EUH 1000


The Musical Tradition of the Renaissance World


A Man for Seasons       Al Stewart              Thomas More
Angel of Death  Thin Lizzy              Nostradamus
Calico Jack             Running Wild            capt. rackham big pirate 1720
Chris Columbus  Todd Rundgren   satire of Chris and naming indians
Cortez the Killer       Neil Young              conquest of the aztecs
Death Queen Jane        Joan Baez               jane seymour (3rd wife)'s death
Don Quixote             Gordon Lightfoot        we are all quixote and panza
Fountain of Youth       Savatage                ponce de leon's discovery of florida
Fourteen ninety two     Nancy Schimmel  columbus disovery
Ghosts cape horn        Gordon Lightfoot        sailing around the horn of south america
People of the Sun       Rage Machine    conquestadors in new spain
Peter on White Sea      Al Stewart              tribute to Peter the Great of Russia
Pocahontas              Neil Young              tribute to Pocahontas
Istanbul not Const.     Might be Giants what happened to change it?
Queen Jane              Bob Dylan               lady jane grey 1553 and bad fortune
Run to the Hills        Iron Maiden             colonization of america
Sailing to America      Saxon                   pilgrims arrival in 1620
Under Jolly Roger       Running Wild            the pirating spirit
Wake of Magellan        Bottle Rockets  magellan's voyage and other explorers



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