven, the earth, plants, animals and man in six days
Genesis 2 - God blessed the seventh day; extra details of creation and the newly created earth
Genesis 3 - The serpent deceived Adam and Eve to eat the forbidden; God curses the earth; Adam and Eve sent out of the garden of Eden
Genesis 4 - Cain kills Abel; God curses Cain; Cain's decendants and family history
Genesis 5 - Family history of the line of sons from Adam to Noah
Genesis 6 - Wickedness in the earth increased; God declares to destory the world; God commands Noah to build an ark
Genesis 7 - Noah, his family, and animals enter ark; flood covers whole earth; all humans and land creatures outside ark destroyed
Genesis 8 - The flood ends and the waters receed; Noah, his family and the animals exit the ark; Noah made a burnt offering to God
Genesis 9 - God blesses Noah & family, outlines new diet, makes "anti-world flood" covenant; Noah gets drunk; Noah dies
Genesis 10 - Family history of Shem, Ham and Japheth, the sons of Noah
Genesis 11 - Tower of Babel built; LORD scatters & confounds the people from Babel; family history of Shemís descendants to Abram
Genesis 12 - LORD calls Abram out of his own country; Abram moves to Canaan, Bethel & Egypt; Abram lies to Egyptians about Sarai
Genesis 13 - Abram moves back to Bethel; Lot departs to Jordan; Abram moves to Canaan; LORD promises land & many descendants to Abram
Genesis 14 - War between kings in vale of Siddim; Lot taken captive in the war; Abram brought back Lot; Melchizedek blesses the LORD
Genesis 15 - LORDís word comes to Abram; LORD tells Abram the future of his descendants; LORD makes covenant with Abram
Genesis 16 - Sarai barren; Hagar given to Abram; Hagar conceives; Hagar flees to wilderness, then returns; Ishmael born to Hagar & Abram
Genesis 17 - Abram becomes Abraham; Sarai becomes Sarah; circumcision introduced to Abrahamís household
Genesis 18 - The Lord & two angels appear to Abraham; they said Sarah would have a son; Abraham reasoned with the Lord about Sodom
Genesis 19 - Two angels met Lot in Sodom; Lot & family leave Sodom; Sodom & Gomorrah destroyed; Lotís daughters give birth
Genesis 20 - Abraham moved to Gerar, said to Abimelech (king of Gerar) that Sarah was his sister; Abimelech gave gifts to Abraham
Genesis 21 - Isaac born; Ishmael mocks; Hagar & Ishmael sent away; Ishmael grows up; Abraham makes covenant with Abimelech
Genesis 22 - God asks Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, but God prevents it, and ram sacrificed instead; descendants of Nahor, Abrahamís brother
Genesis 23 - Sarah died; Abraham purchases field of Ephron to use the cave as a burying place for Sarah; Sarah buried
Genesis 24 - Abrahamís eldest servant takes Rebekah from Abrahamís original home country as wife for Isaac and they are married
Genesis 25 - Abraham remarries; Abraham dies; Ishmael's family history; Jacob and Esau born; Esau sells birthright to Jacob
Genesis 26 - Isaac goes to Gerar, lies about Rebekah; Lord blesses Isaac; Abimelech and Isaac make peace covenant; Esau marries
Genesis 27 - Isaac grows old & requests meat from Esau; Jacob pretends to be Esau, tricks Isaac & obtains Esauís blessing; Esau hates Jacob
Genesis 28 - Isaac blesses Jacob & sends him to Laban in Haran; Esau marries again; Jacob sleeps at Bethel & dreams about ladder to heaven
Genesis 29 - Jacob meets Laban; Jacob works for Laban to marry Leah & Rachel; Laban tricks Jacob; Leah bares Reuben, Simeon, Levi & Judah
Genesis 30 - Dan, Naphtali, Gad & Asher born to maids; Leah bares Issachar, Zebulun & Dinah; Rachel bares Joseph; Jacobís cattle increase
Genesis 31 - Jacob secretly leaves Laban for Canaan; Rachel steals Labanís images; Laban chases Jacob; Jacob & Laban make peace covenant
Genesis 32 - Angels of God meet Jacob; Jacob fears Esau; Jacob gives to Esau; Jacob wrestles with God; Jacobís name changed to Israel
Genesis 33 - Jacob and Esau meet; Esau receives Jacobís gift; Esau returns to Seir; Jacob journeys to Succoth, then Shalem and erects altar
Genesis 34 - Shechem son of Hamor lies with Dinah; Hamor asks for Dinah; males in Shechemís city circumcised, later killed by Simeon & Levi
Genesis 35 - Jacob moves to Bethel; God promises to Jacob, changes name to Israel; Deborah dies; Rachel bares Banjamin then dies; Isaac dies
Genesis 36 - Esau marries Adah, Aholibamah & Bashemath from Canaan, has children, many cattle, dwells in Mt Seir; descendants of Esau named
Genesis 37 - Jacob dwells in Canaan; Joseph has dreams, hated by brothers, visits brothers in Dothan, sold to Ishmeelites, taken to Egypt
Genesis 38 - Judah sleeps with Shuah, bares Er, Onan & Shelah; Er marries Tamar; Er dies; Tamar acts as harlot, lies with Judah, bares twins
Genesis 39 - Joseph taken to Egypt, bought by Potiphar, made overseer, tempted by Potipharís wife, he refused, was jailed, prospered in jail
Genesis 40 - Pharaohís baker & butler offend king, cast into prison, have dreams; Joseph interprets dreams; butler restored; baker killed
Genesis 41 - Pharaoh dreams, is troubled, calls Joseph; Joseph interprets dreams, made ruler of Egypt, marries, has 2 children; 7 yrs famine
Genesis 42 - Josephís ten brothers go to Egypt to buy corn; Joseph accuses his brothers of being spies & requests Benjamin to come to Egypt
Genesis 43 - Josephís brothers go with Benjamin & double money to Egypt again; Joseph has feast with his brothers, favours Benjamin
Genesis 44 - Joseph accuses brothers of stealing his silver cup, requires Benjamin to stay in Egypt; Judah offers to take Benjaminís place
Genesis 45 - Joseph reveals himself to his brothers, offers gifts & land of Goshen to his father & brothers; his brothers return to Canaan
Genesis 46 - God reveals to Israel to go to Egypt; Jacob & all his household move to Egypt; Descendants of Israel listed; Joseph sees Israel
Genesis 47 - Pharaoh meets Josephís father & brothers, offers them best land in Egypt; famine worsens; Egyptians trade cattle, land for food
Genesis 48 - Joseph & his two sons, Manesseh & Ephraim, meet Jacob; Jacob blesses Josephís two sons, saying the younger shall be greater
Genesis 49 - Jacob gathers his 12 sons, commands, blesses & prophecies concerning them, charges them to bury him with his father; Jacob dies
Genesis 50 - Jacob is embalmed, mourned for; Joseph, family & Egyptians bury Jacob in Canaan; Joseph forgives his brothers; Joseph dies
Exodus 1 - Children of Israel multiply in Egypt, are dreaded by new king of Egypt, made slaves by new king who tries to kill all baby boys
Exodus 2 - Moses born, raised, served Pharaoh, killed an Egyptian, fled to Midian, married, bares Gershom; God hears Israelís cry
Exodus 3 - God calls Moses from burning bush to ask king of Egypt to let Israel go, to say ďI AMĒ has sent you; God will deliver Israel
Exodus 4 - Moses resists Godís call; God gives signs to Moses; Moses returns to Egypt, performs signs to Israel, who believed & worshiped
Exodus 5 - Moses asks Pharaoh to let Israel go; Pharaoh refuses, increases work of Israel; Israel blames Moses; Moses asks God why
Exodus 6 - God tells Moses He will deliver Israel, keep His covenant, asks him to speak with Pharaoh; descendants of Israel listed
Exodus 7 - God speaks with Moses; Moses & Aaron see Pharaoh; rods becomes serpents; waters of Egypt become blood; Pharaohís heart hardened
Exodus 8 - Plague of frogs, plague of lice & plague of flies come on Egypt; Pharaoh says Israel can go, but changes his mind
Exodus 9 - God instructs Moses; plague of livestock, plague of boils, plague of hail; Pharaoh admits sin but later hardens his heart
Exodus 10 - Moses talks with Pharaoh; plague of locusts; Pharaoh repents, hardens heart; plague of darkness; Pharaoh threatens Moses
Exodus 11 - God speaks with Moses; Moses tells Pharaoh that the firstborn Egyptians will die, Israel will go free; God speaks with Moses
Exodus 12 - Passover; Firstborn of Egypt die; Pharaoh tells Israel to go; God delivers Israel out of Egypt; Feast of Unleavened Bread
Exodus 13 - LORD speaks Consecration of Firstborn of Israel & Feast of Unleavened Bread, leads Israel in wilderness by cloud & fire
Exodus 14 - Israel camps by Red Sea, pursued by Pharaoh, complains, protected by cloud, miraculously cross Red Sea; Egyptians drown in Sea
Exodus 15 - Israel sings victory song; Miriam & women dance; bitter water at Marah made sweet; God promises health; Israel comes to Elim
Exodus 16 - Israel comes to Wilderness of Sin, complain about lack of food; God sends quails and manna; some Israelites ignore manna rules
Exodus 17 - Israel comes to Rephidim, complains about no water; Moses strikes rock, water comes out; Israel wins battle against Amalek
Exodus 18 - Jethro brings Moses family back to him, visits Moses; Moses shares Godís leading with Jethro, delegates leadership to rulers
Exodus 19 - Israelites camp at Mt Sinai; Moses meets God on Sinai, carries messages between Israelites & LORD; LORD descends on Mt Sinai
Exodus 20 - God speaks Ten Commandments to Israel: Worship God, Keep Sabbath, honour parents, donít murder, adulterate, steal, lie or covet
Exodus 21 - God speaks to Moses laws of slaves, killing, striking, beating, fighting, hurting & repayment for humans & animals; eye for eye
Exodus 22 - God speaks to Moses laws of theft, restitution, trespassing, borrowing, betrothal, sorcerers, oppression, loans, firstfruits
Exodus 23 - God speaks to Moses laws of justice, 7th year, 7th day, 3 annual feasts, other gods; the Angel & promise to overcome nations
Exodus 24 - Moses tells Israel Godís laws; Israel agrees; Moses & elders see God on mount; Moses alone ascends into the mountain to God
Exodus 25 - God speaks to Moses: Israel to bring offerings; make a sanctuary; description of ark of Testimony, showbread table & lampstand
Exodus 26 - God describes to Moses the design of tabernacle curtains, roof, rods & boards, Holy & Most Holy places, & furniture location
Exodus 27 - God describes to Moses the design of alter of sacrifice & utensils, courtyard curtains & pillars; God requests oil from Israel
Exodus 28 - Aaron & sons chosen as priests; God describes to Moses the priestsí garments: breastplate, ephod, robe, tunic, turban & sash
Exodus 29 - God describes to Moses the consecration of Aaron & sons as priests, including offerings; morning & evening sacrifice described
Exodus 30 - God tells Moses description, design & usage of alter of incense, census ransom offering, laver & holy ointment
Exodus 31 - God tells Moses who He chose as artisans for tabernacle, explains Sabbath, gives two stone tablets of the Testimony to Moses
Exodus 32 - Aaron leads Israel in making golden calf & false worship; God displeased; Moses pleads for Israel; Levi chooses God; 3000 die
Exodus 33 - God commands Israel to depart to Canaan, calls Israel stiff-necked; Moses meets God in tabernacle, finds grace in Godís sight
Exodus 34 - Lordís name proclaimed; Godís covenant with Israel; feasts reviewed; new stone tablets for Ten Commandments; Mosesí face shines
Exodus 35 - Moses tells Israel about sabbath, asks for sanctuary offerings; offerings given; Bezaleel & Aholiab called to make sanctuary
Exodus 36 - Children of Israel bring too many offerings for the sanctuary; construction of outer parts of sanctuary begins
Exodus 37 - Bezalel makes ark, mercy seat, cherubim, table, lampstand, incense altar & holy oil; design of inside furniture described
Exodus 38 - Bezalel makes altar of burnt offering & utensils, laver, courtyard curtains & gate; tabernacle materials & amounts listed
Exodus 39 - Garments of ministry, ephod, breastplate, robe, tunic & crown made; tabernacle & materials completed, brought to Moses
Exodus 40 - Moses sets up the tabernacle, install furniture, anoints priests; LORD fills tabernacle; cloud covers tabernacle, leads Israel
Leviticus 1 - LORD tells Moses the description and instructions for burnt offerings of bulls, sheep, goats and birds
Leviticus 2 - LORD tells Moses the description and instructions for grain offerings & firstfruits: unleavened with oil, salt & frankincense
Leviticus 3 - LORD tells Moses the description and instructions for peace offerings of cattle, sheep and goats
Leviticus 4 - LORD tells Moses the description and instructions for sin offerings for the priest, assembly, rulers and common people
Leviticus 5 - LORD tells Moses the description and instructions for trespass offerings, and laws regarding swearing & touching unclean things
Leviticus 6 - LORD tells Moses laws regarding deceit, & laws regarding trespass, burnt, meat, sin & priestís anointing offerings
Leviticus 7 - LORD tells Moses laws regarding trespass, burnt, sin, peace, heave & wave offerings, & eating of fat & blood
Leviticus 8 - Aaron & sons washed, dressed, anointed & consecrated as priests for 7 days; sin, burnt, consecration & wave offerings made
Leviticus 9 - All Israel meets at tabernacle; atonement offerings made; LORDís glory appears to Israel; fire from LORD consumes offering
Leviticus 10 - Nadab & Abihu offer strange fire to LORD; LORDís fire devours Nadab & Abiju; more offerings made by priests
Leviticus 11 - LORD speaks to Moses and Aaron the law of beasts, fowls & living creatures (clean or unclean to eat or touch)
Leviticus 12 - LORD speaks to Moses the law of conception and human births
Leviticus 13 - LORD speaks to Moses & Aaron the law of plague of leprosy (skin disease) on humans or clothing
Leviticus 14 - LORD speaks to Moses & Aaron the law of leper being clean and of clean & unclean houses
Leviticus 15 - LORD speaks to Moses & Aaron the law of issues and discharges relating to the human reproductive system
Leviticus 16 - LORD speaks to Moses the instructions for the clothing, sacrifices and procedures for the annual atonement
Leviticus 17 - LORD speaks to Moses statutes regarding killed or dead animals, sacrifices, and not eating blood
Leviticus 18 - LORD speaks to Moses statutes regarding forbidden sexual relations between various relatives, persons, or animals
Leviticus 19 - LORD tells Moses laws regarding holiness, sacrifices, honesty, justice, sexuality, agriculture, diet, spirits, hospitality
Leviticus 20 - LORD tells Moses laws & penalties regarding Molech, mediums & spirits, respect, adultery, nakedness, clean & unclean, holiness
Leviticus 21 - LORD tells Moses laws for priests & high priest regarding touching dead people, hair or skin marks, marriage, physical defects
Leviticus 22 - LORD tells Moses laws for regarding clean & unclean, who can eating holy offerings, acceptable offerings without defects
Leviticus 23 - LORD tells Moses: Sabbath, Passover, Atonement, Feasts of Unleavened Bread, Firstfruits, Ingathering, Trumpets, Tabernacles
Leviticus 24 - LORD tells Moses instructions for candlestick & showbread; womanís son blasphemes God, stoned; laws regarding killing, injury
Leviticus 25 - LORD tells Moses: 7th year sabbath, year of jubilee, laws regarding hospitality, purchasing & redeeming property & slaves
Leviticus 26 - LORD tells Moses: laws regarding idols, Sabbaths, sanctuary; blessings if Israel obeys God; curses if Israel disobeys God
Leviticus 27 - LORD tells Moses: laws regarding tithe, and vows, value, redemption & sanctification of people, animals, houses & land
Numbers 1 - God asks Moses to number tribes of children of Israel, excluding Levites; Levites in charge of tabernacle
Numbers 2 - God speaks to Moses and Aaron the numbers and arrangements of the tribesí tents around the tabernacle, excluding Levites
Numbers 3 - Aaron descendants; God speaks to Moses ministry & tent locations of Levites according to families; Levites replace firstborn
Numbers 4 - Levites numbered according to families; instructions given them regarding the relocation of the tabernacle
Numbers 5 - God tells Moses: lepers & unclean put outside camp, laws of recompense, holy things, & jealousy (if adultery is suspected)
Numbers 6 - God tells Moses: law of the Nazarite, including vows, offerings & forbidden actions; priestsí blessing from God on Israel
Numbers 7 - Princes of Israel offer wagons & oxen, & meat, burnt, sin & peace offerings for dedication of alter; God speaks to Moses
Numbers 8 - Aaron lights the seven candlesticks; Levites wash, shave, make offerings, & are purified & dedicated to the service of the LORD
Numbers 9 - LORD speaks to Moses about Passover & strangers; cloud by day & fire by night above tabernacle lead Israelitesí journeys
Numbers 10 - LORD speaks to Moses about trumpets; Israelites journey from Sinai to Paran; Moses invites father-in-law to join Israelites
Numbers 11 - Israelites complain about food; 70 elders share Moses burden; Israelites each quails, receive plague, move to Hazeroth
Numbers 12 - Miriam & Aaron speak against Moses; Lord rebukes them; Miriam gets leprosy but is then healed; Israelites move to Paran
Numbers 13 - Moses sends 12 Israelite spies into Canaan; spies return after 40 days; Caleb said to possess it; other spies were afraid
Numbers 14 - Israelites rebel against Moses; Moses pleads to the LORD to forgive Israelites; Israelites to wander 40 years in wilderness
Numbers 15 - LORD tells Moses instructions for offerings & ignorance; man gathers sticks on Sabbath & is stoned; put blue ribbon on clothes
Numbers 16 - Korah, Dathan, Abiram & leaders rebel against Moses, are destroyed by God; Israel complains; 14000 men die from plague from God
Numbers 17 - Twelve rods (one for each tribe) brought to tabernacle; only Aaronís rod blossomed, signifying the Levites role in ministry
Numbers 18 - LORD speaks to Aaron the duties of Levites, Aaronís sons & himself in tabernacle; inheritance & tithes of Levites
Numbers 19 - LORD tells Moses & Aaron procedure of Eleazarís sacrifice of an heifer, & laws of uncleanness relating to touching dead people
Numbers 20 - Israel moves to Zin; Miriam dies; water came from rock; Israel avoids Edom, moves to Mt Hor; Aaron dies; Eleazar is high priest
Numbers 21 - Israel defeats Arad, complains, bitten by serpents, moves to many places, defeats & inherits land of Amorites & Bashan
Numbers 22 - Balak fears Israel, asks Balaam to curse Israel; Balaam mistreats donkey; donkey speaks; angel appears; Balaam meets Balak
Numbers 23 - Balak and Balaam offer sacrifices; Balaam seeks Godís will; Balaam blesses Israel against Balakís request; This is repeated
Numbers 24 - Balaam does not curse, but blesses Israel; Balak is angry; Balaam predicts a Star out of Jacob; Balaam & Balak departs
Numbers 25 - Israelites commit whoredom with Moabites; 24000 Israelites die from plague; Phinehas kill Zimri & Cozbi; LORDís wrath removed
Numbers 26 - Census of male adult Israelites totals 601730, excluding Levites; tribes & families of Israel listed; land divided among Israel
Numbers 27 - Daughters of Zelophehad request & are given inheritance; Moses lays hands on & appoints Joshua as leader of Israel
Numbers 28 - LORD tells Moses morning & evening sacrifices, Sabbath & monthly sacrifices, passover sacrifices, firstfruit sacrifices
Numbers 29 - LORD tells Moses description of sacrifices for holy meetings during 7th month: meetings of trumpets, atonement & tabernacles
Numbers 30 - Moses speaks commands regarding vows, vows made by young daughters or wives, & ability of fathers or husbands to void the vows
Numbers 31 - LORD commands Israel to war against Midian; Israel kills all males & adult females, destroys cities, takes over property
Numbers 32 - Children of Reuben & Gad request land for cattle on this side of Jordan; request granted, if men enter promised land first
Numbers 33 - List of journeys & places stayed by children of Israel; God commands Israel to take over the land of Canaan
Numbers 34 - LORD tells Moses the borders of the land of inheritance; one prince from each tribe of Israel chosen to divide the land
Numbers 35 - Israel gives 48 cities & suburbs to Levites; laws regarding murder, manslaughter, revenge, & the six cities of refuge
Numbers 36 - Fathers of Gilead speak with Moses about daughtersí inheritance; LORD gives laws regarding daughtersí marrying & inheritance
Deuteronomy 1 - Moses recounts history of Israel: defeat Amorites, appoint leaders, twelve spies, afraid to enter promised land
Deuteronomy 2 - Moses recounts history of Israel: pass by children of Esau, pass through Kadeshbarnea & Moab, defeat Sihon king of Heshbon
Deuteronomy 3 - Moses recounts history of Israel: Og king of Bashan defeated, Reubenites, Gadites & half Manasseh given land east of Jordan
Deuteronomy 4 - Moses recounts history of Israel: God made Israel a great nation, Ten Commandments, avoid idolatry, obey God, cities of refuge
Deuteronomy 5 - Moses recounts: God speaks to & makes covenant with Israel, gives Ten Commandments, Israel promises to follow Godís commands
Deuteronomy 6 - Moses recounts: keep, remember & teach Godís commands, love God with your whole heart, donít forget God, worship only God
Deuteronomy 7 - Moses speaks to Israel: do not make agreements with other nations, God chose Israel, God will bless Israel if they follow Him
Deuteronomy 8 - Moses speaks to Israel: remember Godís commands, God protected Israel, God will give Israel a good land, do not forget God
Deuteronomy 9 - Moses speaks to Israel: God brought Israel into Canaan because other nationsí wickedness, not because of Israelís righteousness
Deuteronomy 10 - Moses speaks to Israel: recounts tables of stone, Israelís journeys, God of gods, command of God to serve Him, love strangers
Deuteronomy 11 - Moses speaks to Israel: Godís greatness against Egypt, good things in promised land, teach your children, choose to obey God
Deuteronomy 12 - Moses speaks to Israel: destroy other nationsí gods; bring offerings to the place God chooses; do not follow other gods
Deuteronomy 13 - Moses speaks to Israel: commands regarding false gods, false worship, false prophets, false miracles, false dreams
Deuteronomy 14 - Moses speaks to Israel: laws regarding cutting your body, eating unclean animals, giving & using tithes & offerings
Deuteronomy 15 - Moses speaks to Israel: laws regarding hospitality, debt cancellation & release of slaves after 7 years, firstborn offerings
Deuteronomy 16 - Moses speaks to Israel: laws regarding feasts of Passover, weeks & tabernacles, judges & officers, trees near alters, images
Deuteronomy 17 - Moses speaks to Israel: laws regarding pure sacrifices, false worship, judging difficult decisions, rulership of Israelís king
Deuteronomy 18 - Moses speaks to Israel: laws regarding Levites inheritance, occult practices, witches & false prophets; a true Prophet promised
Deuteronomy 19 - Moses speaks to Israel: 3 cities of refuge; matters established by 2 or 3 witnesses; false witnesses; judging controversies
Deuteronomy 20 - Moses speaks to Israel: laws regarding wars & battles, donít fear the enemy, reasons for leaving the army, rules of engagement
Deuteronomy 21 - Moses speaks to Israel: laws regarding mystery deaths, marrying captive women, firstborn inheritance, rebellious sons, hanging
Deuteronomy 22 - Moses speaks to Israel: laws regarding lost property, various household rules, virginity, engagement, marriage & sexual laws
Deuteronomy 23 - Moses speaks to Israel: laws regarding entering Godís assembly, treaties, uncleanness, sanitation, money, property & promises
Deuteronomy 24 - Moses speaks to Israel: laws regarding marriage, divorce, leprosy, loans, oppression, punishment, judging, harvesting & sharing
Deuteronomy 25 - Moses speaks to Israel: laws regarding judging, brother-in-law marrying wife of dead brother, fighting men & wife, honesty
Deuteronomy 26 - Moses speaks to Israel: laws regarding offerings of first fruits, tithing, worship, & prayers of thanksgiving
Deuteronomy 27 - Moses speaks to Israel: command to build altar to God, Levites speak curses to people who disobey God, Israel agrees
Deuteronomy 28 - Moses speaks to Israel: blessings if Israel obeys God, curses if Israel disobeys God, with regards to life, prosperity, etc
Deuteronomy 29 - Moses speaks to Israel: reviews Israelís origin & history, explains Godís covenant & consequences for disobeying
Deuteronomy 30 - Moses speaks to Israel: after Israel disobeys & is scattered, God will bring them back to prosper; Israel chooses life or death
Deuteronomy 31 - Moses 120 years; Israel be strong; Israel will disobey; God gives Moses a song; law placed in side of ark; Joshua given charge
Deuteronomy 32 - Moses teaches Godís song to Israel & encourages Israel; God says to Moses to go up Mt Nebo, view promised land, & then die
Deuteronomy 33 - Moses blesses children of Israel before his death, names each tribe of Israel; God is Israelís refuge and strength
Deuteronomy 34 - Moses goes up Mt Nebo, views promised land, dies 120 yrs old; Israel mourns for Moses; Joshua succeeds Moses as Israelís leader
Joshua 1 - Joshua leads Israel; God speaks to Joshua: be strong & courageous; Joshua speaks to Israel; Israel prepares to cross Jordan
Joshua 2 - Joshua sends two spies to Jericho; Rahab protects the spies; men of Jericho searched for spies; spies return safely to Israel
Joshua 3 - Israel moves from Shittim to Jordan, prepares to cross Jordan; Israel miraculously crosses Jordan river as water is stopped
Joshua 4 - Israel sets up 12 stones as a memorial of crossing Jordan; Joshua made great before Israel; Israel camps at Gilgal
Joshua 5 - Canaanite kings fear Israel; Israelite men circumcised; Passover observed; manna ceases; Godís armyís captain appears to Joshua
Joshua 6 - Joshua leads Israel becomes famous; Israel marches around Jericho 7 days; Israel destroys Jericho, but Rahab & family saved
Joshua 7 - Achan takes forbidden possessions from Jericho; 36 Israelites killed during battle at Ai; Achan stoned & burnt by Israel
Joshua 8 - God commands Joshua to take city of Ai; Joshua leads Israel to capture, ambush and conquer Ai; Joshua builds alter in Mt Ebal
Joshua 9 - Kings west of Jordan join together to fight Israel; Gibeon deceives, makes treaty with Israel; Gibeon becomes Israelís servants
Joshua 10 - Joshua leads Israel in conquering Jerusalem, Jarmuth, Lachish, Eglon, Hebron, Debir & others; sun miraculously stands still
Joshua 11 - Jabin king of Hazor with many kingdoms in the north fight against Israel; Joshua leads Israel in destroying these kingdoms
Joshua 12 - List of kingdoms which Israel defeated: first, many on east side of Jordan River, then 31 kings on west side in promised land
Joshua 13 - Joshua is old; much land remains to be conquered; territories defined for Reuben, Gad & half of Manasseh; Levi inherits no land
Joshua 14 - Land of Canaan distributed to tribes of Israel; Caleb & children of Judah request & receive from Joshua the mountain of Hebron
Joshua 15 - Land allocation of tribe of Judah defined; Caleb gives his daughter to Othniel; Caleb gives extra land to his daughter
Joshua 16 - Land allocation of children of Joseph defined separately for Manasseh & Ephraim; Canaanites in Gezar remain servants of Ephraim
Joshua 17 - Ephraimís & Manassehís territory defined & expanded; daughters of Zelophehad given land; Israel forces some Canaanites to work
Joshua 18 - Israel assembles at Shiloh & sets up tabernacle; 7 tribes have no inheritance; remaining land divided; Benjaminís land defined
Joshua 19 - Simeon, Zebulun, Issachar, Asher, Naphtali & Dan allocated land; Dan expands; Joshua given inheritance; land division completed
Joshua 20 - Kadesh, Shechem, Kirjatharba, Bezer, Ramoth & Golan appointed as cities of refuge for manslayers who accidentally kill people
Joshua 21 - Levites given 48 cities from other tribes as inheritance; LORD gave Israel all promised things; no enemies stood before Israel
Joshua 22 - Reuben, Gad & half Manasseh return to east side of Jordan, build alter of Ed as a witness; Israel concerned, but later pleased
Joshua 23 - Israel rests for a long time; Joshua becomes old; Joshua speaks to leaders of Israel regarding following God & consequences
Joshua 24 - Joshua speaks to Israel to serve God; Israel decides to obey God; Joshua dies; Eleazar dies; Israel continues to serve God
Judges 1 - Judah & Simeon fight against Canaanites, take Jerusalem; tribes of Israel expand territory but did not drive all Canaanites out
Judges 2 - Israel disobeys God, does not remove other nations, worships other gods; God raises up judges to deliver Israel from disobeying
Judges 3 - Israel intermarries & worships false gods, serves other nations; Othniel, Ehud & Shamgar deliver Israel from other nations
Judges 4 - Israel does evil; Israel serves king Jabin; Deborah judges Israel; Barak leads battle against Sisera; Jael kills Sisera
Judges 5 - Deborah & Barak sing song to LORD about battle with kings of Canaan; Israel delivered from other nations, rests for 40 years
Judges 6 - Israel does evil, serves Midian 7 yrs; angel of LORD appears to Gideon; Gideon destroys alter of Baal; God gives sign to Gideon
Judges 7 - Gideon gathers Israelite men to fight; men reduced to only 300 soldiers; God delivers Midian into hand of Gideon & Israel
Judges 8 - Succoth & Penuel deny support for Gideon; Gideon conquers 120000 men of Midian; Israel has peace 40 years, turns from God
Judges 9 - Abimelech kills brothers, rules over Shechem 3 yrs; Jotham warns Abimelech & Shechem; Abimelech destroys cities & is killed
Judges 10 - Tola & Jair judge Israel; Israel forgets God & serves Baalim; Philistines takes over Israel; Israel cries to God for help
Judges 11 - Jephthah leaves home; Ammonites wars against Israel; Jephthah helps Israel defeat Ammonites; Jephthahís daughter sacrificed
Judges 12 - Ephraim fights against Gilead; Gilead defeats Ephraim; Jephthah judges Israel 6 yrs; Ibzan, Elon & Abdon judge Israel
Judges 13 - Philistines rule Israel; angel appears to Manoah & his wife, says they will have a son who will deliver Israel; Samson is born
Judges 14 - Samson wants to marry a Philistine; Samson kills a lion, makes a feast, shares riddle, marries a Philistine, kills 30 men
Judges 15 - Samson burns Philistineís property with foxes, captured by Judah, handed to Philistines, kills 1000 men, judges Israel 20 yrs
Judges 16 - Samson escapes from Gaza; Samson likes Delilah; Samson loses strength, captured, regains strength, dies with many Philistines
Judges 17 - Micah takes & returns silver from his mother; idol made from silver; Micah has house of gods; young Levite stays with Micah
Judges 18 - Dan sends spies to find land; spies meet Micah; spies & 600 men from Dan take Micahís idols & priest, conquer Laish, build city
Judges 19 - A Levite marries a lady from Judah; they separate but later travel & stay 1 night in Gibeah; men of Gibeah rape her; she dies
Judges 20 - Because some men of Gibeah of Benjamin raped the Leviteís concubine, 400000 men of Israel fight against Benjamin & win
Judges 21 - Israel gathers at Mizpah, feel sorry for tribe of Benjaminís separation; young women given to Benjamin; Israel has no king
Ruth 1 - Elimelech, Naomi & sons move to Moab; sons marry Moabites Orpah & Ruth; Elimelech & sons die; Naomi & Ruth return to Bethlehem
Ruth 2 - Ruth gleans barley in Bethlehem from Boazís field until end of harvest; Boaz is Naomiís kinsmen; Boaz shows kindness to Ruth
Ruth 3 - Ruth visits Boaz during night, lies at Boazís feet until morning; Boaz accepts Ruth & gives her extra barley; Ruth returns home
Ruth 4 - Naomiís kinsman doesnít redeem land; Boaz redeems land; Boaz marries Ruth; Ruth gives birth to Obed, grandfather of King David
1 Samuel 1 - Elkanah & 2 wives visit Shiloh yearly; Hannah has no children, prays to God, gives birth to Samuel, gives him to God in Shiloh
1 Samuel 2 - Hannah praises God, brings yearly clothes to Samuel; Samuel grows & serves God; Eliís sons sin against God; God warns Eli
1 Samuel 3 - Samuel ministers in temple of God, hears Godís voice; God reveals to Samuel the future of Eli; Samuel grows, gains respect
1 Samuel 4 - Israel fights with Philistines; Israel loses; ark of covenant captured by Philistines; Eli, sons & daughter-in-law die
1 Samuel 5 - Philistines take ark of God to false god Dagon; Dagon falls down before ark; people of Ashdod, Gath & Ekron become sick or die
1 Samuel 6 - Philistines return ark of God to Israel with a trespass offering of 5 gold mice & tumors; people of Beth Shemesh receive ark
1 Samuel 7 - Ark brought to Kirjathjearim; Samuel speaks to Israel; Israel repents; Philistines attack Israel; Israel defeats Philistines
1 Samuel 8 - Elders of Israel request from Samuel to have a king; God displeased; Samuel warns Israel; elders insist on having a king
1 Samuel 9 - Saul goes looking for fatherís sheep, visits Samuel; God tells Samuel that Saul will be king; Samuel tells Saul he will be king
1 Samuel 10 - Samuel anoints Saul as king; Saul prophesies; Samuel calls Israel together; Saul hides from Samuel; Samuel proclaims Saul king
1 Samuel 11 - Ammonites try to take over Jabeshgilead of Israel; Saul calls Israel to fight against Ammonites; Israel wins; Saul made king
1 Samuel 12 - Samuel speaks to Israel about Israelís history, desire for a king & serving God; God sends thunder & rain; Israel repents
1 Samuel 13 - Saul reigns over Israel; Philistines make war with Israel; Saul disobeys God; Israel prepares for battle against Philistines
1 Samuel 14 - Jonathan & 600 men fight against Philistines; Saul & Israel join Jonathan; Israel wins; Israelites eat with blood; Saul rules
1 Samuel 15 - Saul leads Israel in destroying Amalekites; Israel saves some animals; Saul disobeys, repents, not recognized as king anymore
1 Samuel 16 - God leads Samuel to Bethlehem to choose & anoint David as next king of Israel; Saul has evil spirit; David plays music for Saul
1 Samuel 17 - Philistines gather against Israel; Philistine giant Goliath challenges Israel; David defeats Goliath with a sling & stones
1 Samuel 18 - Jonathan & David are friends; David leads army of Israel; Saul tries to kill David; David behaves wisely, marries Michal
1 Samuel 19 - Saul tries to kill David many times; Jonathan & Michal protect David; David flees to Ramah; Saul & servants prophesy
1 Samuel 20 - David avoids feast with Saul; Saul angry with Jonathan & David; Jonathan & David make covenant; David flees from Saul
1 Samuel 21 - David comes to priest Ahimelech in Nob, asks for holy bread & sword, flees to king Achish of Gath, pretends to be mad
1 Samuel 22 - David escapes to cave Adullam & then Hareth forest; Saul asks Benjamites of David; Saul orders 85 priests to be killed
1 Samuel 23 - David fights with Philistines; Saul continues to hunt David; David hides; Jonathan encourages David; David remains safe
1 Samuel 24 - Saul hunts David in Engidi; David cuts off part of Saul clothing, spares his life; Saul repents & accepts David; Saul returns
1 Samuel 25 - Samuel dies; David requests things from Nabal; Nabal declines; David annoyed; Nabal dies; David marries Abigail & Ahinoam
1 Samuel 26 - Saul looks for David in Ziph; David & Abishai the Hittite take Saulís sword while he slept; Saul repents & accepts David
1 Samuel 27 - David, wives & 600 men flee to & lives in Gath of Philistines; David invades the Geshurites, Gezrites and Amalekites
1 Samuel 28 - Philistines plan to fight Israel; Saul visits fortune teller, talks with Samuelís ďspiritĒ which says Israel will be defeated
1 Samuel 29 - Philistines gather against Israel; David gathers with Achish; Philistines send David & his men away from battle
1 Samuel 30 - David & men come to Ziklag; Amalekites take Ziklag captive; David & men pursue after Amalekites, recover people & possessions
1 Samuel 31 - Philistines fight against Israel, kill Saulís sons; King Saul commits suicide; Israel flees from Philistines; Saul buried
2 Samuel 1 - Amalekite man kills Saul, tells David, is killed; David mourns & writes song about the death of Saul & Jonathan
2 Samuel 2 - David anointed king of Judah; Abner makes Ishbosheth king of Israel; Abner & Davidís servants fight, later make peace
2 Samuel 3 - David strengthens; Ishbosheth weakens; David has many sons; Michal returns to David; Abner supports David, killed; David mourns
2 Samuel 4 - Saulís sonís captains, sons of Rimmon, Baanah & Rechab, kill Ishosheth, tell & displease David, are killed by Davidís command
2 Samuel 5 - David anointed king of Israel, rules over Israel from Jerusalem, marries more wives, wins two battles against Philistines
2 Samuel 6 - David brings ark of God to Jerusalem; Uzzah touches ark & dies; David dances before God; Micah displeased with Davidís dancing
2 Samuel 7 - Israel ceases war; David desires to build a temple for God; God tells David through Nathan that Davidís son will build a temple
2 Samuel 8 - David takes over Methegammah of Philistines, Moab, Hadadezer, Syrians of Damascus, Edom; David reigns over & judges Israel
2 Samuel 9 - David shows kindness to Mephibosheth son of Jonathan; Saulís land restored to Mephibosheth; Mephibosheth eats at kings table
2 Samuel 10 - Davidís servants comfort Hanun of Ammon; Hanun sends them away; Ammon & other nations fight against Israel; Israel wins
2 Samuel 11 - David lies with Bathsheba who conceives; David plans Uriahís death; Bathsheba becomes Davidís wife; LORD displeased with David
2 Samuel 12 - Nathan reveals David sin; David repents, is forgiven; Bathshebaís child dies; Solomon is born; Israel conquers Rabbah
2 Samuel 13 - Amnon, Davidís son, rapes Tamar, his half sister; Absalom, Tamarís brother, kills Amnon, flees to Geshur; David mourns
2 Samuel 14 - Joab asks woman to speak to David about Absalom; David calls Absalom to Jerusalem; Absalom visits David; David kisses Absalom
2 Samuel 15 - Absalom wins the hearts of people of Israel; Absalom plans to take over Israel; David flees Jerusalem; Hushai spies for David
2 Samuel 16 - Ziba brings supplies to David; Shimei curses David; Ahithophel advises Absalom; Absalom sleeps with Davidís concubines
2 Samuel 17 - Ahithophel & Hushai counsel Absalom; Absalom pursues David; David advised of Absalomís threat; David flees across Jordan river
2 Samuel 18 - Davidís men fight with Absalomís men of Israel; Israelís men slaughtered; Absalom is killed; David mourns for his son Absalom
2 Samuel 19 - David mourns, forgives enemies; men of Judah meet David at Jordan; David & his men cross Jordan; men of Judah & Israel argue
2 Samuel 20 - Sheba leads Israel against David; Joab kills Amasa; Joabís men pursue Sheba; woman of Abel kills Sheba; Joabís men return home
2 Samuel 21 - Famine in Israel because Saul killed some Gibeonites; David makes peace with Gibeonites; Israel wins battles with Philistines
2 Samuel 22 - David writes song after LORD saves him from enemies: the LORD is my rock, fortress & deliverer
2 Samuel 23 - Davidís last words: rulers must be just & God will Davidís children; Davidís leading soldiers listed & briefly recounted
2 Samuel 24 - David counts people of Israel & Judah; David repents; LORD sends plague; 70000 men die; David makes sacrifice; plague stopped
1 Kings 1 - David grows old, given Abishag for warmth; Adonijah proclaims himself king; Solomon chosen & anointed as next king of Israel
1 Kings 2 - David advises Solomon, dies; Solomon reigns as king in Israel; Adonijah wants Abishag, is killed; Joab & Shimei killed
1 Kings 3 - Solomon makes alliance with Egypt, asks & receives wisdom from God, uses wisdom to judge between two women & their babies
1 Kings 4 - Solomonís princes listed; Judah & Israel have peace & prosperity under Solomonís rule; Solomonís wisdom, proverbs & songs noted
1 Kings 5 - Solomon plans to build the temple to God, asks Hiram king of Tyre for cedar wood from Lebanon; Solomon & Hiram work together
1 Kings 6 - Solomon builds temple; description of temple dimensions, design & method of construction; God promises He would dwell in Israel
1 Kings 7 - Solomon builds his & his wifeís house; description & construction of outside the temple; Solomon ends temple building
1 Kings 8 - Solomon calls Israel to Jerusalem; ark of covenant brought into new temple; temple dedicated; LORD enters temple; Solomon prays
1 Kings 9 - LORD promises prosperity to Solomon if he follows God; Solomon gives cities to Hiram, employs non-Israelites, builds fleet
1 Kings 10 - Queen of Sheba visits & tests Solomon, is impressed, exchanges gifts; kingdom of Israel expands & is very rich & powerful
1 Kings 11 - Solomon has many wives, worships false gods; God raises up enemies & Jeroboam rebels against Solomon; Solomon dies
1 Kings 12 - Rehoboam becomes king, doesnít listen to Israel; Israel splits from Judah, makes Jeroboam king, begins false worship
1 Kings 13 - Man of God speaks against Jeroboam; Jeroboamís hand withers; man of God disobeys God, dies; Jeroboam does false worship, sins
1 Kings 14 - Jeroboamís wife visits Ahijah who speaks against Jeroboam; Jeroboam dies; Judah sins; Egypt takes Judahís wealth, Rehoboam dies
1 Kings 15 - Abijam & Asa reign over Judah; Asa follows God; Nadab & Baasha reign over Israel; Israel fights against Judah
1 Kings 16 - Baasha dies; Elah rules over Israel; Zimri kills Elah, rules, dies; Omri rules, does evil, dies; Ahab rules, does evil
1 Kings 17 - Elijah declares 3 year drought to Ahab, goes to Brook Cherith, fed by ravens, stays with widow in Zarephath, heals widowís son
1 Kings 18 - Obadiah meets Elijah; Elijah & prophets of Baal sacrifice on Mt Carmel; fire consumes Elijahís sacrifice; rain falls in Israel
1 Kings 19 - Elijah threatened by Jezebel, flees, wants to die, given food by angel, visits Horeb, spoken to quietly by LORD, anoints Elisha
1 Kings 20 - Benhadad threatens Ahab; Israel wins battle against Syria twice; Ahab spares Benhadad; prophet predicts Ahabís death
1 Kings 21 - Ahab asks Naboth for vineyard; Naboth refuses; Jezebel kills Naboth, gives vineyard to Ahab; Elijah rebukes Ahab; Ahab repents
1 Kings 22 - False prophets predict victory; Micaiah warns Ahab; Ahab dies in battle; Ahaziah reigns; Jehoshaphat dies; Jehoram reigns
2 Kings 1 - Moab rebels against Israel; Ahaziah is injured, sends messengers to Baalzebub; Elijah prophecies against Ahaziah; Ahaziah dies
2 Kings 2 - Elisha follows Elijah; Elijah taken to heaven; Elisha receives spirit of Elijah; Elisha heals water; bears maul mocking youths
2 Kings 3 - Jehoram of Israel & Jehoshaphat fight against Moab; Elisha predicts victory for Israel; water miraculously comes; Moab defeated
2 Kings 4 - Elisha prophecies & works miracles: widowís jars of oil pay debt, Shunammite womanís son rasied to life, stew & bread feed many
2 Kings 5 - Naaman of Syria gets leprosy, asks Elisha for healing, washes in Jordan 7 times, is healed; Elishaís servant lies, gets leprosy
2 Kings 6 - Elisha makes ax head float; Elisha advises Israel of Syriaís moves; Syria besieges Samaria; Israelís king wants to kill Elisha
2 Kings 7 - Elisha predicts end to siege; God causes Syria to flee Samaria; 4 lepers of Samaria find Syrians gone; siege of Samaria ends
2 Kings 8 - Shunemite woman reclaims her own land; Hazael kills Benhadad of Syria; Jehoram reigns, dies; Ahaziah reigns in Judah
2 Kings 9 - Elisha calls a prophetís son who anoints Jehu king of Israel; Jehu kills Joram king of Israel, Ahaziah king of Judah, & Jezebel
2 Kings 10 - Jehu arranges for the killing of Ahabís sons & Ahaziahís brothers, gathers all Baal worshippers in Israel & kills them
2 Kings 11 - Athaliah kills royal family & reigns; Joash saved; Jehoiada makes Joash king, plans Athaliahís death, ends false worship
2 Kings 12 - Joash rules in Jerusalem 40 years, obeys God, rebuilds temple, gives temple items to Hazael of Syria, is killed by his servants
2 Kings 13 - Jehoahaz reigns, does evil, dies; Jehoash reigns, does evil, dies; Elisha is sick, dies; Israel oppressed then is delivered
2 Kings 14 - Amaziah & Azariah of Judah, & Jehoash & Jeroboam of Israel reign; Amaziah fights Jehoash, loses; Jonah prophecies, Judah grows
2 Kings 15 - Zachariah, Shallum, Menahem, Pekahiah & Pekah reign in Israel & disobey God; Azariah & Jotham reign in Judah & obey God
2 Kings 16 - Ahaz rules Judah, attacked by Syria & Israel, asks Assyria for help, builds new false alter like Damascus alter, dies
2 Kings 17 - Hoshea rules Israel, disobeys God; Assyria takes Israel as captives to Assyria; others move to Samaria; Israelís sins explained
2 Kings 18 - Hezekiah rules Judah, obeys God; Assyria takes Israel captive; Assyria comes up against Judah, threatens it, defies God
2 Kings 19 - Hezekiah prays to God; Isaiah speaks for God to Hezekiah; angel kills Assyrian army; Sennacherib is killed; God saves Israel
2 Kings 20 - Hezekiah is very sick, told he will die, asks God for more life, given 15 yrs more life; sun moves backwards; Hezekiah dies
2 Kings 21 - Manasseh rules Judah, worships other gods; prophets predict Jerusalemís destruction; Amon rules Judah, turns from God
2 Kings 22 - Josiah rules Judah, rebuilds temple; Hilkiah finds & reads book of law; Josiah repents; Huldah speaks words from God to Josiah
2 Kings 23 - Josiah reads book of covenant to all Judah, turns to God, ends false worship; Jehoahaz & Jehoiakim rule Judah, disobey God
2 Kings 24 - Jehoiakim serves Babylon, rebels; Jehoiachin rules Judah; Nebuchadnezzar takes Jerusalem captive; Zedekiah rules Judah, rebels
2 Kings 25 - Nebuchadnezzar besieges Jerusalem, destroys temple & city, takes valuables & people to Babylon; Evilmerodach rules Babylon
1 Chronicles 1 - Ancestors from Adam to Abraham: Noahís sonsí, Abrahamís, Ishmaelís, Esauís families listed; Edomís tribles & kings listed
1 Chronicles 2 - Descendants of Jacob, Judah & Jesse to King David, & descendants of Hezron, Jerahmeel, Caleb listed
1 Chronicles 3 - King Davidís sons & concubines, King Solomonís decendants to Jehoiakim, & King Jehoiakimís decendants listed
1 Chronicles 4 - Descendants, towns & occupations of Judah, Caleb, Shelah, Simeon & others listed; prayer of Jabez
1 Chronicles 5 - Leaders, places lived, events, activities & battles of descendants of Reuben, Gad & Manasseh
1 Chronicles 6 - Family relations of Levi, Aaron, Moses, Samuel, Heman & Asaph listed; list of lands & cities given to Levities to live in
1 Chronicles 7 - Children, leaders, lands & numbers of descendants of Issachar, Benjamin, Naphtali, Manasseh, Ephraim, Joseph & Asher listed
1 Chronicles 8 - Descendants of Benjamin listed, together with King Saulís family line, cities & other major events
1 Chronicles 9 - People who lived in Jerusalem listed: children of Judah, priests, Levites, gatekeepers, servants, singers & others
1 Chronicles 10 - Philistines fight against Israel; Israel flees; Saulís sons die; Saul kills himself; Philistines invade Israel; Saul buried
1 Chronicles 11 - David anointed king of Israel, conquers Jebusites, rules from Jerusalem; mighty men of David named and described
1 Chronicles 12 - David lives in Ziklag to escape Saul, joined by many experienced soldiers; Davidís leaders named, numbered, described
1 Chronicles 13 - David gathers Israel together, brings ark from Abinadab; Uzza touches ark; God kills Uzza; ark remains with Obededom
1 Chronicles 14 - God blesses Davidís kingdom; David has children; Philistines battle against David; David asks for Godís advice, David wins
1 Chronicles 15 - David pitches tent for ark, gathers Israel; Levites bring ark to tent; Israel celebrates; David dances; Michal dispises David
1 Chronicles 16 - David offers sacrifices before God; David writes song to God; Israel praises God; ministers remain; people return home
1 Chronicles 17 - David wants to build temple; God speaks through Nathan that Davidís son will build temple; David accepts Godís plan
1 Chronicles 18 - David defeats & plunders Philistines, Moabites, Zobah, Syrians, Edomites; God protects David; David receives gifts
1 Chronicles 19 - King of Ammon dies; David sends kind messengers who are shamed by princes of Ammon; Israel wins battle against Ammon & Syria
1 Chronicles 20 - Joab of Israel besieges Rabbah, conquers Ammon; David & his men kill 3 giants: Sippai, Lahmi & 12-fingered man
1 Chronicles 21 - David does census of Israel; God displeased; 70000 Israelites die from disease; David repents, sacrifices; disease is stopped
1 Chronicles 22 - David begins preparing material to build the temple, commands Solomon to build the temple in Jerusalem
1 Chronicles 23 - David makes Solomon king of Israel; princes, priests & Levites numbered & listed by David; job types & roles listed
1 Chronicles 24 - Levites, sons of Aaron, their descendants, their offices, services & orderings listed during the time of David
1 Chronicles 25 - Sons of Asaph, Jeduthun & Heman lead 24 groups of musicians for praising God; lots drawn, groups ordered & listed
1 Chronicles 26 - Names of Levite guards, officers, judges & workers of the temple & its service listed
1 Chronicles 27 - Monthly officers, princes of tribes, treasure keepers, king's famers, counsellors, companions & army generals listed
1 Chronicles 28 - David speaks to Israel's leaders about Solomon building the temple, instructs Solomon to build temple & serve God
1 Chronicles 29 - David speaks to Israel; Israel gives & rejoices; David bless Israel, praises God; Solomon made king again, David dies
2 Chronicles 1 - Solomon reigns as Israel's king; Solomon ask for & receives wisdom from God; God gives wealth & strength to Solomon & Israel
2 Chronicles 2 - Solomon plans to build temple, requests Huram king of Tyre for assistance, assigns workers to build the temple
2 Chronicles 3 - Solomon begins building temple in Jerusalem on Mount Moriah; description, materials & size of temple, porch, rooms, angels, etc
2 Chronicles 4 - Solomon makes the alter, tank, basins, candlesticks, tables, golden alter, and other furniture & for the temple
2 Chronicles 5 - Temple completed; leaders of Israel gather, sing & worship; priests bring ark into temple; Lord's glory fills the temple
2 Chronicles 6 - Solomon blesses Israel; Solomon's temple dedication prayer: Solomon asks the Lord to fill the temple, have mercy & forgive
2 Chronicles 7 - Lord's accepts offerings; Israel worships LORD; Israel has a feast for 7 days; LORD appears & speaks advice to Solomon by night
2 Chronicles 8 - Solomon expands Israe, sets rulers over Israel, makes house for Egyptian wife, offers sacrifices, regularly collects gold
2 Chronicles 9 - Queen of Sheba visits & questions Solomon; Solomon as the wisest & richest kings on the earth; Solomon dies
2 Chronicles 10 - Jeroboam & Israel speak to Rehoboam; Rehoboam speaks harshly to Israel; Israel rebels, except Judah who serves Rehoboam
2 Chronicles 11 - Rehoboam plans to take Israel but stops plan; he builds defence cities, has many wives & children; Levites come to Judah
2 Chronicles 12 - Rehoboam strengthens Israel, turns away from God, attacked by king of Egypt, turns back to God, wars with Jeroboam, later dies
2 Chronicles 13 - Abijah becomes king of Judah, speaks to & wars with Jeroboam, wins battle with God's help, has many children, later dies
2 Chronicles 14 - Asa becomes king of Judah, follows the LORD, has peace, strengthens Judah, is attacked by Ethiopia, wins battle, defeats Gerar
2 Chronicles 15 - Prophet Azariah speaks to King Asa; Asa encouraged, sacrifices, makes covenant with LORD, removes Queen Maachah & false gods
2 Chronicles 16 - King Baasha of Israel attacks Asa; king of Syria helps Asa defeat Baasha; Asa rebuked by Hanani, is angry, becomes sick, dies
2 Chronicles 17 - Jehoshaphat becomes king of Judah, follows the LORD, strengthens Judah, teaches the LORD's law, has peace with other countries
2 Chronicles 18 - Ahab has peace with Jehoshaphat, asks him for help to fight Syria; prophet Micaiah warns Ahab; Ahab dies in battle
2 Chronicles 19 - Jehoshaphat spoken to by prophet Jehu, calls Judah back to LORD, appoints & instructs judges & priests to govern Judah
2 Chronicles 20 - Moab & Ammon attack Judah; Judah prays to God, sings in battle, wins; Judah has peace; Jehoshaphat's reign ends
2 Chronicles 21 - Jehoram reigns in Judah, kills brothers, disobeys God, fights Edom, attacked by Philistines & Arabians, becomes very sick, dies
2 Chronicles 22 - Ahaziah reigns in Judah, does not follow God, joins Jehoram king of Israel, killed; Athaliah kills heirs; Joash saved
2 Chronicles 23 - Priest Jehoiada gathers leaders, proclaims & annointes Joash king of Judah; Athaliah protests, is killed; Jerusalem is quiet
2 Chronicles 24 - Joash obeys God, has family, repairs temple; Jehoiada dies; Joash disobeys God, kills prophet, attacked by Syria, is killed
2 Chronicles 25 - Amaziah reigns in Judah, follows God, later serves other gods, attacks Israel, defeated, turns from God, still reigns, dies
2 Chronicles 26 - Uzziah reigns in Judah, follows God, strengthens Judah, wins battles, was proud, burnt incencse, got leprosy, later dies
2 Chronicles 27 - Jotham reigns in Judah, follows God, builds up Judah, fights with Ammon & wins, becomes strong, rules 25 years, later dies
2 Chronicles 28 - Ahaz reigns in Judah, worships other gods, defeated by Syria & Israel, is attacked again, closes temple, later dies
2 Chronicles 29 - Hezekiah reigns in Judah, follows God, reopens temple, makes new covenant with God, has special worship service with singing
2 Chronicles 30 - Hezekiah invites Judah & Israel for Passover; many come, are purified, confess, sacrifice, worship, sing & rejoice at Passover
2 Chronicles 31 - Israel destorys images of false worship; Hezekiah instructs priests & Levites in temple services; Hezekiah reforms Judah
2 Chronicles 32 - Sennacherib or Assyria attacks Judah but God causes Israel to win; Hezekiah becomes proud, sick, is tested, then dies
2 Chronicles 33 - Manasseh reigns in Judah, worships other gods, is captured, is humble, serves God; Amon is king , does evil, is killed
2 Chronicles 34 - Josiah reigns in Judah, follows God, repairs temple; Moses' books found; Josiah & people renew covenant to follow the Lord
2 Chronicles 35 - Josiah & Judah keep passover in Jerusalem; Josiah fights against king of Egypt, is injured, dies; people lament Josiah's death
2 Chronicles 36 - Jehoahaz, Jehoiakim, Jehoiachin & Zedekiah reign in Judah & disobey God; Babylon destorys Jerusalem & takes Judah captive
Ezra 1 - Emperor Cyrus of Persia commands & helps Judah to return to & rebuild Jerusalem & temple, gives back temple items
Ezra 2 - Israel returns from exile in Babylon to Jerusalem & Judah; lists of returnees; freewill offerings made to help rebuild temple
Ezra 3 - Jerusalem Temple altar rebuilt; sacrifices & festivals begin again; temple rebuilding begins, everyone sings & praises the LORD
Ezra 4 - Enemies of Judah oppose rebuilding the temple, write to Emperor who orders rebuilding to stop; temple rebuilding ceases
Ezra 5 - Prophets & leaders of Jews begin rebuilding the temple again; Persian officials write to Persian Emperor Darius in opposition
Ezra 6 - Emperor Darius searches royal records & orders rebuilding of temple to continue; temple completed, dedicated; Passover kept
Ezra 7 - Ezra gains Artaxerxes' favour, returns from Babylon to Jerusalem; Artaxerxes commands Ezra to teach & Jews to return to Israel
Ezra 8 - Ezra, priests, Levites & leaders plan & return from Babylon to Jerusalem with gifts for temple; people & gifts recorded
Ezra 9 - Some Jews marry non-Jews; Ezra grieves, prays to God in front of people, confesses sins, humbles himself, intercedes for Jews
Ezra 10 - Meeting about Jews marrying foreign women; Jews confess sin, investigate mixed marriages; foreign women & children sent away
Nehemiah 1 - Nehemiah hears of Jews' struggle to rebuild Jerusalem, prays to God, confesses, asks God for mercy, help & Emperor's favour
Nehemiah 2 - Nehemiah is sad, gets permission from Emperor to return to & rebuild Jerusalem, returns, inspects city, begins rebuilding
Nehemiah 3 - Wall of Jerusalem is rebuilt by Levites, priests, & other Jewish people; list of sections of the wall & who built them
Nehemiah 4 - Sanballat mocks Jews rebuilding Jerusalem, become angry, plan to attack; Jews make progress building, prepare defences
Nehemiah 5 - Some Jews financially oppress other Jews; Nehemiah calls meeting; leaders cancel debts; Nehemiah helps people & rebuilding
Nehemiah 6 - Sanballat tries to trick, trap & kill Nehemiah; Nehemiah is not distracted; wall completed in 52 days; Jews' enemies lose face
Nehemiah 7 - Nehemiah gives orders to guard Jerusalem; list of leaders, priests, Levites, singers, animals who returned from Babylon
Nehemiah 8 - Ezra reads law to Israel in Jerusalem; Israel worships, cries, holds festival, later keeps Feast of Tabernacles
Nehemiah 9 - Israel gather, fast, repent, read law, confess sin, worhip LORD, pray about God's mercy & Israel's journey through history
Nehemiah 10 - Israel sign agreement to live according to God's law; list of leaders who signed the law; list of laws Israel promises to keep
Nehemiah 11 - People settle in Jerusalem & other places; lists of people groups who stayed in Jerusalem; list of other towns throughout Israe
Nehemiah 12 - Records of priests, Levites & temple duties; Jerusalem wall dedicated with marching, music & sacrifice; people give to temple
Nehemiah 13 - Nehemiah restores laws & practices regarding temple services, Sabbath & mixed marriages; Nehemiah asks God to remember him
Esther 1 - Xerxes rules Persia, holds feast, asks Queen Vashti to come; Queen Vashti refuses, makes Xerxes angry, is removed from palace
Esther 2 - Xerxes looks for new queen; many virgin women come before Xerxes; Esther is chosen & made queen; Mordecai saves Xerxes' life
Esther 3 - Haman promoted, gains respect; Mordecai does not bow to Haman; Haman angry, wants to kill Mordecai, writes law to kill all Jews
Esther 4 - Mordecai & Jews learn about death law & mourn; Mordecai informs Esther of law, advises her to speak with king; Jews fast 3 days
Esther 5 - Esther risks death & visits king; king welcomes Esther; Esther invites king & Haman to feast; Haman plans to kill Mordecai
Esther 6 - King learns that Mordecai previously had saved the king but that Mordecai was not rewarded; king asks Haman to honour Mordecai
Esther 7 - Esther tells Xerxes of Haman's plan to kill Jews; Xerxes angry; Haman begs Esther for mercy; Xerxes commands Haman to be hung
Esther 8 - Esther given Haman's property; Mordecai made ruler; Esther begs Xerxes save Jews; law made allowing Jews to defend themselves
Esther 9 - Jews defend themselves, kill 75000 enemies; Haman's sons hung; Jews celebrate victory; Purim declared an annual festival
Esther 10 - Xerxes empire is strong; Mordecai's story recorded in offical records; Mordecai is well-liked powerful ruler under King Xerxes
Job 1 - Job lives as a good rich man; Satan meets with God, destroys Job's property, kills his children; Job mourns, praises the LORD
Job 2 - Satan & LORD discuss Job; Satan gives Job skin disease; Job's wife discourages Job; Job stays faithful; Job's friends visit him
Job 3 - Job speaks to friends: he curses the day of his birth, regrets that he ever lived, talks about how suffering people still live
Job 4 - Eliphaz speaks to Job: indicates Job may be weak & guilty; talks about a dream which showed him man's unholiness & mortality
Job 5 - Eliphaz speaks to Job: people bring trouble on themselves; encourages Job to turn to God; God is willing to save & help people
Job 6 - Job speaks to friends: Job expresses his great grief & weakness; God has caused Job's pain; Job's friends are not helping him
Job 7 - Job speaks to friends: his life is difficult, purposeless & miserable; Job is bitterr & angey, complains to God about hard life
Job 8 - Bildad speaks to Job: Job & children must have sinned to cause Job's trouble; tells Job to turn to God; talks about evil people
Matthew 1 - Ancestors of Jesus Christ listed; Mary pregnant by Holy Spirit; Angel appears to Joseph; Joseph marries Mary; Jesus is born
Matthew 2 - Wise men worship Jesus; Herod tries to kill Jesus; Jesus family flees to Egypt & later returns to Nazareth to live when safe
Matthew 3 - John the Baptist preaches repentance in Judea & baptises in Jordan; John baptises Jesus; Spirit descends; His Father speaks
Matthew 4 - Jesus fasts & is tempted in wilderness, preaches repentance, calls Peter, Andrew, James, John, preaches & heals in Galilee
Matthew 5 - Jesus teaches Sermon on the Mount: the Beatitudes, salt & light, fulfil the law, explanation of commandments, love your enemies
Matthew 6 - Jesus teaches Sermon on the Mount: about good deeds, prayer, forgiveness, fasting, treasure in heaven, seek first Godís kingdom
Matthew 7 - Jesus teaches Sermon on the Mount: about judging, Godís good gifts, narrow way to life, false prophets, wise & foolish men
Matthew 8 - Jesus heals leper, centurionís servant, Peterís mother & other people; Jesus calms sea, casts devils out of two men into pigs
Matthew 9 - Jesus forgives, heals palsy, bleeding woman, blind men, casts out devils, raises girl to life, refutes accusations & preaches
Matthew 10 - Jesus calls, empowers, sends & commands 12 disciples to preach, heal, cast out devils, raise the dead; additional instructions
Matthew 11 - Johnís disciples question Jesus; Jesus talks about John the Baptist, rebukes cities, invites people to Himself to find rest

The true art of Israel was in literature, the Old Testament of the Bible. (The Torah).

Interspersed with Old Testament stories, are the actual architectural works of the time

Source:  http://catholic-resources.org/Art/Dore-OT.htm



The Call of Abraham to leave Mesopotamia and go the land of Canaan




Moses receiving revelation on Mt. Sinai



Mt. Sinai



The foot of Mt. Sinai about 1925- a makeshift cross is found reminding us of the importance of this place



The symbols of the 12 Tribes of Israel



The Great Temple of Solomon, as it was in the time of its beginning c. 950 BC



The later Temple, rebuilt by Herod, Jersusalem, Israel (Reconstruction)



The only remnant of the Temple: the Western Wall- the holiest site for all Jews today



The Holy City of Jerusalem today




Tell Beth-Shan in central Israel- this is where King Saul was skewered into the wall




The Arabians

The bedouins- fully nomadic and moving in caravans from one oasis to another

It was these that Mohammad would later (600's AD) convert to Islam







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