1938    FLASH GORDON

                As a planetoid is about to collide with Earth, Dr. Heinz Zarkov invents a way for three to survive- a spaceship!



...and so much for Flash Gordon



































    1954    GODZILLA -

                An American Atomic test creates a 400 ft. mutated Tyrannosaurus bent on the destruction of Tokyo


                A new monster, Anguirus, arrives to fight Godzilla

    1962    KING KONG VS. GODZILLA -

                A pharmacy magnate finds a giant ape, King Kong, and American pilots search to find an old friend

    1964    MOTHRA VS. GODZILLA -

                A greedy developer wants to pave over Tokyo bay and things go horribly wrong, revealing Mothra


                A meteor crashes on Earth and a horrible beast, King Gidorah, emerges to fight Rodan and Godzilla


                Aliens arrive on Earth asking for some help from Earth monsters (Rodan, Godzilla) to fight Gidorah


                Some teens in Japan find a boat and go exploring, serendipity intervenes in the form of Ebirah

    1967    SON OF GODZILLA +

                On a Pacific island, Godzilla asexually reproduces, spawning Minya, who is put to the test by Kamakaras


                Aliens release all the monsters to destroy humanity (Godzilla, Rodan, Mothras, Angilas, Minya, Ghidorah, Varan)

    1971    GODZILLA VS. HEDORAH +

                Earth pollution spawns a new monster, Hedora, which does what monsters do, attacks another one

    1972    GODZILLA VS. GIGAN +

                Aliens take control of monsters Gigan, Ghidorah and Anguirus, to fight Godzilla and rule the Earth

    1973    GODZILLA VS. MEGALON +

                An Atlantis like undersea kingdom unleashes a new monster, Megalon, to fight Godzilla


                Aliens are back, this time they have built a secret superweapon, a monster made of metal


                Aliens rebuild MechaGodzilla with the help of a scientist who discovers Titanosaurus



                After 10 years of peace, Godzilla is reborn to storm Tokyo anew


                After 4 years of peace, Godzilla is awakened to fight a hybrid monster, Biollante


                Time travelers need a monster to destroy Japan's economy, so they bring back King Gidorah!


                Godzilla goes on a rampage while Mothra protects Japan from Battra


                The UN builds a super-robot, MechaGodzilla II, to fight the biological Godzilla


                The UN creates another monster, Mogera, while another is spawned in space from Godzilla molecules


                Destoroyah emerges with radioactive powers that can meltdown Godzilla's innards

    2000    GODZILLA 2000

                A flying saucer lands on Earth, turns into a monster, Orga, and Godzilla must defend Tokyo


                Everyone's favorite monster returns to destroy Japan, but now they have two new weapons, including Megagirus!


                Three ancient monsters, Mothra, Gidorah and newly discovered Baragon, are awakened to fight Godzilla


                A cousin of Godzilla attacks, and the Japanese government makes a skeleton of the old Godzilla, to pilot against it


                Mothra comes from space to warn Japan to 'replace Godzilla's bones to the sea, that they may rest,' but its too late


                Godzilla turns 50, goes around the world fighting all of the monsters one last time, finally encountering Monster X.


...and so much for Godzilla

























 1            "The Cage"                                       Captain Pike and crew take the Enterprise for a test run

Prod. # Title Overview
2 "Where No Man Has Gone Before" The Enterprise journeys to the edge of the galaxy, where two crew members develop dangerous psychic powers.
3 "The Corbomite Maneuver" The Enterprise initially encounters a cube-shaped probe in space; further investigation reveals the probe's source (a massive starship with an unusual pilot).
4 "Mudd's Women" The Enterprise picks up a traveling con man and his "beautiful" female cargo; the females seem to have a strange effect on the male crew.
5 "The Enemy Within" A transporter mishap creates Captain Kirk's evil twin.
6 "The Man Trap" A shape-shifting, salt-hungry creature, terrorizes the crew of the Enterprise.
7 "The Naked Time" A strange virus infects the crew of the Enterprise, causing them to behave as if they were intoxicated with alcohol.
8 "Charlie X" The Enterprise picks up an unstable teenage boy with dangerous mental powers.
9 "Balance of Terror" The crew of the Enterprise confronts a hostile, space-faring race (called the Romulans), in a test of power.
10 "What Are Little Girls Made Of?" Nurse Chapel searches for her long lost fiancé, and uncovers his secret plan for galactic conquest.
11 "Dagger of the Mind " The Enterprise visits a prison planet where a new treatment for the criminally insane (a machine that affects their mind and memories) has deadly results.
12 "Miri" The Enterprise discovers an exact duplicate of Earth, where the only survivors of a deadly plague are the planet's prepubescent children.
13 "The Conscience of the King" Captain Kirk encounters a traveling company of actors, one of whom may have once been a murderous dictator.
14 "The Galileo Seven" Mr. Spock commands a team aboard an Enterprise shuttlecraft on the surface of an unexplored planet with aggressive humanoid creatures.
15 "Court Martial" Captain Kirk stands trial on charges of negligence; the Enterprise computer is the main witness against him.
16 "The Menagerie" part 1 Spock violates Federation orders by helping his former Captain, Christopher Pike, return to Talos IV.
16 "The Menagerie" part 2 Spock is put on trial for helping his former Captain, Christopher Pike, return to Talos IV.
17 "Shore Leave" The crew of the Enterprise visits a bizarre planet of dangerous illusions.
18 "The Squire of Gothos" A powerful being torments the crew of the Enterprise.
19 "Arena" Captain Kirk fights in a bare-handed duel with the lizard-like, alien captain of another ship.
20 "The Alternative Factor" The crew of the Enterprise encounters a madman with the ability to jump from our (matter) universe to our opposite (anti-matter) universe.
21 "Tomorrow is Yesterday" The crew of the Enterprise travels back to 1960's Earth, and must correct damage they caused to the timeline.
22 "The Return of the Archons" The crew of the Enterprise encounters a world with a dysfunctional society controlled by an unseen leader.
23 "A Taste of Armageddon" The crew of the Enterprise visits a planet whose people fight a strange, computerized war with a neighboring enemy planet.
24 "Space Seed" The crew of the Enterprise unintentionally awakens a powerful dictator from Earth's dreadful past.
25 "This Side of Paradise" The Enterprise visits a planet, where the inhabitants are kept in check by the spores of some strange plant life.
26 "The Devil in the Dark" Captain Kirk faces off with a deadly subterranean creature.
27 "Errand of Mercy" In a state of war with the Klingons, Kirk and Spock attempt to sway the primitive and incomprehensibly placid population of a planet to their side.
28 "The City on the Edge of Forever" The crew of the Enterprise discover a portal through space and time, which leads to McCoy accidentally altering Earth history in the early 20th Century.
29 "Operation: Annihilate!" The crew of the Enterprise encounter neurologically parasitic creatures that have taken over a Federation colony.
30 "Catspaw" Two powerful aliens threaten the well being of the Enterprise and her crew.
31 "Metamorphosis" A shuttle crew from the Enterprise encounters a castaway and his mysterious alien companion.
32 "Friday's Child" The crew of the Enterprise become entangled in a planet's tribal power struggle.
33 "Who Mourns for Adonais?" The crew of the Enterprise are held captive by an alien who claims to be the Greek god Apollo.
34 "Amok Time" Mr. Spock returns to his homeworld for a Vulcan marriage ritual.
35 "The Doomsday Machine" The Enterprise plays a deadly game of cat-and-mouse with an alien planet killing machine that travels in space from star to star.
36 "Wolf in the Fold" A series of bizarre murders points to Mr. Scott as the primary suspect.
37 "The Changeling" The crew of the Enterprise deals with Nomad-- an indestructible, planet destroying space probe that thinks Kirk is its creator.
38 "The Apple" The crew of the Enterprise visits a mysterious paradise planet which they discover is controlled by a computer.
40 "The Deadly Years" Strange radiation exposes the command crew of the Enterprise to the effects of rapid aging.
39 "Mirror, Mirror" A transporter mishap slips Captain Kirk and his companions into a parallel universe (and their counter-parts into our universe).
41 "I, Mudd" Captain Kirk and the crew has a second run in with the con man, Harry Mudd, and his army of androids.
42 "The Trouble With Tribbles" Little, fuzzy critters invade and over-populate a Federation star base--and expose an enemy's plans.
43 "Bread and Circuses" Captain Kirk and his companions are forced to fight in gladiatorial games on a planet modeled after the Roman Empire.
44 "Journey to Babel" While the Enterprise is transporting dignitaries to an important peace conference, an assassin is discovered.
45 "A Private Little War" Captain Kirk must decide how to save a primitive people from the technological interference of the Klingons.
46 "The Gamesters of Triskelion" Captain Kirk and his companions are sent to fight as gladiators for the gambling entertainment of three disembodied beings.
47 "Obsession" Captain Kirk becomes obsessed with destroying a murderous entity that he has previously encountered.
48 "The Immunity Syndrome" The crew of the Enterprise encounters an energy-draining space creature.
49 "A Piece of the Action" The Enterprise visits a planet with an Earth-like, violent, 1920's, gangster culture.
50 "By Any Other Name" Beings from the Andromeda Galaxy steal the Enterprise, technically modify it, and attempt to return home.
51 "Return to Tomorrow" Telepathic aliens take control of Kirk and Spock's bodies with the intention to build new, mechanized bodies for themselves.
52 "Patterns of Force" The crew of the Enterprise visits a planet dominated by a Nazi culture and at war with its planetary neighbor.
53 "The Ultimate Computer" A new battle computer being tested on board the Enterprise (with the intention of eventually replacing most of the human crew), instead causes havoc.
54 "The Omega Glory" Captain Kirk must battle a deadly virus and prevent a meaningless intertribal war.
55 "Assignment: Earth" Time warping back to Earth of the 1960's, the crew of the Enterprise encounters an intergalactic superspy, who tries to interfere with 20th Century events.
56 "Spectre of the Gun" For having trespassed on an alien world, Captain Kirk and his companions are forced to re-enact the shoot out at the O.K. Corral.
57 "Elaan of Troyius" Captain Kirk hosts a spoiled princess, who must bring peace to a star system at war.
58 "The Paradise Syndrome" A mysterious alien device on a planet with a predominantly American Indian culture erases Captain Kirk's memory, and he begins a life with them as a member of their tribe.
59 "The Enterprise Incident" The crew of the Enterprise attempts to steal a Romulan cloaking device.
60 "And the Children Shall Lead" The crew of the Enterprise rescues a group of children stranded on a planet, along with their evil "imaginary" friend.
61 "Spock's Brain" Captain Kirk pursues aliens who have stolen Spock's brain.
62 "Is There in Truth No Beauty?" The Enterprise travels with an alien ambassador who must travel inside a special black case because his appearance causes insanity.
63 "The Empath" While visiting a doomed planet, the landing party is subject to torturous experiments to test an empathic race.
64 "The Tholian Web" Captain Kirk is caught between dimensions while the Enterprise is trapped by an energy draining web spun by mysterious aliens.
65 "For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky" The crew of the Enterprise rush to stop an asteroid from colliding with a Federation world, but discover that the inside of the asteroid is inhabited.
66 "Day of the Dove" An alien energy-based life form drives the crew of the Enterprise into brutal conflict with the Klingons.
67 "Plato's Stepchildren" The crew of the Enterprise encounters an ageless and mischievous race of psychic humanoids who claim to have organized their society around Ancient Greek ideals.
68 "Wink of an Eye" Invisible "time-accelerated" aliens take over the Enterprise and attempt to abduct the crew for use as "genetic stock".
69 "That Which Survives" The crew of the Enterprise visits an abandoned outpost guarded by a mysterious computer.
70 "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield" The Enterprise picks up the last two survivors of a war torn planet who are still committed to destroying each other aboard the ship.
71 "Whom Gods Destroy" Kirk visits a mental health facility and confronts an insane starship captain who believes he is destined to control the universe.
72 "The Mark of Gideon" A race of overpopulated aliens abduct Kirk to solve their problem.
73 "The Lights of Zetar" Strange, energy-based alien life forms threaten the Memory Alpha station and the Enterprise crew.
74 "The Cloud Minders" Kirk races against time to acquire plague-fighting minerals from a world in the midst of a civil uprising.
75 "The Way to Eden" The Enterprise is hijacked by a criminal doctor and his loyal, hippie-like followers who are attempting to find paradise.
76 "Requiem for Methuselah" The crew of the Enterprise encounters an immortal human who lives as a recluse on his own planet.
77 "The Savage Curtain" Aliens force Kirk and Spock to battle illusionary villains in a test of good versus evil.
78 "All Our Yesterdays" Kirk, Spock, and McCoy are trapped in the past on a world threatened by a supernova.
79 "Turnabout Intruder" Kirk's consciousness becomes trapped in the body of a woman bent on killing him and taking over his command while inhabiting his body.


















    1977    STAR WARS


    1983    RETURN OF THE JEDI




































    1978    SUPERMAN

    1980    SUPERMAN II

    1983    SUPERMAN III








































    1979    ALIEN

    1986    ALIENS

    1992    ALIEN 3



































    1982    THE WRATH OF KHAN


    1986    THE VOYAGE HOME



    1994    GENERATIONS

    1996    FIRST CONTACT

    1998    INSURRECTION

    2002    NEMESIS

    2008    STAR TREK XI


























  1. More Than Meets The Eye, Part 1 (Originally Aired 9/17/1984)
  2. More Than Meets The Eye, Part 2 (Originally Aired 9/18/1984)
  3. More Than Meets The Eye, Part 3 (Originally Aired 9/19/1984)
  4. Transport To Oblivion (Originally Aired 10/6/1984)
  5. Roll For It (Originally Aired 10/13/1984)
  6. Divide And Conquer (Originally Aired 10/20/1984)
  7. S.O.S. Dinobots (Originally Aired 10/27/1984)
  8. The Ultimate Doom: Brainwash, Part 1 (Originally Aired 11/3/1984)
  9. The Ultimate Doom: Search, Part 2 (Originally Aired 11/10/1984)
  10. The Ultimate Doom: Revival, Part 3 (Originally Aired (Originally Aired 11/17/1984)
  11. War Of The Dinobots (Originally Aired 11/24/1984)
  12. Countdown To Extinction (Originally Aired 12/1/1984)
  13. Fire In The Sky (Originally Aired 12/8/1984)
  14. The Heavy Metal War (Originally Aired 12/15/1984)
  15. Fire On The Mountain (Originally Aired 12/22/1984)
  16. A Plague Of Insecticons (Originally Aired 12/29/1984)
  1. Autobot Spike (Originally Aired 9/23/1985)
  2. The Immobilizer (Originally Aired 9/24/1985)
  3. Dinobot Island, Part 1 (Originally Aired 9/25/1985)
  4. Dinobot Island, Part 2 (Originally Aired 9/26/1985)
  5. Traitor (Originally Aired 9/27/1985)
  6. Enter The Nightbird (Originally Aired 9/30/1985)
  7. Changing Gears (Originally Aired 10/1/1985)
  8. A Prime Problem (Originally Aired 10/2/1985)
  9. Atlantis, Arise (Originally Aired 10/3/1985)
  10. Attack Of The Autobots (Originally Aired 10/4/1985)
  11. Microbots (Originally Aired 10/7/1985)
  12. The Master Builders (Originally Aired 10/8/1985)
  13. The Insecticon Syndrome (Originally Aired 10/9/1985)
  14. Day Of The Machines (Originally Aired 10/10/1985)
  15. Megatron's Master Plan, Part 1 (Originally Aired 10/14/1985)
  16. Megatron's Master Plan, Part 2 (Originally Aired 10/15/1985)
  17. Auto Berserk (Originally Aired 10/16/1985)
  18. City Of Steel (Originally Aired 10/17/1985)
  19. Desertion Of The Dinobots, Part 1 (Originally Aired 10/21/1985)
  20. Desertion Of The Dinobots, Part 2 (Originally Aired 10/22/1985)
  21. Blaster Blues (Originally Aired 10/23/1985)
  22. A Decepticon Raider In King Arthur's Court (Originally Aired 10/24/1985)
  23. The God Gambit (Originally Aired 10/28/1985)
  24. The Core (Originally Aired 10/29/1985)
  25. Make Tracks (Originally Aired 10/30/1985)
  26. The Autobot Run (Originally Aired 10/31/1985)
  27. Golden Lagoon (Originally Aired 11/4/1985)
  28. Quest For Survival (Originally Aired 11/5/1985)
  29. The Secret Of Omega Supreme (Originally Aired 11/6/1985)
  30. Child's Play (Originally Aired 11/7/1985)
  31. The Gambler (Originally Aired 11/11/1985)
  32. The Search For Alpha Trion (Originally Aired 11/12/1985)
  33. Auto-Bop (Originally Aired 11/13/1985)
  34. Prime Target (Originally Aired 11/14/1985)
  35. The Girl Who Loved Powerglide (Originally Aired 11/18/1985)
  36. Triple Take-Over (Originally Aired 11/19/1985)
  37. Sea Change (Originally Aired 11/20/1985)
  38. Hoist Goes Hollywood (Originally Aired 11/21/1985)
  39. The Key To Vector Sigma, Part 1 (Originally Aired 11/25/1985)
  40. The Key To Vector Sigma, Part 2 (Originally Aired 11/26/1985)
  41. Aerial Assault (Originally Aired 12/9/1985)
  42. Masquerade (Originally Aired 12/16/1985)
  43. Trans-Europe Express (Originally Aired 12/23/1985)
  44. War Dawn (Originally Aired 12/25/1985)
  45. Cosmic Rust (Originally Aired 12/26/1985)
  46. Kremzeek (Originally Aired 12/27/1985)
  47. Starscream's Brigade (Originally Aired 1/7/1986)
  48. Revenge Of Bruticus (Originally Aired 1/8/1986)
  49. B.O.T. (Originally Aired 1/9/1986)
  1. The Five Faces Of Darkness, Part 1 (Originally Aired 9/15/1986)
  2. The Five Faces Of Darkness, Part 2 (Originally Aired 9/16/1986)
  3. The Five Faces Of Darkness, Part 3 (Originally Aired 9/17/1986)
  4. The Five Faces Of Darkness, Part 4 (Originally Aired 9/18/1986)
  5. The Five Faces Of Darkness, Part 5 (Originally Aired 9/19/1986)
  6. The Killing Jar (Originally Aired 9/29/1986)
  7. Chaos (Originally Aired 9/30/1986)
  8. Dark Awakening (Originally Aired 10/1/1986)
  9. Starscream's Ghost (Originally Aired 10/2/1986)
  10. Thief In The Night (Originally Aired 10/6/1986)
  11. Forever Is A Long Time Coming (Originally Aired 10/8/1986)
  12. Surprise Party (Originally Aired 10/9/1986)
  13. Madman's Paradise (Originally Aired 10/13/1986)
  14. Carnage In C-Minor (Originally Aired 10/14/1986)
  15. Fight Or Flee (Originally Aired 10/15/1986)
  16. Webworld (Originally Aired 10/20/1986)
  17. Ghost In The Machine (Originally Aired 10/21/1986)
  18. The Dweller In The Depths (Originally Aired 10/30/1986)
  19. Nightmare Planet (Originally Aired 10/31/1986)
  20. The Ultimate Weapon (Originally Aired 11/10/1986)
  21. The Quintesson Journal (Originally Aired 11/11/1986)
  22. The Big Broadcast Of 2006 (Originally Aired 11/12/1986)
  23. Only Human (Originally Aired 11/13/1986)
  24. Grimlock's New Brain (Originally Aired 11/14/1986)
  25. Money Is Everything (Originally Aired 11/17/1986)
  26. Call Of The Primitives (Originally Aired 11/18/1986)
  27. The Burden Hardest To Bear (Originally Aired 11/19/1986)
  28. The Face Of The Nijika (Originally Aired 11/20/1986)
  29. The Return Of Optimus Prime, Part 1 (Originally Aired 3/2/1987)
  30. The Return Of Optimus Prime, Part 2 (Originally Aired 3/3/1987)
  1. The Rebirth, Part 1 (Originally Aired 11/9/1987)
  2. The Rebirth, Part 2 (Originally Aired 11/10/1987)
  3. The Rebirth, Part 3 (Originally Aired 11/11/1987)






























1986   Highlander

A man dies in 1536 Scotland, only to find that he cannot die at all. In 1986 New York City, he must fight for good, and the ultimate prize

1989   Highlander II: the Quickening

The Highlander is now mortal, and has saved humanity through building a shield protecting us from the Sun. But one last thing must be done























































 Season 1 (1987-1988)


Pic Title Original Airdate Stardate Episode #
"Encounter at Farpoint" September 28, 1987 41153.7 101 & 102
The new starship Enterprise begins its maiden voyage by uncovering the mysteries of an advanced space station. But their mission is threatened by a god-like being named Q.
"The Naked Now" October 5, 1987 41209.2 103
A mysterious contaminant causes the crew to act intoxicated. Reworked TOS episode 4, "The Naked Time".
"Code of Honor" October 12, 1987 41235.25 104
Lt. Yar is abducted by the leader of a people who abides by a strict code of honor, which results in a fight to the death.
"The Last Outpost" October 19, 1987 41194.6 105
An unknown force immobilizes the Enterprise while encountering a new alien threat - the Ferengi.
"Where No One Has Gone Before" October 26, 1987 41263.1 106
An alien visitor takes the Enterprise on a wild trip outside of the galaxy, where the crews imagination comes to life.
"Lonely Among Us" November 2, 1987 41249.3 107
An alien entity takes control of Crusher, Worf and Picard. To make the situation worse, the Enterprise is transporting delegates from two feuding planets.
"Justice" November 9, 1987 41255.6 108
Wesley breaks an idyllic world's trivial law of accidentally stepping on flowers and faces the death sentence.
"The Battle" November 16, 1987 41723.9 109
Captain Picard is reunited with his old ship, the Stargazer, and is lured into a trap by a vengeful Ferengi.
"Hide and Q" November 23, 1987 41590.5 110
Q returns to tempt Commander Riker into joining the Q Continuum.
"Haven" November 30, 1987 41294.5 111
Counselor Troi is visited by her mother who prepares her for an arranged marriage.
"The Big Goodbye" January 11, 1988 41997.7 112
A computer malfunction traps Picard, Data, and Beverly in a 1940s gangster holodeck program.
"Datalore" January 18, 1988 41242.4 113
The Enterprise heads for the Omicron Theta system, home of Data, where he finds and reactivates his twin brother, Lore, and encounter the Crystalline Entity.
"Angel One" January 25, 1988 41636.9 114
The Enterprise visits a world dominated by women to flesh out diplomatic ties and search for survivors of a downed freighter.
"11001001" February 1, 1988 41365.9 115
Curious little aliens, the Bynars, retrofit the Enterprise's computer in a spacedock. But they then hijack the ship and head it to their homeworld...
"Too Short a Season" February 8, 1988 41309.5 116
The Enterprise transports a legendary geriatric admiral who must once again negotiate a hostage situation. But he is amazingly getting younger...
"When the Bough Breaks" February 15, 1988 41509.1 117
A highly advanced mythical planet reveals itself to the Enterprise. But only to steal its children.
"Home Soil" February 22, 1988 41463.9 118
The crew of the Enterprise discovers a crystalline lifeform with murderous intelligence that has been killing the scientists on a terraforming project.
"Coming of Age" March 14, 1988 41461.2 119
While Wesley takes a Starfleet Academy entrance exam, the senior staff of the Enterprise are placed under investigation.
"Heart of Glory" March 21, 1988 41503.7 120
Fugitive Klingons try to hijack the Enterprise and ask Worf to join them.
"The Arsenal of Freedom" April 11, 1988 41798.2 121
The demonstration of an advanced planetary defense system turns deadly, as an away team is trapped on the deadly planet.
"Symbiosis" April 18, 1988 Unknown 122
Picard tries to mediate a trade dispute between two neighboring planets, one who is apparently the only hope for saving the other from a fatal disease.
"Skin of Evil" April 25, 1988 41601.3 123
A vile tar-like creature composed of pure evil interferes with a rescue mission and holds Deanna Troi hostage.
"We'll Always Have Paris" May 2, 1988 41697.9 124
Picard meets an old flame, whose husband has created a haywire dimensional experiment.
"Conspiracy" May 9, 1988 41775.5 125
The strange behavior of high-ranking officers leads Picard to uncover a conspiracy within Starfleet.
"The Neutral Zone" May 16, 1988 41986.0 126
A derelict satellite is found with cryogenically frozen humans aboard as the Enterprise is sent to investigate the destruction of outposts near Romulan space.

Season 2 (1988-1989)

Pic Title Original Airdate Stardate Episode #
"The Child" November 21, 1988 42073.1 201
Dr. Pulaski joins the Enterprise while La Forge prepares the Enterprise to carry dangerous plague specimens and Deanna gives birth to a mysterious child, Ian.
"Where Silence Has Lease" November 28, 1988 42193.6 202
The Enterprise becomes enveloped by a "hole in space" containing a Romulan warship and a duplicate Enterprise, but find it's not accidental - it's the work of a powerful alien.
"Elementary, Dear Data" December 5, 1988 42286.3 203
Geordi asks the holodeck to make a Sherlock Holmes villain that can defeat Data. However the resulting Professor Moriarty soon appears far more powerful than estimated!
"The Outrageous Okona" December 12, 1988 42402.7 204
The Enterprise encounters a flamboyant space rogue on the run, while Data learns humor from Joe Piscopo.
"Loud as a Whisper" January 9, 1989 42477.2 205
The Enterprise hosts a deaf empathic ambassador who leads difficult peace talks.
"The Schizoid Man" January 23, 1989 42437.5 206
A brilliant scientist cheats death by downloading himself into Data.
"Unnatural Selection" January 30, 1989 42494.8 207
The Enterprise receives a distress call from the USS Lantree where they find everyone dead from rapid aging and they must find the cause before scientists on a research colony suffer the same fate.
"A Matter of Honor" February 6, 1989 42506.5 208
Riker is assigned to a Klingon vessel during an officer exchange program.
"The Measure of a Man" February 13, 1989 42523.7 209
Data is put on trial to determine if he is a private citizen or Federation property.
"The Dauphin" February 20, 1989 42568.8 210
The Enterprise hosts a young world leader and her mysterious chaperone. However, Wesley soon falls in love...
"Contagion" March 20, 1989 42609.1 211
A dangerous alien computer virus runs rampant through the Enterprise after causing the destruction of another Federation vessel.
"The Royale" March 27, 1989 42625.4 212
Riker, Worf and Data become part of a bad novel set in a casino.
"Time Squared" April 3, 1989 42679.2 213
Picard encounters his double, when the Enterprise becomes caught in a time loop.
"The Icarus Factor" April 24, 1989 42686.4 214
Riker's estranged father pays him a visit, and Worf prepares for an important rite of passage.
"Pen Pals" May 1, 1989 42695.3 215
Data befriends a child from a doomed planet, breaking the Prime Directive.
"Q Who?" May 8, 1989 42761.3 216
Q fires the ship to the other side of the galaxy and introduces the crew of the Enterprise to the deadly Borg.
"Samaritan Snare" May 15, 1989 42779.1 217
A group of dimwitted aliens, the Pakleds kidnap Geordi to fix their malfunctioning ship.
"Up the Long Ladder" May 22, 1989 42823.2 218
Picard must bring two incompatible cultures together, because if they don't they will both die out.
"Manhunt" June 19, 1989 42859.2 219
Deanna's mother is in the market for a new husband, and she has her eyes on Picard .
"The Emissary" June 29, 1989 42901.3 220
Worf's ex-girlfriend comes to the Enterprise to help deal with a Klingon sleeper ship.
"Peak Performance" July 10, 1989 42923.4 221
An alien engineer, who leads a starship combat simulation, gives Data a personality complex.
"Shades of Gray" July 17, 1989 42976.1 222
An alien bug bite puts Riker's life in danger. As he lies on his deathbed, he recalls his memories of his life on the Enterprise.

Season 3 (1989-1990)

Pic Title Original Airdate Stardate Episode #
"Evolution" September 25, 1989 43125.8 301
Nanites escape Wesley's lab, and disrupt an astronomer's critical solar experiment.
"The Ensigns of Command" October 2, 1989 43133.3 302
Data must convince a stubborn colony to give up their homeland under threat of a powerful and mysterious race.
"The Survivors" October 9, 1989 43152.4 303
The Enterprise tries to assist the last two survivors of an annihilated world. But their entire world has been transformed to dust except their one little garden and house!
"Who Watches the Watchers?" October 16, 1989 43173.5 304
A holographically camouflaged Federation anthropology station is accidentally revealed to the natives of a primitive Vulcan-like culture.
"The Bonding" October 23, 1989 43198.7 305
A mysterious entity seeks to comfort a boy who has lost his mother in an accident on its planet.
"Booby Trap" October 30, 1989 43205.6 306
The Enterprise falls victim to an ancient booby trap set to snare starships.
"The Enemy" November 6, 1989 43349.2 307
Geordi is trapped on a harsh planet with a hostile Romulan, and the two must work together to survive.
"The Price" November 13, 1989 43385.6 308
Troi falls in love with a charismatic negotiator who vies for rights to a wormhole. But several differant groups are after the wormhole as it may be the only known stable wormhole in existence.
"The Vengeance Factor" November 20, 1989 43421.9 309
Riker exposes an assassin in the midst of critical peace talks.
"The Defector" January 1, 1990 43462.5 310
Determined to avert a war, a Romulan Commander defects to warn Picard of his Empire's invasion plans.
"The Hunted" January 8, 1990 43489.2 311
A genetically advanced soldier reveals the hidden past of a world hoping to join the Federation.
"The High Ground" January 29, 1990 43510.7 312
Dr. Crusher is kidnapped by terrorists who want the Federation to get involved in their struggle.
"Deja Q" February 5, 1990 43539.1 313
The Q Continuum strips Q of his powers, and dumps him aboard the Enterprise.
"A Matter of Perspective" February 12, 1990 43610.4 314
Riker is accused of murder, and the holodeck is used to reconstruct the events from different perspectives.
"Yesterday's Enterprise" February 19, 1990 43625.2 315
An encounter with the Enterprise-C causes a shift in reality - and the return of the deceased Tasha Yar.
"The Offspring" March 12, 1990 43657.0 316
Data creates an android child, and calls it his daughter.
"Sins of the Father" March 19, 1990 43685.2 317
Worf goes on trial to prove his father's innocence of treason against the Klingon Empire.
"Allegiance" March 26, 1990 43714.1 318
Aliens kidnap Picard and replace him with a double.
"Captain's Holiday" April 2, 1990 43745.2 319
Picard seeks some much needed shore leave, but gets wrapped up in a woman's deadly treasure hunt.
"Tin Man" April 23, 1990 43779.3 320
A gifted telepath Deanna Troi once treated as a patient comes aboard to establish first contact with an unknown vessel in proximity of an unstable star before the Romulans do.
"Hollow Pursuits" April 30, 1990 43807.4 321
Lt. Barclay is discovered to have a dangerous obsession with the holodeck.
"The Most Toys" May 7, 1990 43872.2 322
An obsessed collector is determined to add Data to his private collection of unique items.
"Sarek" May 14, 1990 43917.4 323
The Enterprise hosts Ambassador Sarek, but his deteriorating mental health causes unforeseen problems.
"Ménage ŕ Troi" May 28, 1990 43930.7 324
The Ferengi kidnap Deanna, her mother and Riker.
"Transfigurations" June 4, 1990 43957.2 325
The Enterprise rescues a humanoid with amnesia and incredible healing powers.
"The Best of Both Worlds" (Part 1) June 18, 1990 43989.1 326
Picard is kidnapped by the Borg, who begin their invasion of Federation space.

Season 4 (1990-1991)

Pic Title Original Airdate Stardate Episode #
"The Best of Both Worlds" (Part 2) September 24, 1990 44001.4 401
Picard is rescued from the Borg, as the Enterprise races to save Earth.
"Family" October 1, 1990 44012.3 402
Picard goes to France to visit his family and Worf's human parents come aboard the Enterprise.
"Brothers" October 8, 1990 44085.7 403
Data discovers his maker, Noonien Soong, and brother Lore are still alive.
"Suddenly Human" October 15, 1990 44143.7 404
Picard must help a human boy, raised by aliens, decide his fate.
"Remember Me" October 22, 1990 44161.2 405
After an apparent failure of a warp-field experiment, people begin to disappear from the Enterprise with only Dr. Crusher remembering they ever existed.
"Legacy" October 29, 1990 44215.2 406
Tasha Yar's sister Ishara seeks to restore order on their barbaric colony world.
"Reunion" November 5, 1990 44246.3 407
Worf's ex-girlfriend returns, and along with Picard, the two mediate a Klingon power dispute and Worf discovers more family.
"Future Imperfect" November 12, 1990 44286.5 408
A strange phenomena time-warps Riker sixteen years into the future.
"Final Mission" November 19, 1990 44307.3 409
Wesley sets off on his final mission with the Enterprise, but becomes stranded with Picard on a desert planet.
"The Loss" December 31, 1990 44356.9 410
An unknown force captures the Enterprise and causes Deanna to lose her empathic powers.
"Data's Day" January 7, 1991 44390.1 411
Data gets dancing lessons in preparation of Chief O'Brien's wedding as the Enterprise brings Ambassador T'Pel to the Romulans for negotiations.
"The Wounded" January 28, 1991 44429.6 412
A rogue Starfleet Captain jeopardizes the Cardassian peace treaty.
"Devil's Due" February 4, 1991 44474.5 413
Picard tries to save a planet terrified that a mythic figure from their ancient past has returned to enslave them.
"Clues" February 11, 1991 44502.7 414
The crew is knocked unconscious except for Data after going through a wormhole which appeared in front of an unknown class M planet.
"First Contact" February 18, 1991 Unknown 415
Riker is captured by xenophobic aliens during a botched first contact mission.
"Galaxy's Child" March 11, 1991 44614.6 416
The Enterprise accidentally kills a space creature, and the crew rush to save its unborn child.
"Night Terrors" March 18, 1991 44631.2 417
The Enterprise is trapped in a rift as the crew is plagued by terrifying hallucinations and Deanna has nightmares.
"Identity Crisis" March 25, 1991 44664.5 418
Geordi transforms into an alien creature with strong instinct to return to its planet of origin.
"The Nth Degree" April 1, 1991 44704.2 419
After an encounter with an alien probe Barclay becomes a genius with a mission.
"Q-Pid" April 22, 1991 44741.9 420
Q returns to test Picard's love for an old flame.
"The Drumhead" April 29, 1991 44769.2 421
A witchhunt ensues for suspected Romulan spies aboard the Enterprise.
"Half a Life" May 6, 1991 44805.3 422
Lwaxana Troi finally finds love, but discovers her man must undergo a ritualistic suicide.
"The Host" May 13, 1991 44821.3 423
Dr. Crusher falls in love with an alien man, and discovers his symbiotic attachment with another entity.
"The Mind's Eye" May 27, 1991 44885.5 424
The Romulans brainwash Geordi to carry out a covert mission.
"In Theory" June 3, 1991 44932.3 425
Data begins a romantic relationship with a fellow crewmember.
"Redemption" (Part 1) June 17, 1991 44995.3 426
Worf leaves the Enterprise to join his fellow Klingons in a civil war.

Season 5 (1991-1992)

Pic Title Original Airdate Stardate Episode #
"Redemption" (Part 2) September 23, 1991 45020.4 501
Worf leaves the Enterprise to join his fellow Klingons in a civil war.
"Darmok" September 30, 1991 45047.2 502
Picard struggles to communicate with an alien Captain who speaks in metaphors, before an invisible beast tries to kill them both.
"Ensign Ro" October 7, 1991 45076.3 503
Picard tries to mediate relations between the Bajorans and their enemy the Cardassians.
"Silicon Avatar" October 14, 1991 45122.3 504
The crew with the help of a scientist attempt to communicate with the Crystalline Entity.
"Disaster" October 21, 1991 45156.1 505
Command of the Enterprise falls to Counselor Troi during a crisis.
"The Game" October 28, 1991 45208.2 506
Wesley pays a visit to the Enterprise but finds the crew addicted to a computer game.
"Unification" (Part 1) November 4, 1991 45236.4 507
Spock returns from retirement, and attempts to unify the Vulcans and Romulans in peace.
"Unification" (Part 2) November 11, 1991 45245.8 508
See previous overview.
"A Matter of Time" November 18, 1991 45349.1 509
A 26th century time traveler appears on the Enterprise to observe a mission to save a dying planet, but ends up raising the suspicion of the crew.
"New Ground" January 6, 1992 45376.3 510
Worf tries to be a father to his son Alexander while the Enterprise witnesses a new transportation technology.
"Hero Worship" January 27, 1992 45397.3 511
Data saves the life of a young boy, who begins to idolize him.
"Violations" February 3, 1992 45429.3 512
An alien traveling aboard the Enterprise molests Troi through telepathy.
"The Masterpiece Society" February 10, 1992 45470.1 513
The crew tries to save an isolated genetically enhanced human colony.
"Conundrum" February 17, 1992 45494.2 514
The crew's memory is erased, and they attempt to figure out why they are the key part of a war.
"Power Play" February 24, 1992 45571.2 515
Troi, O'Brien, and Data are taken over by entities who want control of the ship.
"Ethics" March 2, 1992 45587.3 516
Worf becomes paralyzed and Dr. Crusher must deal with a controversial surgeon to save his life.
"The Outcast" March 16, 1992 45614.6 517
Riker falls in love with an androgynous being after rescuing some others trapped in "null space."
"Cause and Effect" March 23, 1992 45652.1 518
The crew find themselves repeating the same day, over and over again.
"The First Duty" March 30, 1992 45703.9 519
Wesley gets involved in a conspiracy within Starfleet Academy.
"Cost of Living" April 20, 1992 45733.6 520
Deanna's mother, Lwaxana, returns to marry a man she has never met.
"The Perfect Mate" April 27, 1992 45761.3 521
Picard falls in love with an empathic woman, who is sent to marry an alien leader as a peace offering.
"Imaginary Friend" May 4, 1992 45832.1 522
A child's imaginary playmate threatens the well-being of the Enterprise.
"I, Borg" May 11, 1992 45854.2 523
The Enterprise rescues a Borg survivor, and Picard plans to use him as a weapon against his nemesis.
"The Next Phase" May 18, 1992 45092.4 524
A Romulan accident traps Geordi and Ensign Ro out of phase, while everyone believes they died.
"The Inner Light" June 1, 1992 45944.1 525
A mysterious probe causes Picard to live a lifetime as a married man on an unknown world.
"Time's Arrow" (Part 1) June 15, 1992 45959.1 526
Data is time warped back to San Francisco of the 1800s.

Season 6 (1992-1993)

Pic Title Original Airdate Stardate Episode #
"Time's Arrow" (Part 2) September 21, 1992 46001.3 601
Data is time warped back to San Francisco of the 1800s.
"Realm of Fear" September 28, 1992 46041.1 602
Barclay must overcome his fear of the transporter to solve a mystery.
"Man of the People" October 5, 1992 46071.6 603
A psychic ambassador uses Deanna's mind to influence the outcome of his mission.
"Relics" October 12, 1992 46125.3 604
The Enterprise rescues Mr. Scott who has been trapped in a transporter buffer for 75 years.
"Schisms" October 19, 1992 46154.2 605
Strange aliens abduct, and experiment on the crew while they sleep.
"True Q" October 26, 1992 46192.3 606
Q reveals a secret about a young crewmember.
"Rascals" November 2, 1992 46235.7 607
A transporter malfunction turns Picard, Keiko, Ro and Guinan into children.
"A Fistful of Datas" November 9, 1992 46271.5 608
Data's mind is plugged into the ship's computer, and his wandering thoughts create havoc on the holodeck.
"The Quality of Life" November 16, 1992 46307.2 609
Data believes novel "tools" being used at a mining site are sentient machines, and risks everything to protect them.
"Chain of Command" (Part 1) December 14, 1992 46357.4 610
Picard is relieved of command for a mission where he is captured by Cardassians and tortured by a ruthless interrogator, who employs 1984-esque strategies.
"Chain of Command" (Part 2) December 21, 1992 46360.8 611
See previous overview.
"Ship in a Bottle" January 25, 1993 46424.1 612
Barclay accidentally awakens Prof. Moriarty on the holodeck, and the villain takes over the Enterprise.
"Aquiel" February 1, 1993 46461.3 613
Geordi falls for an alien Starfleet officer who is suspected of murder.
"Face of the Enemy" February 8, 1993 46519.1 614
Deanna becomes involved in a Romulan coup.
"Tapestry" February 15, 1993 Unknown 615
An accident kills Picard, and he finds Q waiting in the afterlife to change his destiny.
"Birthright" (Part 1) February 22, 1993 46578.4 616
Worf is told on Deep Space Nine his father is alive, and being held prisoner by the Romulans. Meanwhile an engineering experiment accidentally results in Data's first dream.
"Birthright" (Part 2) March 1, 1993 46579.2 617
Worf infiltrates a Romulan prison to uncover whether or not his father is still alive.
"Starship Mine" March 29, 1993 46682.4 618
Interstellar thieves attempt to steal trilithium from Enterprise during a Baryon sweep at the Remmler Array.
"Lessons" April 5, 1993 46693.1 619
Picard falls for a woman who is serving on the Enterprise.
"The Chase" April 26, 1993 46731.5 620
Picard tries to solve an ancient genetic mystery uncovered by his archaeological mentor, and being ruthlessly pursued by others.
"Frame of Mind" May 3, 1993 46778.1 621
Riker finds himself prisoner in an alien mental institution.
"Suspicions" May 10, 1993 46830.1 622
Dr. Crusher risks her career to solve a murder.
"Rightful Heir" May 17, 1993 46852.2 623
The mythic figure Kahless returns to lead the Klingon people, and creates a crisis of faith for Worf.
"Second Chances" May 24, 1993 46915.2 624
Riker encounters a duplicate of himself stranded on a planet because of a transporter accident.
"Timescape" June 14, 1993 46944.2 625
The Enterprise is caught in temporal stasis, and on the brink of destruction by the Romulans.
"Descent" (Part 1) June 21, 1993 46982.1 626
The crew encounter a group of Borg, and discover Data's brother – Lore – leading them.

Season 7 (1993-1994)

Pic Title Original Airdate Stardate Episode #
"Descent" (Part 2) September 20, 1993 47025.4 701
The crew encounter a group of Borg, and discover Data's brother – Lore – leading them.
"Liaisons" September 27, 1993 Unknown 702
The crew of the Enterprise try to deal with peculiar alien ambassadors, while Picard is marooned on a planet where a mysterious woman wants him to stay and love her.
"Interface" October 4, 1993 47215.5 703
Geordi tries to rescue his mother's starship.
"Gambit" (Part 1) October 11, 1993 47135.2 704
Riker is kidnapped by mercenaries who are responsible for Picard's murder.
"Gambit" (Part 2) October 18, 1993 47160.1 705
Picard and Riker help mercenaries collect ancient Vulcan artifacts in order to discover who wants them.
"Phantasms" October 25, 1993 47225.7 706
Invisible parasites, infesting the Enterprise, cause Data to have bizarre dreams.
"Dark Page" November 1, 1993 47254.1 707
A psychic breakdown puts Lwaxana Troi in a coma, and Deanna tries to save her life.
"Attached" November 8, 1993 47304.2 708
Paranoid aliens imprison Picard and Dr. Crusher for espionage.
"Force of Nature" November 15, 1993 47310.2 709
A pair of scientists show that warp drives are harming the fabric of space.
"Inheritance" November 22, 1993 47410.2 710
Data encounters a woman claiming to be his mother.
"Parallels" November 29, 1993 47391.2 711
Worf is caught in alternate universes.
"The Pegasus" January 10, 1994 47457.1 712
The Enterprise is sent with an admiral to locate an old starship Riker served on during a top secret mission, which if uncovered could lead to war with the Romulans.
"Homeward" January 17, 1994 47423.9 713
Worf's human half-brother violates the Prime Directive to save a doomed primitive race.
"Sub Rosa" January 31, 1994 47423.9 714
Dr. Crusher attends her grandmother's funeral, and spends time in her haunted house.
"Lower Decks" February 7, 1994 47566.7 715
Junior officers buck for promotion as one of them is assigned the dangerous task of helping a Cardassian spy.
"Thine Own Self" February 14, 1994 47611.2 716
Data is stranded on a world where he loses his memory and endangers the primitive natives he encounters while Deanna studies to become a bridge officer.
"Masks" February 21, 1994 47615.2 717
The Enterprise finds an ancient library that recreates its civilization by taking possession of Data and transforming the ship.
"Eye of the Beholder" February 28, 1994 47622.1 718
The sudden suicide of a crewman leads to suicidal urges in Deanna as she investigates.
"Genesis" March 21, 1994 47653.2 719
A strange force begins to de-evolve the Enterprise crew.
"Journey's End" March 28, 1994 47751.2 720
Wesley faces his future as the Enterprise is under orders to forcibly remove future traditional Native Americans from a planet being given to the Cardassians.
"Firstborn" April 25, 1994 47779.4 721
Worf teaches his son Alexander about his warrior heritage.
"Bloodlines" May 2, 1994 47829.1 722
DaiMon Bok returns to exact revenge on Picard, by killing the son Picard never knew he had.
"Emergence" May 9, 1994 47869.2 723
The Enterprise develops a mind of its own.
"Preemptive Strike" May 16, 1994 47941.7 724
Ensign Ro returns with advanced tactical training and is sent by Picard to spy on the Maquis rebellion.
"All Good Things..." May 23, 1994 47988.1 725 & 726
Picard, with Q's help, travels in time to save humanity.














































  1. Invaders from the Deep
  2. Revenge of the Mysterons from Mars
  3. Star Force: Fugitive Alien II
  4. Gamera vs. Barugon
  5. Gamera
  6. Gamera vs. Gaos
  7. Gamera vs. Zigra
  8. Gamera vs. Guiron
  9. Phase IV
  10. Cosmic Princess
  11. Humanoid Woman
  12. Fugitive Alien
  13. SST: Death Flight
  14. Mighty Jack
  15. Superdome
  16. City on Fire
  17. Time of the Apes
  18. The Million Eyes of Sumuru
  19. Hangar 18
  20. The Last Chase
  21. The "Legend of Dinosaurs"


  1. The Crawling Eye
  2. The Robot vs. the Aztec Mummy
  3. Mad Monster
  4. Women of the Prehistoric Planet
  5. The Corpse Vanishes
  6. The Crawling Hand
  7. Robot Monster
  8. The Slime People
  9. Project Moonbase
  10. Robot Holocaust
  11. Moon Zero Two
  12. Untamed Youth
  13. The Black Scorpion
  1. Rocketship X-M
  2. The Sidehackers
  3. Jungle Goddess
  4. Catalina Caper
  5. Rocket Attack USA
  6. Ring of Terror
  7. The Wild Rebels
  8. The Last Continent
  9. The Hellcats
  10. King Dinosaurs
  11. First Spaceship on Venus
  12. Godzilla vs. Megalon
  13. Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster
  1. Cave Dwellers
  2. Gamera
  3. Pod People
  4. Gamera vs. Barugon
  5. Stranded in Space
  6. Time of the Apes
  7. Daddy-O
  8. Gamera vs. Gaos
  9. The Amazing Colossal Man
  10. Fugitive Alien
  11. It Conquered the World
  12. Gamera vs. Guiron
  13. Earth vs. the Spider
  14. Mighty Jack
  15. Teenage Caveman
  16. Gamera vs. Zigra
  17. Viking Women and the Sea Serpent
  18. Star Force: Fugitive Alien II
  19. War of the Colossal Beast
  20. The Unearthly
  21. Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
  22. Master Ninja
  23. The Castle of Fu Manchu
  24. Master Ninja II
  1. Space Travelers
  2. The Giant Gila Monster
  3. City Limits
  4. Teenagers from Outer Space
  5. The Being from Another Planet
  6. Attack of the Giant Leeches
  7. The Killer Shrews
  8. Hercules Unchained
  9. The Indestructible Man
  10. Hercules Against the Moonmen
  11. The Magic Sword
  12. Hercules and the Captive Women
  13. Manhunt in Space
  14. Tormented
  15. The Beatniks
  16. Fire Maidens of Outer Space
  17. Crash of the Moons
  18. Attack of the Eye Creatures
  19. The Rebel Set
  20. The Human Duplicators
  21. Monster A Go-Go
  22. The Day the Earth Froze
  23. Bride of the Monster
  24. Manos: The Hands of Fate
  1. Warrior of the Lost World
  2. Hercules
  3. Swamp Diamonds
  4. Secret Agent Super Dragon
  5. The Magic Voyage of Sinbad
  6. Eegah!
  7. I Accuse My Parents
  8. Operation Double 007
  9. The Girl in Lovers' Lane
  10. The Painted Hills
  11. The Gunslinger
  12. Mitchell
  13. The Brain that Wouldn't Die
  14. Teenage Strangler
  15. The Wild World of Batwoman
  16. Alien from L.A.
  17. The Beginning of the End
  18. The Atomic Brain
  19. Outlaw
  20. Radar Secret Service
  21. Santa Claus
  22. Teenage Crime Wave
  23. Village of the Giants
  24. 12 to the Moon
  1. Girls Town
  2. Invasion U.S.A.
  3. The Dead Talk Back
  4. Zombie Nightmare
  5. Colossus and the Headhunters
  6. The Creeping Terror
  7. Bloodlust
  8. Code Name: Diamond Head
  9. The Skydivers
  10. The Violent Years
  11. Last of the Wild Horses
  12. The Starfighters
  13. The Sinister Urge
  14. San Francisco International
  15. Kitten With A Whip
  16. Racket Girls
  17. The Sword and the Dragon
  18. High School Big Shot
  19. Red Zone Cuba
  20. Danger! Death Ray!
  21. The Beast of Yucca Flats
  22. Angels' Revenge
  23. The Amazing Transparent Man
  24. Samson vs. the Vampire Women
  1. Night of the Blood Beast
  2. The Brute Man
  3. Deathstalker and the Warriors from Hell
  4. The Incredible Melting Man
  5. Escape 2000: Escape from the Bronx
  6. Laserblast
  1. Revenge of the Creature
  2. Leech Woman
  3. The Mole People
  4. The Deadly Mantis
  5. The Thing That Couldn't Die
  6. The Undead
  7. Terror From The Year 5000
  8. The She-Creature
  9. I Was A Teenage Werewolf
  10. The Giant Spider Invasion
  11. Parts: The Clonus Horror
  12. The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies
  13. Jack Frost
  14. Riding With Death
  15. Agent For H.A.R.M.
  16. Prince of Space
  17. The Horror of Party Beach
  18. The Devil Doll
  19. Invasion of the Neptune Men
  20. Space Mutiny
  21. The Time Chasers
  22. Overdrawn at the Memory Bank
  1. The Projected Man
  2. The Phantom Planet
  3. The Puma Man
  4. Werewolf
  5. The Deadly Bees
  6. The Space Children
  7. Hobgoblins
  8. The Touch of Satan
  9. Gorgo
  10. The Final Sacrifice
  11. Devil Fish
  12. The Screaming Skull
  13. Quest of the Delta Knights
  14. Soultaker
  15. The Girl In Gold Boots
  16. Future War
  17. The Blood Waters of Dr. Z
  18. Boggy Creek II
  19. Track of the Moon Beast
  20. The Final Justice
  21. Hamlet
  22. It Lives By Night
  23. The Horror of Spider Island
  24. Squirm
  25. Danger: Diabolik
  26. Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders















































SEASON 1 (1992-1993)    


Pic Title Original Airdate Stardate #
"Emissary, Part I" January 3, 1993 46379.1 101
A new crew is assigned to a former Cardassian space station: Deep Space Nine. It is a joint federation/Bajoran force, with Commander Sisko in charge, but his life is dramatically changed when he is declared the emmisary to the prophets by a Bajoran priest.
"Emissary, Part II" January 3, 1993 46392.7 102
The Bajoran wormhole, created by the Prophets, is permanently opened and a crisis with the Cardassians is averted.
"Past Prologue" January 10, 1993 Unknown 103
A Bajoran terrorist with ties to Kira arrives on DS9, however he is pusued by the Cardassians.
"A Man Alone" January 17, 1993 46421.5 104
Odo is accused of the murder of a Bajoran murderer.
"Babel" January 24, 1993 46423.7 105
A mysterious virus plagues the station, causing speech distortions and eventually death.
"Captive Pursuit" January 31, 1993 Unknown 106
O'Brien befriends an alien from the Gamma Quadrant who has been bred to be hunted.
"Q-Less" February 7, 1993 46531.2 107
Q and Vash arrive on DS9. However Vash has realised the annoyance of Q and wants him to leave her alone.
"Dax" February 14, 1993 46910.1 108
Jadzia Dax is accused of a murder committed by her symbiot in another lifetime, by an alien race.
"The Passenger" February 22, 1993 Unknown 109
A sinister criminal is hiding in the mind of someone on DS9, but Bashir struggles to understand how it works.
"Move Along Home" March 14, 1993 Unknown 110
Quark is forced to play a game by the Wadi, a newly encountered species, and the lives of the crew depend on the outcome.
"The Nagus" March 21, 1993 Unknown 111
Quark is named as the head of the Ferengi Alliance by Grand Nagus Zek, but he is now surrounded by enemies.
"Vortex" April 18, 1993 Unknown 112
Odo discovers he may not be the only one of his kind when a visitor from the Gamma Quadrant claims he can contact Odo's people.
"Battle Lines" April 25, 1993 Unknown 113
The spiritual leader of Bajor is stranded with the crew on a world where the dead are reincarnated.
"The Storyteller" May 2, 1993 46729.1 114
O'Brien is recruited to save a Bajoran village from destruction.
"Progress" May 9, 1993 46844.3 115
Kira has to deal with a stubborn farmer who refuses to leave his home even though it is slated for destruction.
"If Wishes Were Horses" May 16, 1993 46853.2 116
DS9 is put in jeopardy when the crew's thoughts manifest themselves.
"The Forsaken" May 23, 1993 46925.1 117
First appearance on DS9 of Lwaxana Troi, who develops an affection for Odo.
"Dramatis Personae" May 30, 1993 46922.3 118
A mutiny is in the works, with Kira leading the way.
"Duet" June 13, 1993 Unknown 119
A visiting Cardassian may in fact be a notorious war criminal.
"In the Hands of the Prophets" June 20, 1993 Unknown 120
Friction escalates when Vedek Winn arrives on DS9 and discovers schoolteacher Keiko O'Brien is teaching about aliens in the wormhole.

Season 2 (1993-1994)

Pic Title Original Airdate Stardate #
"The Homecoming" September 26, 1993 Unknown 201
Kira rescues a Bajoran prisoner of war; meanwhile, an extremist group begins to take control of Bajor.
"The Circle" October 3, 1993 Unknown 202
The Circle begins a full-scale coup, but there is more to the situation than meets the eye.
"The Siege" October 10, 1993 Unknown 203
Sisko and Li Nalas help stop DS9 from being commandeered by the Bajorans, while Kira and Dax try to put an end to the Circle.
"Invasive Procedures" October 17, 1993 47182.1 204
A bitter unjoined Trill attempts to steal the Dax symbiont from Jadzia.
"Cardassians" October 24, 1993 47177.2 205
Garak investigates the identity of a Cardassian boy abandoned on Bajor.
"Melora" October 31, 1993 47229.1 206
Bashir tries to help Ensign Melora adjust to "normal" gravity.
"Rules of Acquisition" November 7, 1993 Unknown 207
Quark represents Grand Nagus Zek in a plot to establish a Ferengi business presence in the Gamma Quadrant.
"Necessary Evil" November 14, 1993 47282.5 208
When Quark is shot, Odo re-opens a five-year-old murder case.
"Second Sight" November 21, 1993 47329.4 209
A mysterious woman catches Sisko's eye.
"Sanctuary" November 28, 1993 47391.2 210
Displaced humanoids from the Gamma Quadrant claim Bajor as their legendary homeland, Kentanna.
"Rivals" January 2, 1994 Unknown 211
Quark feels threatened when a charming swindler opens a competing bar.
"The Alternate" January 9, 1994 47391.7 212
A scientist may have found a life-form similar to Odo in the Gamma Quadrant.
"Armageddon Game" January 30, 1994 47529.4 213
O'Brien and Bashir are sent to help dismantle a deadly biological weapon.
"Whispers" February 6, 1994 47552.1 214
O'Brien suspects a conspiracy aboard DS9.
"Paradise" February 13, 1994 47573.1 215
The leader of a planet rejects technology.
"Shadowplay" February 20, 1994 47603.3 216
Odo and Dax investigate why a city's residents are disappearing.
"Playing God" February 27, 1994 Unknown 217
A proto-universe threatens to destroy the station and Bajor.
"Profit and Loss" March 20, 1994 Unknown 218
Quark is reunited with his former lover, only to discover that she no longer has feelings for him.
"Blood Oath" March 27, 1994 Unknown 219
Jadzia Dax honors an oath made by Curzon Dax to a group of Klingons.
"The Maquis, Part I" April 24, 1994 Unknown 220
Federation colonists reject a treaty with Cardassia and take matters into their own hands.
"The Maquis, Part II" May 1, 1994 Unknown 221
Federation colonists reject a treaty with Cardassia and take matters into their own hands.
"The Wire" May 8, 1994 Unknown 222
In order to save Garak's life, Bashir must unravel some of the secrets in the Cardassian's past.
"Crossover" May 15, 1994 47879.2 223
Kira and Bashir become entangled in the Mirror Universe.
"The Collaborator" May 22, 1994 Unknown 224
A Bajoran who aided the Cardassian occupation forces wants to return home.
"Tribunal" June 5, 1994 47944.2 225
O'Brien is found guilty and later tried at a tribunal held on Cardassia Prime.
"The Jem'Hadar" June 12, 1994 Unknown 226
The crew of Deep Space 9 meets a force more powerful than the Federation.

Season 3 (1994-1995)

Pic Title Original Airdate Stardate #
"The Search, Part I" September 26, 1994 48213.1 301
Sisko takes the new Defiant into the Gamma Quadrant to find the mysterious leaders of the Dominion.
"The Search, Part II" October 3, 1994 48213.1 302
Odo begins to reconnect with his fellow Changelings as Sisko attempts to negotiate peace with the Dominion.
"The House of Quark" October 10, 1994 Unknown 303
Quark lies about killing a Klingon and is then forced to marry the widow.
"Equilibrium" October 17, 1994 Unknown 304
A secret from Dax's past could mean the end of Jadzia's life.
"Second Skin" October 24, 1994 Unknown 305
Kira is kidnapped by the Cardassians and told she is actually an undercover Cardassian agent.
"The Abandoned" October 31, 1994 Unknown 306
A Jem'Hadar infant is found in wreckage and it's up to Odo to teach the rapidly maturing soldier another way of life.
"Civil Defense" November 7, 1994 Unknown 307
O'Brien, Jake and Sisko are trapped when they accidentally activate an automated Cardassian security program which takes over DS9.
"Meridian" November 14, 1994 48423.2 308
Dax falls in love with someone who will disappear soon.
"Defiant" November 21, 1994 48467.3 309
Tom Riker shows up unannounced and uses Kira's interest in him to steal the USS Defiant.
"Fascination" November 28, 1994 Unknown 310
Lwaxana Troi pursues Odo during the Bajoran Gratitude Festival as members of the crew suddenly become infatuated with one another.
"Past Tense, Part I" January 2, 1995 48481.2 311
A transporter accident sends Sisko, Bashir and Dax three centuries into Earth's dark past.
"Past Tense, Part II" January 9, 1995 48481.2 312
Sisko assumes the role of a pivotal historic figure in order to restore the future.
"Life Support" January 30, 1995 48498.4 313
Bashir's ethics are put to the test as he keeps Vedek Bareil alive to continue negotiating a Bajoran peace treaty with Cardassia through Kai Winn.
"Heart of Stone" February 6, 1995 48521.5 314
When Kira's life is put in jeopardy Odo realizes the depth of his feelings for her.
"Destiny" February 13, 1995 48543.2 315
Despite a Bajoran prophecy of destruction, Sisko assists in a joint scientific venture with the Cardassians to open communications through the wormhole.
"Prophet Motive" February 20, 1995 Unknown 316
Grand Nagus Zek suddenly proclaims an end to the greedy Ferengi ways, and it's up to Quark to figure out what is going on.
"Visionary" February 27, 1995 Unknown 317
Exposure to radiation causes O'Brien to jump hours into the future as DS9 hosts Romulan and Klingon delegations.
"Distant Voices" April 10, 1995 Unknown 318
A telepathic attack on Julian Bashir causes him to age rapidly.
"Through the Looking Glass" April 17, 1995 Unknown 319
Sisko is abducted by O'Brien in a parallel universe to assume the role of his dead counterpart and save the mirror version of his late wife.
"Improbable Cause" April 24, 1995 Unknown 320
Garak's tailor shop is bombed, forcing Odo to investigate who is trying to kill the Cardassian exile – and why.
"The Die is Cast" May 1, 1995 Unknown 321
Garak has to interrogate Odo to prove his loyalty to his former mentor as a Tal Shiar – Obsidian Order attack on the Founders is underway.
"Explorers" May 8, 1995 Unknown 322
Sisko builds a replica of an ancient Bajoran space vessel, and with Jake they attempt to prove Bajorans developed interstellar travel before Cardassians.
"Family Business" May 15, 1995 Unknown 323
Quark returns to his home planet to confront his mother after hearing from the Ferengi Commerce Authority she broke the law by earning a profit.
"Shakaar" May 22, 1995 Unknown 324
Vedek Winn needs Kira to convince her former resistance leader, now a farmer on Bajor, to return soil reclamators needed elsewhere.
"Facets" June 12, 1995 48959.1 325
Jadzia Dax deals with feelings of inferiority as she encounters past hosts in a Trill rite of closure.
"The Adversary" June 19, 1995 48962.5 326
A Changeling sabotages the USS Defiant as it attempts to start a war in the Alpha Quadrant.

Season 4 (1995-1996)

Pic Title Original Airdate Stardate #
"The Way of the Warrior, Part I" October 2, 1995 49011.4 401
The Klingon Empire withdraws from its peace treaty with the Federation and Worf must decide where his loyalties lie.
"The Way of the Warrior, Part II" October 2, 1995 49011.4 402
The Klingon Empire withdraws from its peace treaty with the Federation and Worf must decide where his loyalties lie.
"The Visitor" October 9, 1995 Unknown 403
An elderly Jake Sisko relates the story of how he lost his father.
"Hippocratic Oath" October 16, 1995 49066.5 404
Bashir tries to save a rogue group of Jem'Hadar.
"Indiscretion" October 23, 1995 Unknown 405
Forced to bring along Dukat on a personal mission, Kira discovers the real reason her old enemy wants to accompany her.
"Rejoined" October 30, 1995 49195.5 406
Dax is reunited with one of her former hosts' mate, and the two struggle with their feelings for one another.
"Starship Down" November 6, 1995 49263.5 407
The USS Defiant becomes trapped in a planet's volatile atmosphere after battling with the Jem'Hadar.
"Little Green Men" November 13, 1995 Unknown 408
Quark, Rom and Nog are accidentally thrust back in time to Roswell, New Mexico, Earth in 1947.
"The Sword of Kahless" November 20, 1995 Unknown 409
Worf, Dax and a revered Klingon warrior search for the Sword of Kahless to unite the Klingon Empire.
"Our Man Bashir" November 27, 1995 Unknown 410
Bashir plays a 1960s secret agent in a holosuite program, but when it malfunctions he must make life or death decisions.
"Homefront" January 1, 1996 Unknown 411
Sisko and Odo are brought to Earth when its suspected Changelings are infiltrating Starfleet.
"Paradise Lost" January 8, 1996 Unknown 412
As Sisko and Odo prepare for war with the Dominion they discover a plot to seize control of Earth from the Federation.
"Crossfire" January 29, 1996 Unknown 413
Odo's hidden feelings for Kira surface when the visiting Bajoran First Minister is attracted to her.
"Return to Grace" February 5, 1996 Unknown 414
Dukat seeks Kira's help in regaining his rank in the Cardassian Empire.
"Sons of Mogh" February 12, 1996 49556.2 415
Cast out of Klingon society because of Worf's dishonor, his outcast brother asks Worf to kill him.
"Bar Association" February 19, 1996 49565.1 416
Rom creates a union for Quark's employees and goes on strike.
"Accession" February 26, 1996 Unknown 417
A legendary Bajoran appears from the wormhole after more than 200 years and brings back ancient traditions as he assumes the role of Emissary from Sisko.
"Rules of Engagement" April 8, 1996 49665.3 418
Worf accidentally destroys a civilian ship during battle and faces a hearing to determine whether he should be extradited to the Klingon Empire.
"Hard Time" April 15, 1996 49680.5 419
O'Brien is accused of espionage by an alien race who use a more expeditious form of incarcerating criminals.
"Shattered Mirror" April 22, 1996 49699.1 420
Sisko attempts to rescue Jake after he is lured into a war-torn mirror universe by his mother's living counterpart.
"The Muse" April 29, 1996 49702.2 421
While Odo assists a pregnant Lwaxana Troi; Jake falls under the spell of a mysterious woman.
"For the Cause" May 6, 1996 49729.8 422
Sisko begins to suspect his girlfriend Kasidy is a Maquis smuggler.
"To the Death" May 13, 1996 49904.2 423
Sisko and the Defiant crew join forces with the Jem'Hadar to stop a group of Jem'Hadar renegades from gaining power.
"The Quickening" May 20, 1996 Unknown 424
Kira, Dax and Bashir respond to a distress call from a planet in the Gamma Quadrant with an incurable disease left by the Jem'Hadar 200 years ago.
"Body Parts" June 10, 1996 Unknown 425
Quark is diagnosed with a terminal disease and sells his body parts on the Ferengi Futures Exchange.
"Broken Link" June 17, 1996 49962.4 426
Odo returns to his people to face judgment for killing one of his own.

Season 5 (1996-1997)

Pic Title Original Airdate Stardate #
"Apocalypse Rising" September 30, 1996 Unknown 501
Starfleet turns to Sisko to expose the Changeling infiltrator.
"The Ship" October 7, 1996 50049.3 502
Sisko claims salvage rights to a crashed Jem'Hadar ship.
"Looking for par'Mach in All the Wrong Places" October 14, 1996 Unknown 503
Worf falls for Quark's ex-wife, but is surprised to learn that Dax has her eyes on him.
"Nor the Battle to the Strong" October 21, 1996 Unknown 504
Jake Sisko learns about the horrors of war first-hand.
"The Assignment" October 28, 1996 Unknown 505
Keiko is possessed by evil Pah wraiths with an agenda.
"Trials and Tribble-ations" November 4, 1996 4523.7 506
Sisko and his crew go back to the time of Captain Kirk to find a bomb disguised as a tribble.
"Let He Who is without Sin..." November 11, 1996 Unknown 507
A fundamentalist leader preaches that Risa is corrupting the Federation.
"Things Past" November 18, 1996 Unknown 508
Sisko, Odo, Dax and Garak find themselves on Terok Nor during the Cardassian occupation of Bajor.
"The Ascent" November 25, 1996 Unknown 509
After crash-landing on a planet, Quark and Odo must climb a mountain to signal for help.
"Rapture" December 30, 1996 Unknown 510
An accident causes Sisko to have prophetic visions.
"The Darkness and the Light" January 6, 1997 50416.2 511
Someone is killing Kira's friends off and she might be next.
"The Begotten" January 27, 1997 Unknown 512
When Quark discovers an infant Changeling, it has a profound effect on Odo.
"For the Uniform" February 3, 1997 50485.2 513
Michael Eddington returns and Sisko becomes obsessed with catching him.
"In Purgatory's Shadow" February 10, 1997 Unknown 514
Worf and Garak journey to the Gamma Quadrant to investigate a coded Cardassian message.
"By Inferno's Light" February 17, 1997 50564.2 515
Gul Dukat aligns the Cardassians with the Dominion. The station must deal with a Changeling infiltrator.
"Doctor Bashir, I Presume?" February 24, 1997 Unknown 516
Julian Bashir is selected to become the model for a Longterm Medical Hologram, until a family secret is revealed.
"A Simple Investigation" March 31, 1997 Unknown 517
Odo falls in love with a woman involved in the Orion Syndicate.
"Business as Usual" April 7, 1997 Unknown 518
Quark becomes involved with a group of arms dealers but realizes that he has a conscience after all.
"Ties of Blood and Water" April 14, 1997 50712.5 519
Tekeny Ghemor arrives on DS9 and reveals that he is dying.
"Ferengi Love Songs" April 21, 1997 Unknown 520
At the end of his rope, Quark returns home and discovers Moogie has a secret lover.
"Soldiers of the Empire" April 28, 1997 Unknown 521
Martok, Worf, and Dax go on a mission aboard a Klingon ship.
"Children of Time" May 5, 1997 50814.2 522
An accident causes the crew to meet their own descendants - and presents them with an ethical dilemma.
"Blaze of Glory" May 12, 1997 Unknown 523
An act of desperation by the Maquis could plunge the Federation into war.
"Empok Nor" May 19, 1997 Unknown 524
The crew goes to DS9's abandoned sister space station, Empok Nor, to salvage components.
"In the Cards" June 9, 1997 50929.4 525
Jake wants to give his dad an old birthday present.
"Call to Arms" June 16, 1997 50975.2 526
Realizing that the Dominion is taking over the Alpha Quadrant, Sisko is determined to stop it.

Season 6 (1997-1998)

Pic Title Original Airdate Stardate #
"A Time to Stand" September 29, 1997 Unknown 601
Sisko and his crew are given a mission that could change the balance of the Dominion war.
"Rocks and Shoals" October 6, 1997 51107.2 602
Sisko and his tired crew crash on a planet with Jem'Hadar.
"Sons and Daughters" October 13, 1997 Unknown 603
While on General Martok's ship Worf is reunited with his estranged son, Alexander.
"Behind the Lines" October 20, 1997 51149.5 604
Sisko creates a risky plan to disable a critical sensor array of the Dominion; while on Terok Nor, Kira, Jake, Rom and Odo seek to undermine the Cardassian/Dominion Alliance.
"Favor the Bold" October 27, 1997 Unknown 605
The Federation is losing the war against the Dominion and Sisko initiates a plan to retake DS9; while Odo's loyalty is caught between a female Changeling and Kira.
"Sacrifice of Angels" November 3, 1997 Unknown 606
Sisko commands the Defiant against a Dominion/Cardassian armada to retake DS9; meanwhile Damar has Kira, Jake, and Leeta held for questioning.
"You Are Cordially Invited..." November 10, 1997 51247.5 607
Worf's plans for a traditional Klingon wedding hinge on Martok's demanding wife accepting Dax into their family.
"Resurrection" November 17, 1997 Unknown 608
The mirror universe counterpart of Kira's dead love, Vedek Bareil, takes her hostage on DS9 as he is running from the evil Alliance of his universe.
"Statistical Probabilities" November 24, 1997 Unknown 609
Bashir attempts to reintegrate genetically-engineered misfits into society, but they are asked by Starfleet to become a think tank when they provide insightful analysis of upcoming Dominion peace talks.
"The Magnificent Ferengi" January 1, 1998 Unknown 610
Quark mounts a rescue mission when his mother, Ishka, is captured by the Dominion and Grand Nagus Zek offers a reward for her return.
"Waltz" January 8, 1998 51413.6 611
Sisko meets with the former Cardassian leader Gul Dukat, now a prisoner, as he awaits a war crimes investigation.
"Who Mourns for Morn?" February 4, 1998 Unknown 612
Morn is killed in an ion storm and Sisko informs Quark that Morn left his entire estate to him.
"Far Beyond the Stars" February 11, 1998 Unknown 613
After a friend's ship is destroyed, Sisko considers leaving Starfleet. Visions of himself as a science fiction writer in 1950s America affect his decision.
"One Little Ship" February 18, 1998 51474.2 614
Dax, O'Brien, and Bashir board a Runabout, which is shrunken to four inches long as they investigate a rare subspace phenomenon.
"Honor Among Thieves" February 25, 1998 Unknown 615
Starfleet Intelligence recruits Chief O'Brien to infiltrate the Orion Syndicate to find a Starfleet informant.
"Change of Heart" March 4, 1998 51597.2 616
When Jadzia Dax is critically injured on an away mission, Worf must choose between saving his wife and completing their assignment.
"Wrongs Darker than Death or Night" April 1, 1998 Unknown 617
When Dukat reveals to Kira her mother did not die when she was three, but was actually his lover, Kira goes into the past using the Bajoran Orb of Time to find the truth.
"Inquisition" April 8, 1998 Unknown 618
Bashir is accused of unknowingly spying for the Dominion.
"In the Pale Moonlight" April 15, 1998 51721.3 619
Sisko asks Garak to help him get the Romulans to join the war against the Dominion.
"His Way" April 22, 1998 Unknown 620
Bashir shows off a new Holosuite program of a martini lounge with the 1960s Vegas singer named Vic Fontaine who is very perceptive; and gives advice to Odo when Kira visits her ex-lover Shakaar.
"The Reckoning" April 29, 1998 Unknown 621
Sisko is called to Bajor when an ancient tablet addressing the Emissary is discovered.
"Valiant" May 6, 1998 51825.4 622
Jake and Nog come under attack by the Jem'Hadar and are rescued by a rogue Defiant class starship under the command of Starfleet cadets.
"Profit and Lace" May 13, 1998 Unknown 623
Quark helps out when Zek's status as the Ferengi Grand Nagus is put in jeopardy by proposing equal rights for Ferengi females.
"Time's Orphan" May 20, 1998 Unknown 624
Molly O'Brien disappears in a vortex and reappears as an 18-year-old woman.
"The Sound of Her Voice" June 10, 1998 51948.3 625
The Defiant picks up a distress call from Captain Lisa Cusak, whose escape pod has crashed on a remote planet following the destruction of her ship.
"Tears of the Prophets" June 17, 1998 Unknown 626
Starfleet Command begins an offensive against the Dominion, and Sisko is chosen to lead the invasion of Cardassia; but the Cardassian/Dominion Alliance has secretly reinforced their frontlines.

Season 7 (1998-1999)

Pic Title Original Airdate Stardate #
Image in the Sand September 30, 1998 Unknown 701
With the Bajoran wormhole closed, Sisko struggles for a way to contact the Bajoran Prophets; Kira opens a Romulan military hospital.
Shadows and Symbols October 7, 1998 52152.6 702
Sisko's quest leads him to the truth about his existence as Kira sets a blockade against the Romulans.
Afterimage October 14, 1998 Unknown 703
Everyone who knew Jadzia Dax reacts strongly to Ezri Dax's presence, particularly Worf.
Take Me Out to the Holosuite October 21, 1998 Unknown 704
Sisko must train his staff to play baseball when the Vulcans challenge them to a game.
Chrysalis October 28, 1998 Unknown 705
Bashir falls for a genetically enhanced patient he brought out of a catatonic state.
Treachery, Faith and the Great River November 4, 1998 Unknown 706
A Vorta defector gives Odo valuable information in exchange for asylum.
Once More Unto the Breach November 11, 1998 Unknown 707
Worf finds a battle assignment for Kor, an aging Klingon hero.
The Siege of AR-558 November 18, 1998 Unknown 708
Sisko and crew relieve Starfleet troops under siege by Jem'Hadar at a key communications outpost.
Covenant November 25, 1998 Unknown 709
Dukat, now a religious leader, holds Kira hostage.
It's Only a Paper Moon December 30, 1998 Unknown 710
Nog becomes detached from reality and begins living with Vic Fontaine.
Prodigal Daughter January 6, 1999 Unknown 711
Ezri goes to New Sidney to find O'Brien and uncovers some disturbing family secrets.
The Emperor's New Cloak February 3, 1999 Unknown 712
Quark and Rom cross into the alternate universe to rescue Grand Nagus Zek.
Field of Fire February 10, 1999 Unknown 713
Dax summons a homicidal Dax incarnation to understand the mind of a killer in order to solve recent murders.
Chimera February 17, 1999 Unknown 714
A Changeling asks Odo to leave the station and join his search for other shapeshifters.
Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang February 24, 1999 Unknown 715
The crew attempt to help Vic Fontaine when a mobster buys Vic's hotel.
Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges March 3, 1999 Unknown 716
While attending a diplomatic conference on Romulus, Bashir becomes an unwilling pawn of Section 31.
Penumbra April 7, 1999 52576.2 717
Ezri searches for a missing Worf and Sisko makes plans to marry Kassidy Yates.
'Til Death Do Us Part April 14, 1999 Unknown 718
Sisko agonizes over his broken engagement; meanwhile Dukat's latest plan is revealed.
Strange Bedfellows April 21, 1999 Unknown 719
A forming alliance between the Dominion and Breen could turn the war against the Federation.
The Changing Face of Evil April 28, 1999 Unknown 720
The war reaches a crucial turning point when the Cardassian leader secretly plots against the Dominion.
When it Rains... May 5, 1999 Unknown 721
Sisko orders Kira to train Cardassians in resistance tactics as Damar's rebellion gains ground; meanwhile Bashir makes a shocking discovery about the disease that is ravaging the Founders.
Tacking Into the Wind May 12, 1999 Unknown 722
Kira masterminds a plot to steal an enemy weapon and Worf investigates a power shift in the Klingon Empire.
Extreme Measures May 19, 1999 52645.7 723
Bashir and O'Brien must get inside the mind of the man who holds Odo's cure.
The Dogs of War May 26, 1999 52861.3 724
Kira, Garak and Damar barely escape a Dominion ambush on Cardassia; while Rom becomes Grand Nagus Zek's successor.
What You Leave Behind Part I June 2, 1999 Unknown 725
As Cardassians revolt against the Dominion, Sisko leads the Federation–Klingon–Romulan alliance in an all out offensive on the Cardassian homeworld.
What You Leave Behind Part II June 2, 1999 Unknown 726
As Cardassians revolt against the Dominion, Sisko leads the Federation–Klingon–Romulan alliance in an all out offensive on the Cardassian homeworld.





















































SEASON 1 (1994-1995)



Picture Title Original Airdate Stardate #
"Caretaker" January 16, 1995 48315.6 101, 102
On a mission to the Badlands, the USS Voyager is stranded in the Delta Quadrant, over 75,000 light-years from home by an incredibly powerful being known as 'Caretaker'.
"Parallax" January 23, 1995 48439.7 103
Voyager is trapped in a black hole's event horizon.
"Time and Again" January 30, 1995 Unknown 104
Captain Kathryn Janeway and Tom Paris are sent back in time one day before an alien city is annihilated.
"Phage" February 6, 1995 48532.4 105
An organ-harvesting race of Vidiians steal Neelix's lungs, leaving Neelix to die.
"The Cloud" February 13, 1995 48546.2 106
The crew enter a nebula to collect samples before realizing it is a living organism.
"Eye of the Needle" February 20, 1995 48579.4 107
A micro-wormhole is discovered that leads to the Alpha Quadrant, and the crew make contact with a Romulan ship on the other side.
"Ex Post Facto" February 27, 1995 Unknown 108
Tom Paris is framed for murder on an alien world, and Tuvok must work out the truth before Paris's mind is shattered by his punishment; reliving the murder from 'his' victim's perspective every few hours.
"Emanations" March 13, 1995 48623.5 109
Harry Kim is transported to an alien world as a dead body arrives on Voyager.
"Prime Factors" March 20, 1995 48642.5 110
A race that could halve Voyager's journey will not share their technology.
"State of Flux" April 10, 1995 48658.2 111
The Maquis officer Seska is found to be a Cardassian spy who has been aiding the Kazon against Voyager.
"Heroes and Demons" April 24, 1995 48693.2 112
The holographic doctor must rescue crew members that were turned to energy in the Holodeck, by entering a holodeck program of Beowulf.
"Cathexis" May 1, 1995 48734.2 113
An alien mind takes over crew-members' bodies, and Chakotay is left apparently brain-dead after something attacks his shuttlecraft.
"Faces" May 8, 1995 48784.2 114
B'Elanna Torres is split into her human and Klingon halves.
"Jetrel" May 15, 1995 48832.1 115
A member of the race warring with the Talaxians arrives on Voyager, much to the dismay of Neelix.
"Learning Curve" May 22, 1995 48846.5 116
Tuvok trains several Maquis members that have not fully integrated into the Voyager crew.

Several episodes produced for the first season were held over until Season 2 and are listed below.

Season 2 (1995-1996)

Pic Title Original Airdate Stardate #
"The 37s" August 28, 1995 48975.1 201
A group of humans from the 1930s are found in stasis on an abandoned planet, including the lost Amelia Earhart.
"Initiations" September 4, 1995 49005.3 202
Chakotay is captured by the Kazon and ordered to kill the youth who failed to kill him.
"Projections" September 11, 1995 48892.1 203
The Doctor becomes delusional after an accident, causing him to believe that he is his creator and all his time on USS Voyager is a holodeck program.
"Elogium" September 18, 1995 48921.3 204
Space-dwelling life-forms cause Kes to enter the Ocampan fertile phase called Elogium, putting pressure on her relationship with Neelix.
"Non Sequitur" September 25, 1995 49011 205
Harry Kim wakes up in 24th century San Francisco with no record of him on Voyager.
"Twisted" October 2, 1995 Unknown 206
A region of space distorts the interior of Voyager.
"Parturition" October 9, 1995 49068.5 207
Neelix and Tom Paris fight over Kes, but are sent on an away mission together.
"Persistence of Vision" October 30, 1995 Unknown 208
The crew experience hallucinations brought on by an alien that put them into a trance-like state.
"Tattoo" November 6, 1995 Unknown 209
Chakotay encounters non-humans that have the same tattoo on their foreheads as him.
"Cold Fire" November 13, 1995 49164.8 210
An Ocampan helps Kes with her mental abilities as the crew encounter a being who appears to be the Caretaker's female counterpart.
"Maneuvers" November 20, 1995 48423.0 211
Kazon Nistrim board Voyager and steal a transporter module in an attempt to unite the Kazon sects.
"Resistance" November 27, 1995 Unknown 212
After acquisition of Telerium goes wrong, Tuvok and B'Elanna are captured and believed to be in with the resistance.
"Prototype" January 15, 1996 Unknown 213
The crew find and repair a robot that was adrift in space only to find themselves in the middle of a war when B'Elanna is abducted.
"Alliances" January 22, 1996 49337.4 214
Janeway attempts to form an alliance with the Kazon to improve Voyager's standing in the Delta Quadrant.
"Threshold" January 29, 1996 49373.4 215
Tom Paris breaks the transwarp threshold in the Shuttlecraft Cochrane designed to reach warp 10, but there are some peculiar side effects.
"Meld" February 5, 1996 Unknown 216
Tuvok mind-melds with a Voyager crew member to quell his temper.
"Dreadnought" February 12, 1996 49447 217
A highly advanced Cardassian AI missile that had been reprogrammed by B'Elanna Torres is found in the Delta Quadrant.
"Death Wish" February 19, 1996 49301.2 218
The crew encounter a member of the Q Continuum seeking to end his immortal life.
"Lifesigns" February 26, 1996 49504.3 219
The Doctor helps a Phage-ridden Vidiian woman.
"Investigations" March 13, 1996 49485.2 220
The crew try to flush out the traitor on board that has been talking to the Kazon Nistrim.
"Deadlock" March 18, 1996 49548.7 221
A duplicate Voyager is created after it passes through a spatial scission.
"Innocence" April 8, 1996 49578.2 222
Tuvok crash-lands on a moon and finds children have been abandoned.
"The Thaw" April 29, 1996 Unknown 223
The crew find aliens mentally connected to a computer that has created a being that feeds on their fear.
"Tuvix" May 6, 1996 49655.2 224
A transporter accident merges Tuvok and Neelix into a new person.
"Resolutions" May 13, 1996 49690.1 225
Janeway and Chakotay must be quarantined on a planet after they contract a disease.
"Basics, Part I" May 20, 1996 Unknown 226
Seska and Kazons take control of Voyager and abandon its crew on a primitive planet.

Season 3 (1996-1997)

Pic Title Original Airdate Stardate #
"Basics, Part II" September 4, 1996 50023.4 301
The crew must learn to survive on the inhospitable planet as the Doctor, Ensign Suder and Paris attempt to regain control of the ship.
"Flashback" September 11, 1996 50126.4 302
Tuvok experiences brain-damaging flashbacks to his service on the Excelsior.
"The Chute" September 18, 1996 50156.2 303
Tom Paris and Harry Kim are trapped in a prison.
"The Swarm" September 25, 1996 50252.3 304
Voyager encounters a swarm of ships after slipping through a sensor network.
"False Profits" October 2, 1996 50074.3 305
The crew encounter two Ferengis posing as gods.
"Remember" October 9, 1996 50203.1 306
B'Elanna experiences vivid dreams.
"Sacred Ground" October 30, 1996 50063.2 307
Kes is left comatose after contacting an energy field around a shrine.
"Future's End, Part I" November 6, 1996 Unknown 308
A 29th century timeship causes a time paradox when it accidentally sends itself and Voyager to two periods in 20th century Earth.
"Future's End, Part II" November 13, 1996 50312.6 309
Janeway must prevent the destruction of the solar system by a 20th century entrepreneur who has acquired the timeship.
"Warlord" November 20, 1996 50348.1 310
Kes is controlled by an alien warlord.
"The Q and the Grey" November 27, 1996 50384.2 311
Q visits Voyager with a proposal for Janeway as civil war breaks out in the Q Continuum.
"Macrocosm" December 11, 1996 50425.1 312
Voyager answers help from a mining colony about a viral outbreak that manages to sneak onto Voyager through the transporter, leaving only Janeway and the doctor to stop it.
"Fair Trade" January 8, 1997 Unknown 313
Voyager approaches the edge of Neelix's knowledge and a trading station.
"Alter Ego" January 15, 1997 50460.3 314
The crew enjoys a luau on the holodeck and Tuvok discovers an unusual hologram.
"Coda" January 29, 1997 50518.6 315
Janeway appears to be trapped in a time-loop with different events, but all ending in her death.
"Blood Fever" February 5, 1997 50537.2 316
Vorik passes on the Pon farr to B'Elanna.
"Unity" February 12, 1997 50614.2 317
Chakotay answers a call for help on a planet and finds himself in the middle of a shoot-out between two groups of people while the Voyager discovers an abandoned Borg ship.
"Darkling" February 19, 1997 50693.2 318
The Doctor tries to graft other personalities into his program, but the resulting 'upgrade' causes him to develop an evil alternate personality.
"Rise" February 26, 1997 Unknown 319
Voyager helps a planet with an asteroid problem that keep striking their planet. Tuvok and Neelix crash-land on the planet and attempt to fix a maglev space elevator.
"Favorite Son" March 19, 1997 50732.4 320
Harry Kim is contacted by a planet full of women.
"Before and After" April 9, 1997 50973 321
Shortly before her death in the future, Kes begins to travel backwards in time.
"Real Life" April 23, 1997 50683.2 322
The Doctor creates a family on the holodeck.
"Distant Origin" April 30, 1997 Unknown 323
An advanced race discover their true origins.
"Displaced" May 7, 1997 50912.4 324
Crew members are replaced one-by-one with aliens from an unknown race.
"Worst Case Scenario" May 14, 1997 50953.4 325
B'Elanna Torres discovers a holodeck program where Chakotay and the Maquis rebel against Janeway.
"Scorpion, Part I" May 21, 1997 50984.3 326
Voyager must pass through Borg space, but the arrival of a new species causes problems.

Season 4 (1997-1998)

Pic Title Original Airdate Stardate #
"Scorpion, Part II" September 3, 1997 51003.7 401
Janeway and Tuvok work with the Borg and meet Seven of Nine as they work on developing a weapon against Species 8472 in exchange for safe passage through Borg space.
"The Gift" September 10, 1997 51008 402
Kes's mental abilities develop to a point where they endanger Voyager.
"Day of Honor" September 17, 1997 Unknown 403
B'Elanna tries to observe the Klingon Day of Honor after the warp core is lost.
"Nemesis" September 24, 1997 51082.4 404
Chakotay helps fight in an alien war.
"Revulsion" October 1, 1997 51186.2 405
A hologram contacts Voyager and the Doctor is excited to meet another hologram.
"The Raven" October 8, 1997 Unknown 406
Seven of Nine experiences Borg flashbacks as she attempts to become more human.
"Scientific Method" October 29, 1997 51244.3 407
The crew have unexplained illnesses as they are closely observed by unseen intruders.
"Year of Hell, Part I" November 5, 1997 51268.4 408
Voyager creates a new Astrometrics Lab, which maps a new course that brings them into contact with a Krenim temporal ship that can erase things from history.
"Year of Hell, Part II" November 12, 1997 51425.4 409
A badly damaged Voyager hides in a nebula as a skeleton crew attempts repairs; meanwhile the Krenim commander proposes a compromise to Chakotay and Paris.
"Random Thoughts" November 19, 1997 51367.2 410
Torres is arrested while visiting a world of telepaths where violent thoughts are a crime.
"Concerning Flight" November 26, 1997 51386.4 411
Aliens steal several key components of Voyager.
"Mortal Coil" December 17, 1997 51449.2 412
Neelix dies in an attempt to sample proto-matter from a nebula. Seven of Nine believes she can revive him using Borg nanoprobes, but Neelix finds it hard to adjust, particularly given that he has no memory of an afterlife of any kind...
"Waking Moments" January 14, 1998 51471.3 413
The crew of Voyager start to have dreams from which they cannot wake, and only Chakotay can save them.
"Message in a Bottle" January 21, 1998 51462 414
The Doctor's program is sent to an advanced Starfleet vessel via a vast ancient communications network, but he soon discovers that only he and the ship's own EMH remain to fight against a Romulan attempt to take over the ship in question.
"Hunters" February 11, 1998 51501.4 415
A transmission from Starfleet Command gets held at a Hirogen relay station and Janeway sets course to retrieve it.
"Prey" February 18, 1998 51652.3 416
Voyager rescues a Hirogen survivor who tells them a new kind of prey is on the loose.
"Retrospect" February 25, 1998 51658.2 417
Seven of Nine is hypnotized by the Doctor which reveals a trader installing a new weapon on Voyager may have extracted Borg technology from Seven.
"The Killing Game, Part I" March 4, 1998 Unknown 418
The Hirogen implant devices into the crew making them believe they are characters within the holodecks beings used for hunts.
"The Killing Game, Part II" March 4, 1998 51715.2 419
The Hirogen implant devices into the crew making them believe they are characters within the holodecks beings used for hunts.
"Vis a Vis" April 4, 1998 51762.4 420
An alien shuttle with a prototype propulsion system suddenly appears and requires assistance. Paris is restless and volunteers to help the pilot, Steth, repair the shuttle.
"The Omega Directive" April 15, 1998 51781.2 421
Janeway begins giving orders without explanation when a classified directive is initiated.
"Unforgettable" April 22, 1998 51813.4 422
An alien female from a cloaked ship asks for Chakotay by name and requests asylum on Voyager from her people.
"Living Witness" April 29, 1998 Unknown 423
A Kyrian museum curator 700 years in the future hopes a Voyager relic containing a copy of the Doctor can confirm their version of history.
"Demon" May 6, 1998 Unknown 424
Tom Paris and Harry Kim beam down to an extremely inhospitable planet to obtain fuel.
"One" May 13, 1998 51929.3 425
Seven of Nine is left alone on Voyager when a nebula's deadly radiation forces the rest of the crew to stay in stasis and the Doctor's hologram projectors are disrupted.
"Hope and Fear" May 20, 1998 51978.2 426
Paris and Neelix return from a mission with a passenger named Arturis who knows more than 4,000 languages. He manages to decode a message from Starfleet that could lead to a way home.

Season 5 (1998-1999)

Pic Title Original Airdate Stardate #
"Night" October 14, 1998 52081.2 501
Voyager loses power traversing a dark region of space containing theta radiation.
"Drone" October 21, 1998 Unknown 502
The Doctor's mobile emitter is damaged during beam back from an away mission, merging with Seven of Nine's Borg nanoprobes to create a 29th century Borg.
"Extreme Risk" October 28, 1998 Unknown 503
B'Elanna purposely puts herself into increasingly more dangerous situations. Meanwhile the crew decides to build a new shuttlecraft, the Delta Flyer.
"In the Flesh" November 4, 1998 52136.4 504
Chakotay encounters a population of Species 8472 in human form.
"Once Upon a Time" November 11, 1998 Unknown 505
Neelix looks after Naomi Wildman when her mother is injured on an away mission.
"Timeless" November 18, 1998 52143.6 506
Fifteen years in the future, Chakotay and Harry Kim attempt to prevent the Voyager from crash-landing on an ice planet.
"Infinite Regress" November 25, 1998 52188.7 507
Seven of Nine experiences something akin to multiple personality disorder.
"Nothing Human" December 2, 1998 Unknown 508
A wounded alien is brought on board from a stranded vessel and attaches itself to B'Elanna Torres.
"Thirty Days" December 9, 1998 52179.4 509
"Ensign" Tom Paris disregards orders by helping an aquatic world.
"Counterpoint" December 16, 1998 Unknown 510
While passing through Devore space, Voyager is routinely searched for telepaths.
"Latent Image" January 20, 1999 Unknown 511
The Doctor finds out that some of his memories have been blocked.
"Bride of Chaotica!" January 27, 1999 Unknown 512
Paris' latest holodeck adventure The Adventures of Captain Proton takes an unexpected turn.
"Gravity" February 3, 1999 52438.9 513
Tuvok and Paris crash on a planet stuck in a pocket of deep space, where they meet a female named Noss.
"Bliss" February 10, 1999 52542.3 514
A large organism telepathically deceives the Voyager crew into flying into its digestive chamber.
"Dark Frontier, Part I" February 17, 1999 52619.2 515
Janeway plans to steal a transwarp coil from a disabled Borg ship to shorten their journey home.
"Dark Frontier, Part II" February 17, 1999 52619.2 516
Janeway leads a mission in the Delta Flyer to rescue Seven of Nine.
"The Disease" February 24, 1999 Unknown 517
Kim finds love when the crew encounter a Varro generational ship that needs assistance repairing its warp drive.
"Course: Oblivion" March 3, 1999 52586.3 518
An alternate Torres and Paris get married when the ship comes under threat from subspace radiation and the entire crew begins to disintegrate.
"The Fight" March 24, 1999 Unknown 519
Chakotay lies in sickbay as he attempts to communicate with aliens through hallucinations.
"Think Tank" March 31, 1999 Unknown 520
Voyager is being chased by the Hazari when a think tank offers assistance.
"Juggernaut" April 26, 1999 Unknown 521
The crew respond to a distress call from Malon escape pods contaminated with radiation.
"Someone to Watch Over Me" April 28, 1999 52647 522
Seven of Nine explores dating with some help from the Doctor.
"11:59" May 5, 1999 Unknown 523
Janeway reminisces about one of her Earth's ancestors, Shannon O'Donnell from Indiana.
"Relativity" May 12, 1999 52861.274 524
Captain Braxton recruits Seven of Nine to stop Voyager being sabotaged.
"Warhead" May 19, 1999 Unknown 525
The crew rescue a device with artificial intelligence embedded in rock, but it then proceeds to take control of The Doctor and reveals itself to be a weapon of mass destruction.
"Equinox, Part I" May 26, 1999 Unknown 526
Voyager finds another Federation ship the USS Equinox under attack from flying nucleogenic lifeforms.

Season 6 (1999-2000)

Pic Title Original Airdate Stardate #
"Equinox, Part II" September 22, 1999 Unknown 601
Voyager finds another Federation ship the USS Equinox under attack from flying nucleogenic lifeforms.
"Survival Instinct" September 29, 1999 53049.2 602
Three Borg from Seven's past appear.
"Barge of the Dead" October 6, 1999 Unknown 603
B'Elanna's shuttle encounters an ion storm and she suddenly finds herself among Klingons in the Barge of the Dead on the way to Klingon Hell.
"Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy" October 13, 1999 Unknown 604
The Doctor adds daydreaming to his programming, but aliens begin to tap into his perceptions to invade the crew.
"Alice" October 20, 1999 Unknown 605
Tom Paris becomes obsessed with a salvaged alien shuttlecraft.
"Riddles" November 3, 1999 53263.2 606
Returning from a diplomatic mission Tuvok is attacked by a cloaked intruder and suffers neurological damage.
"Dragon's Teeth" November 10, 1999 53167.9 607
Voyager discovers a network of subspace passageways, but are forced to land on a planet after being attacked.
"One Small Step" November 17, 1999 53292.7 608
Seven helps the crew avoid a huge mass of subspace energy and they theorize an ancient spacecraft is inside.
"The Voyager Conspiracy" November 24, 1999 Unknown 609
After assimilating Voyager's data Seven of Nine suspects the ship did not arrive in the Delta Quadrant by accident.
"Pathfinder" December 1, 1999 Unknown 610
Barclay gets over-involved with holographic recreations of the Voyager crew in his attempts to contact them.
"Fair Haven" January 12, 2000 Unknown 611
Harry Kim and Tom Paris create an Irish village in the holodeck for the crew.
"Blink of an Eye" January 19, 2000 Unknown 612
Voyager is caught in orbit of a planet with a space-time differential that causes it go through centuries of evolution when Voyager experiences a mere few seconds.
"Virtuoso" January 26, 2000 53556.4 613
Visiting aliens become fascinated with the Doctor's singing.
"Memorial" February 2, 2000 Unknown 614
Chakotay, Tom Paris, Harry Kim and Neelix begin to experience strange visions after an away mission.
"Tsunkatse" February 9, 2000 53447.2 615
Seven of Nine and Tuvok are kidnapped while on shore leave and Seven is forced to compete in a fighting contest.
"Collective" February 16, 2000 Unknown 616
Chakotay, Kim, Paris and Neelix are taken hostage when the Delta Flyer is captured by Borg children in a derelict Cube.
"Spirit Folk" February 23, 2000 Unknown 617
Problems arise from running the holographic Irish village of Fair Haven non-stop.
"Ashes to Ashes" March 1, 2000 53679.4 618
A deceased crewmember resurfaces.
"Child's Play" March 8, 2000 Unknown 619
Icheb's family is found.
"Good Shepherd" March 15, 2000 53753.2 620
Three young crewmembers who are under-performing are taken on a mission by Janeway.
"Live Fast and Prosper" April 19, 2000 53849.2 621
Con artists impersonate Janeway and Tuvok.
"Muse" April 26, 2000 53896 622
Torres is stranded on bronze-age planet after a Delta Flyer crash with Kim missing in an escape pod.
"Fury" May 3, 2000 Unknown 623
A much older and more powerful Kes returns to Voyager in an attempt to change her history.
"Life Line" May 10, 2000 Unknown 624
The Doctor's creator is dying in the Alpha Quadrant.
"The Haunting of Deck Twelve" May 17, 2000 Unknown 625
As Voyager travels through a nebula, all power is turned off giving Neelix an opportunity to tell the Borg children a ghost story.
"Unimatrix Zero, Part I" May 24, 2000 Unknown 626
Janeway, B'Elanna and Tuvok infiltrate a Borg Cube in an attempt to save Borg who are exercising their individuality.

Season 7 (2000-2001)

Pic Title Original Airdate Stardate #
"Unimatrix Zero, Part II" October 4, 2000 54014.4 701
Janeway, B'Elanna and Tuvok infiltrate a Borg Cube in an attempt to save Borg who are exercising their individuality.
"Imperfection" October 11, 2000 54129.4 702
Seven of Nine needs a life-saving transplant.
"Drive" October 18, 2000 54058.6 703
Tom Paris and Torres get married after entering a sub-warp race with the Delta Flyer.
"Repression" October 25, 2000 54090.4 704
Ex-Maquis crewmembers are attacked after a datastream arrives from Starfleet.
"Critical Care" November 1, 2000 Unknown 705
The Doctor is stolen and forced to serve on an alien hospital ship.
"Inside Man" November 8, 2000 54208.3 706
A hologram of Reginald Barclay is sent to Voyager to implement a dangerous plan to bring them home, but the hologram has been tampered with by Ferengi trying to acquire Borg nanoprobes.
"Body and Soul" November 15, 2000 54238.3 707
The Doctor is forced to download his program into Seven of Nine's Borg implants, allowing him to experience real sensations for the first time.
"Nightingale" November 22, 2000 54274.7 708
Harry Kim takes command of an alien ship that lost its officers in an attack.
"Flesh and Blood, Part I" November 29, 2000 Unknown 709
Voyager's hologram technology given to the Hirogen has been modified and is rebelling.
"Flesh and Blood, Part II" November 29, 2000 54337.5 710
Voyager's hologram technology given to the Hirogen has been modified and is rebelling.
"Shattered" January 17, 2001 Unknown 711
Voyager is fractured into several time periods with only Chakotay able to move between them.
"Lineage" January 24, 2001 54452.6 712
Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres discover she's pregnant with a girl, but B'Elanna's unresolved childhood issues make her determined to remove her child's Klingon DNA.
"Repentance" January 31, 2001 Unknown 713
Prisoners are brought onto Voyager from a damaged alien vessel.
"Prophecy" February 7, 2001 54518.2 714
Voyager encounters an old Klingon battle cruiser. The Klingons aboard set out long ago to find their savior, and believe it to be to Tom and B'Elanna's unborn child.
"The Void" February 14, 2001 54553.4 715
Voyager is pulled into a void where ships trapped therein attack each other for resources.
"Workforce, Part I" February 21, 2001 54584.3 716
The Voyager crew are brainwashed into starting new jobs on an industrialized planet, leaving only Chakotay, Kim and Neelix (who were on an away mission at the time) and the Doctor (who was deactivated) to save them.
"Workforce, Part II" February 28, 2001 54622.4 717
Chakotay tries to rescue the resistive amnesiac crew.
"Human Error" March 7, 2001 Unknown 718
Seven practices her social skills on the holodeck.
"Q2" April 11, 2001 54704.5 719
Q leaves his son (Q2) on Voyager to learn from the crew.
"Author, Author" April 18, 2001 54732.3 720
The Doctor writes a holo-novel to be published in the Alpha Quadrant that closely resembles the crew.
"Friendship One" April 25, 2001 54775.4 721
The crew is sent on its first mission by Starfleet in years to find a lost probe.
"Natural Law" May 2, 2001 54827.7 722
Seven and Chakotay are stranded on a planet with primitive humanoids.
"Homestead" May 9, 2001 54868.6 723
Voyager encounters a Talaxian settlement and Neelix leaves the crew.
"Renaissance Man" May 16, 2001 54890.7 724
The Doctor is forced to help aliens steal Voyager's warp core.
"Endgame, Part I" May 23, 2001 Unknown 725
Admiral Janeway comes from the future to try and shorten Voyager's trip home.
"Endgame, Part II" May 23, 2001 54973.4 726
As the crew enter a final showdown with the Borg, the two Janeways implement a risky plan to take out the Borg and use the transwarp conduits to get home at the same time.















































 Season 1 (2001-2002)


Pic Title Original Airdate NR V #  
"Broken Bow" September 26, 2001 7.0 12.54 101 & 102  
First contact with Klingons; Enterprise (NX-01) launched. Archer finds himself in the middle of a Temporal Cold War
"Fight or Flight" October 3, 2001 5.7 9.18 103  
Hoshi faces her fears on an alien ship whose crew was murdered.
"Strange New World" October 10, 2001 5.0 7.81 104  
A storm traps an away team on an alien world, while spores cause them to experience psychosis
"Unexpected" October 17, 2001 5.2 8.16 105  
Trip helps an alien crew fix their engines only to find himself pregnant.
"Terra Nova" October 24, 2001 5.1 8.35 106  
An early human colony on Terra Nova mysteriously disappeared 70 years ago and Enterprise is sent to find out what happened to them.
"The Andorian Incident" October 31, 2001 4.5 7.19 107  
Archer, Trip, and T'Pol are taken hostage by Andorians in the Vulcan monastery of P'Jem.
"Breaking the Ice" November 7, 2001 4.9 7.36 108  
Malcolm and Travis seek Eisilium on a comet while T'Pol considers marriage to Koss.
"Civilization" November 14, 2001 4.6 7.14 109  
Archer, Trip, Hoshi, and T'Pol go undercover to observe a pre-industrial civilization to find they aren't the first observers there.
"Fortunate Son" November 21, 2001 4.8 6.11 110  
The cargo ship Fortunate was attacked by Nausicans and the Enterprise lends a helping hand only to find the crew of the Fortunate has secret plans.
"Cold Front" November 28, 2001 4.7 7.33 111  
Archer finds out a crewman on Enterprise is helping to fight the Temporal Cold War against Silik and some of the Suliban.
"Silent Enemy" January 16, 2002 3.7 6.11 112  
Archer faces an enemy that doesn't respond to hails while Hoshi tries to find what Malcolm's favorite food is to surprise him for his birthday.
"Dear Doctor" January 23, 2002 3.7 5.65 113  
Phlox & Archer must decide where their morals lie about letting a species live or die from a pandemic.
"Sleeping Dogs" January 30, 2002 3.9 6.50 114  
Hoshi, Malcolm and T'Pol board an unresponsive Klingon ship on decaying orbit into the crushing pressures of a gas giant.
"Shadows of P'Jem" February 6, 2002 3.8 6.05 115  
T'Pol is recalled to Vulcan after the events of "The Andorian Incident". During her final away mission, she and Archer are kidnapped, leading to a confrontation between Vulcans and Andorians.
"Shuttlepod One" February 13, 2002 3.4 5.33 116  
Reed and Trip are stranded in a shuttlepod with no foreseeable help arriving before life support runs out.
"Fusion" February 27, 2002 3.0 4.49 117  
Enterprise encounters a crew of emotional Vulcans; T'Pol experiences her first mind meld, with unsettling results.
"Rogue Planet" March 20, 2002 3.3 4.69 118  
Enterprise finds a solitary planet with Eska hunters hunting an indigenous species.
"Acquisition" March 27, 2002 3.4 5.45 119  
A group of Ferengi hijack Enterprise, but Trip, Archer and T'Pol play mind games with the pirates in order to win back their ship.
"Oasis" April 3, 2002 3.3 5.64 120  
Archer, T'Pol, Trip and Travis find a crew apparently alive on a ship that crash-landed years ago.
"Detained" April 24, 2002 3.0 4.88 121  
Archer and Travis find themselves imprisoned in a Suliban internment camp by the Tandarans.
"Vox Sola" May 1, 2002 3.4 5.40 122  
An unknown alien boards Enterprise and starts capturing crew members, linking them together neurologically.
"Fallen Hero" May 8, 2002 3.2 5.34 123  
Enterprise finds itself under attack while transporting a Vulcan ambassador who happens to be a hero of T'Pol's.
"Desert Crossing" May 8, 2002 3.0 4.68 124  
Enterprise finds itself aligned with a terrorist group when Trip and Archer are forced to cross many kilometers of desert on an alien world.
"Two Days and Two Nights" May 15, 2002 3.1 5.26 125  
After weeks of detours, Enterprise arrives for shore leave on Risa. While there, Archer encounters a woman who knows more about the Suliban than she's willing to admit.
"Shockwave, Part I" May 22, 2002 3.3 5.28 126  
A planet's population is destroyed. The disaster is blamed on Enterprise which is recalled to Earth. En route, it is hijacked by Suliban and Archer is transported to a decimated 31st century.

Season 2 (2002-2003)

Pic Title Original Airdate NR V #  
"Shockwave, Part II" September 18, 2002 3.2 4.89 201  
As a group of Suliban take over Enterprise, Archer tries to return to the 22nd century.
"Carbon Creek" September 25, 2002 3.0 4.84 202  
T'Pol tells the tale of crash-landed Vulcan crew on Earth in the 1950s.
"Minefield" October 2, 2002 3.5 5.25 203  
Enterprise snags a cloaked mine and Reed and Archer race to disable it during first contact with the Romulans.
"Dead Stop" October 9, 2002 3.5 5.41 204  
Heavily damaged by the Romulan mine, Enterprise is repaired by an unmanned and automatic repair station with a mind of its own.
"A Night in Sickbay" October 16, 2002 3.9 6.26 205  
Porthos causes a diplomatic incident and is poisoned on an alien world; Archer goes stir crazy in sick bay while waiting for Porthos to recover.
"Marauders" October 30, 2002 3.6 5.60 206  
Archer barters for deuterium from a colony plagued by Klingon marauders seeking deuterium as well.
"The Seventh" November 6, 2002 3.2 4.82 207  
T'Pol is reactivated as an intelligence agent as she is assigned to apprehend a fugitive. During the mission, a dark secret from her past is revealed, shattering her emotional control.
"The Communicator" November 13, 2002 3.0 4.46 208  
After a short trip by Archer and Malcolm on a planet, Reed discovers he lost his communicator on the pre-industrial planet and is captured while trying to retrieve it.
"Singularity" November 20, 2002 3.1 4.83 209  
Enterprise charts a course through a trinary star system to investigate a black hole but the crew finds themselves with a case akin to Obsessive-compulsive disorder.
"Vanishing Point" November 27, 2002 2.5 3.78 210  
After her first trip through the transporter, Hoshi finds herself turning invisible and the rest of the crew believing she's dead.
"Precious Cargo" December 11, 2002 3.1 4.67 211  
While answering a distress call, Trip is kidnapped along with a spoiled alien princess.
"The Catwalk" December 18, 2002 3.0 4.73 212  
The Enterprise crew takes refuge in a nacelle to avoid an inescapable radiation belt.
"Dawn" January 8, 2003 2.5 3.99 213  
Trip is fired upon by an Arkonian ship and is stranded on a planet with his attacker.
"Stigma" February 5, 2003 2.9 4.40 214  
T'Pol learns she has pan'aar syndrome contracted from her mind meld in "Fusion" and must face being ostracized by Vulcan society and losing her position on Enterprise.
"Cease Fire" February 12, 2003 2.9 4.78 215  
Archer negotiates a cease fire between Andorians and Vulcans.
"Future Tense" February 19, 2003 2.9 4.62 216  
Enterprise finds a derelict ship only to be attacked by Suliban and Tholian ships.
"Canamar" February 26, 2003 2.8 4.10 217  
Mistaken as smugglers, Archer and Malcolm find themselves on a prisoner transport ship.
"The Crossing" April 2, 2003 2.6 3.85 218  
Noncorporeal aliens attempt to take over Enterprise.
"Judgment" April 9, 2003 2.5 3.69 219  
Archer is arrested and imprisoned by the Klingons for allegedly conspiring against the empire.
"Horizon" April 16, 2003 2.2 3.37 220  
After the death of his father, Travis visits his family on their cargo ship and begins to reconsider his place aboard Enterprise.
"The Breach" April 23, 2003 2.3 3.19 221  
Due to a militant faction's demands, Enterprise is asked to retrieve Denobulan geologists.
"Cogenitor" April 30, 2003 2.7 4.08 222  
Enterprise encounters the Vissians, a more technologically advanced species, and Trip finds himself transfixed on the fact the Vissians are a three-sexed species, befriending one of them with tragic results.
"Regeneration" May 7, 2003 2.7 4.12 223  
A group of Borg (from Star Trek: First Contact) are revived after a century frozen in Antarctic ice.
"First Flight" May 14, 2003 2.4 3.30 224  
After hearing of the death of a close friend, Archer tells T'Pol about his early career as an experimental warp engine pilot.
"Bounty" May 14, 2003 2.3 3.54 225  
A Tellarite captures Archer in order to collect a reward from the Klingons who have been searching for the captain after the events of "Judgment". Meanwhile, a virus causes T'Pol to experience a premature pon farr.
"The Expanse" May 21, 2003 2.8 3.88 226  
An alien probe attacks Earth, killing 7 million people. Enterprise heads home for refitting before being heading into the Delphic Expanse in pursuit of the attackers. Meanwhile, T'Pol resigns her commission with the Vulcan High Command to stay aboard Enterprise.

Season 3 (2003-2004)

Pic Title Original Airdate NR V #  
"The Xindi" September 10, 2003 2.6 4.07 301  
The mission against the Xindi starts off with Archer and Malcolm making a visit to a mining facility in order to track down a Xindi.
"Anomaly" September 17, 2003 2.6 4.29 302  
The crew of Enterprise encounters the anomalies of the Delphic Expanse first-hand and first learn of the giant spheres that seem to be behind its existence.
"Extinction" September 24, 2003 2.6 4.00 303  
During a wild goose chase while pursuing the Xindi, Archer, T'Pol, and Hoshi are exposed to an alien virus and begin to mutate into members of a long-dead race called the Loque'eque.
"Rajiin" October 1, 2003 2.7 4.52 304  
A slave girl takes refuge aboard Enterprise but spies on the crew instead. Meanwhile, Archer learns that synthesized Trellium-D can be used to protect his vessel from the anomalies.
"Impulse" October 8, 2003 2.8 4.17 305  
Enterprise encounters a Vulcan ship in which the crew has become infected by a potent neurotoxin related to Trellium-D that causes permanent neural damage. T'Pol becomes infected and loses control of her emotions, becoming paranoid and nearly homicidal.
"Exile" October 15, 2003 2.3 3.46 306  
A Beauty and the Beast-like tale involving Hoshi encountering a telepathic exile (with Xindi-related information) on a deserted world.
"The Shipment" October 29, 2003 2.5 3.70 307  
The Enterprise crew learns of a shipment of kemocite, a key element in a new weapon being built to destroy Earth.
"Twilight" November 5, 2003 2.6 4.06 308  
An anomaly causes Archer to lose his short-term memory. Much of the episode takes place in an alternate future after the destruction of Earth in which Archer (with the help of his caretaker T'Pol and Captain Tucker), seeks a way to correct the past.
"North Star" November 12, 2003 2.6 3.88 309  
A planet resembling the American "Old West" is found to be inhabited by humans.
"Similitude" November 19, 2003 3.0 4.59 310  
Tucker becomes comatose after a plasma manifold explodes. A clone of Trip is created for the purpose of harvesting a needed organ. Archer's order to kill the clone is met with resistance when the clone, named Sim, becomes a member of the Enterprise family.
"Carpenter Street" November 26, 2003 2.5 3.71 311  
With the help of Daniels, Archer and T'Pol go back in time after discovering a group of Xindi reptilians are creating a biological weapon in 2004 Detroit.
"Chosen Realm" January 14, 2004 2.6 3.93 312  
Religious zealots hijack Enterprise and seek to execute Archer for acts of desecration upon the spheres. Notable as the first episode in which an Enterprise crewmember is killed.
"Proving Ground" January 21, 2004 2.2 3.44 313  
Xindi scientists test their new, planet-killing weapon in an asteroid field as Archer finds he has an ally in the Delphic Expanse.
"Stratagem" February 4, 2004 2.6 4.08 314  
A Xindi ally helps Archer try to get information about the location of the new superweapon.
"Harbinger" February 11, 2004 2.6 3.95 315  
Enterprise encounters the Sphere Builders for the first time. T'Pol experiences unexpected emotions and initiates a relationship with Trip. Malcolm and Major Hayes come to terms with their differences.
"Doctor's Orders" February 18, 2004 2.6 3.73 316  
While Enterprise passes through a "trans-dimensional disturbance", the crew is put into hibernation, leaving Phlox in control of the ship. But is he truly alone?
"Hatchery" February 25, 2004 2.4 3.52 317  
Archer does everything he can to save a Xindi insectoid hatchery, to the point that his officers consider inciting mutiny against him.
"Azati Prime" March 3, 2004 2.6 3.78 318  
After finding the weapon on Azati Prime, Archer embarks on a suicide mission to destroy it. T'Pol suddenly goes into an emotional tailspin as Enterprise suffers a devastating attack by the reptilian Xindi.
"Damage" April 21, 2004 2.0 2.86 319  
Enterprise is heavily damaged by Xindi and seeks exchange of Trellium-D for a warp coil from an alien vessel but is forced to steal it. T'Pol confesses her addiction to liquefied Trellium-D which has caused her to lose control of her emotions.
"The Forgotten" April 28, 2004 2.2 3.35 320  
Archer deals with the loss of many crewmembers and continues peaceful talks with two Xindi species that destroy a fellow Xindi ship in self-defense.
"E˛" May 5, 2004 2.2 3.25 321  
The Enterprise crew meet their descendants from an alternate timeline.
"The Council" May 12, 2004 2.4 3.41 322  
Archer speaks at the Xindi council and finds one species has launched the superweapon in defiance of the council.
"Countdown" May 19, 2004 2.3 3.46 323  
Archer works to build support from the aquatic Xindi to stop the reptilians and find the Sphere Builders who are aiding the reptilians.
"Zero Hour" May 26, 2004 2.7 3.91 324  
Final showdown with the reptilian Xindi to stop the weapon from destroying Earth. Archer is lost and believed dead as Enterprise finds itself back in the Second World War era.

Season 4 (2004-2005)

Pic Title Original Airdate NR V #  
"Storm Front, Part I" October 8, 2004 1.8 2.89 401  
After destroying the Xindi weapon, Enterprise finds itself in the 20th century during World War II with Nazis in control of the USA with the help of high-ranking aliens.
"Storm Front, Part II" October 15, 2004 1.8 3.11 402  
Archer joins Silik to stop the alien Nazis, restore the timeline, and end the Temporal Cold War.
"Home" October 22, 2004 2.0 3.16 403  
Enterprise is welcomed home after saving Earth and the crew takes a much needed vacation. Tucker & T'Pol visit Vulcan where T'Pol must consider marriage. Erika Hernandez becomes captain of the Columbia and renews her acquaintance with Archer. Phlox encounters prejudice on Earth.
"Borderland" October 29, 2004 2.1 3.18 404  
Dr. Arik Soong restores his relationship with his genetically-enhanced creation: Augments.
"Cold Station 12" November 5, 2004 2.1 3.39 405  
A space station crew is held hostage as Dr. Arik Soong and his Augments work to obtain hundreds of Augment embryos in hopes of reviving the new species.
"The Augments" November 12, 2004 2.1 3.39 406  
Dr. Arik Soong finds himself overthrown as "father" of the Augments and Archer defeats them.
"The Forge" November 19, 2004 2.0 3.15 407  
Earth's embassy on Vulcan is partially destroyed by a bomb, killing Admiral Forrest. Archer & T'Pol travel to Vulcan in search of an alleged terrorist group blamed for the explosion, of which T'Pol's mother is a member.
"Awakening" November 26, 2004 2.0 3.38 408  
Archer & T'Pol find T'Pau and T'Pol's mother and learn that Archer is carrying Surak's katra.
"Kir'Shara" December 3, 2004 2.2 3.20 409  
Archer and T'Pol bring back the Kir'Shara (Surak's artifact) that will lead to vast changes in the Vulcan world. T'Pol's pan'aar syndrome is cured by T'Pau.
"Daedalus" January 14, 2005 1.9 3.03 410  
Dr. Emory Erickson, inventor of the transporter, conducts a long-range experiment in order to recover his lost son.
"Observer Effect" January 21, 2005 1.7 2.76 411  
Organians test the Enterprise crew by observing their reactions to a deadly silicon-based infection.
"Babel One" January 28, 2005 1.8 2.53 412  
Andorians threaten war on the Tellarites after apparently being attacked by a Tellarite vessel en route to trade talks.
"United" February 4, 2005 1.8 2.81 413  
Archer and Shran engage in mortal combat as Archer tries to unite the Andorians and Tellarites who are being set at each other's throats by a remote-controlled Romulan vessel.
"The Aenar" February 11, 2005 1.9 3.18 414  
The drone Romulan ship that attacked the Andorians is under the control of an Aenar, an offshoot race of the Andorians. Archer and Shran join forces to rescue the Aenar and stop the Romulan plot.
"Affliction" February 18, 2005 2.0 3.17 415  
Phlox is kidnapped by the Klingons who are seeking to cure a disease caused by an attempt to create Klingon/Augment hybrids; T'Pol's mental abilities grow exponentially after she conducts her first mind meld.
"Divergence" February 25, 2005 1.9 2.96 416  
With Columbia's help, the Enterprise crew grapples with sabotage to their ship as they pursue the truth behind the kidnapping of Phlox. The disease is cured, but genetic mutations will make many Klingons appear human-like for generations to come.
"Bound" April 15, 2005 1.5 2.56 417  
As a gift for negotiating with the Orion Syndicate, Archer receives three Orion Slave Girls, but these "gifts" have their own agenda. Meanwhile, Trip and T'Pol come to terms with the psychic bond that has been created between them.
"In a Mirror, Darkly, Part I" April 22, 2005 1.4 2.59 418  
In the Mirror Universe, Commander Archer mutinies against Captain Forrest in order to capture a future Earth ship found in Tholian space.
"In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II" April 29, 2005 1.7 2.92 419  
In the Mirror Universe, Archer commandeers the 23rd-century Defiant from the Tholians and uses it in a nefarious power grab.
"Demons" May 6, 2005 1.8 3.01 420  
A xenophobic faction of humanity threatens to undermine talks to form a new coalition of planets.
"Terra Prime" May 13, 2005 2.2 3.80 421  
A human isolationist leader threatens to destroy Starfleet Command unless all aliens leave Earth immediately. His bargaining tool: a baby cloned from DNA belonging to Trip and T'Pol.
"These Are the Voyages..." May 13, 2005 2.2 3.80 422  
Two centuries in the future, two crewmembers of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) observe a holodeck creation of the final voyage of the NX-01 in 2161 (six years after the events of "Terra Prime") as it returns to Earth for decommissioning and the signing of the United Federation of Planets charter. But Enterprise's final mission will be a tragic one.