The Fabulous Ruins of Hudson!



Jerusalem in the 1st Century, Belgrade 1999 (when Clinton obliterated it to protect the separatist Albanians, and to distract attention from the affairs), Stalingrad 1943, Detroit 2003...

...people from all over go to these places and others to witness the ruins that have been the products of the ups and downs of our collective civilization. But there is another place where the ruins are ignored, missed, even passed by without being noticed. Join us as we take you to these fabulous ruins... of Hudson.

 This first ruin, Jimbo's Sideshow Museum, which once thrived back in '02 when it opened... (back when it had its Halloween extravaganza). Residents who live around it say that no one has ever been seen in or around it, so anything is possible. ***hudsonfla update: Jimbo's Sideshow is on the roll: it is re-opening soon with 'Wildlife,' 'Shrunken Heads, and 'Live Shows.'





Well well well, try this one out. Look closely at the door, see someone? Here's a guy that thinks that 'Our Place in Hudson' Restaurant, open last in 1997, is still serving... whatever it was they actually served. Maybe it was a take out order and he wants his money back cause when he got home to Nome it was cold?











Then there's this burger joint. It's closed, but why? Take a moment to look at it...

Ok. For instance, what is the first thing you think of looking at this picture? Hamburgers? No... Bowel Movement? Yeah. Do they serve bowel movement?

--or, maybe you think-- 'Thats the worst name for a restaurant that I have ever seen?' --if you answered both, you are correct. Now for a chemical processing plant in Toledo, OH or Gary, IN. that's a fine name. Stellar. No really, it is.

And on with the show. The next ruin takes us to Denton Ave. and a famous site: the Old Hudson Flea Market, this glorious... structure was incinerated and gutted a few years back by a... disgruntled shopper? All hudsonfla knows is that the guy is behind bars now, and for good reason. Take a look:

Amazingly, like ghosts from the past, people still sell their goods at THIS location today. reporters wandered in and bought some Atari games for the 2600 system, circa 1984.

And here, a scene at the abandoned 'dark' side of the Flea Market. No one goes there except for some cats. Wait a minute...




When you're done shopping, let your itenarary guide you to another structure looming off Denton Ave. in the old country section. It is the local landfill! No family day or pleasure drive would be complete without this ruin. BUT! This one still has uitility! For instance: people can get in trouble for dumping their garbage into Seaside Sanitation dumpsters ($500 fine), so what oh what to do, if you got trash, but nowhere to put it? Answer: be your own garbage company and take it directly to the dump, cutting out the middleman! Look, this guy does it:




Wow, talk about a bad day. First the alarm clock wakes you up with all the durr durr durr all loud, then you go clock in and put in a day of labour. When the Flintstone's like bugle sound is called and you get off, you run over to your car and do what you have worked hard all day to do, and romantically thought about doing all day when you got home... going on a live tour of these fabulous Ruins of Hudson! ...But you never get the chance cause you come home to find:



MAAAAN THAT SUCKS. Oh what, the county can't give the freedom to live in a 40 year

old singlewide anymore? C'mon Pasco! Just let us live in peace!




Guess you're out of luck. .........not......quite. Head north a little and find your new home:


 In all seriousness, Holy Ground is a wonderful service offererd in the Hudson area for people down and out on their luck. Its places like Holy Ground that keep some people going. And hay, We could all use a little more charity. Heak, we live in the land of plenty. "Do you come from a land down under?" yes... "where women roar and men thunder?" yes... "you better run, you better take cover..."

Remember, tithe is 10% of your entire earnings. Most of us give nothing, so don't laugh,

Holy Ground makes up for YOU! Think about it.


And that's it!

Thank you for visiting the Fantabulous Ruins of Hudson!

 If you want to DESTROY them further, just click here!


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