An Introduction to International Relations







Pasco-Hernando Community College



The midterm will be a combination of multiple choice questions and short answer responses. The material for the midterm will be fully taken from the following sources:

1) Ch. 1 and 2 in the book (pgs. 1-56)

2) The readings "Fukuyama, Huntington and Walt"

3) Class notes in relation to balance of power, uni-bi-multi-polar systems, etc.

Terms: Civilizations, states, and expectations of states: security, freedom, order, justice, welfare. Anarchy and the evolution away from it: growth of modern states. History of International Relations WWI to today. Liberalism: Wilsonian democratic idealism, Realism: it's a jungle out there not a zoo!, Neo-Liberalism: European Union, Neo-Realism: Yugoslavia and a return to 'anarchy'. Geography and inequalities of wealth (study the UN- Human Developmen Index).