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(where they forgot to separate Hudson Beach from Hudson-- but look at Hernando Beach for a more accurate picture)


Sept 27, 2005: St. Pete Times weighs in on what it thinks about the future of Hudson Beach

Sept 25, 2005: Opposing viewpoints about what the channel will actually do for local businesses

 Sept 25, 2005: Channel disdain runs deep as its found out that Subaqueous didn't  a good job

Sept 22, 2005: The old Hudson Shrimpdocks close for good, government overregulation the cause

June 16, 2005: Pasco Sheriff's Deputies dive into the Channel to figure out what is really going on down there

April 23, 2005: Contractor need another half year for dredging completion

April 13, 2005: Backhoe brought in to finish dredging job... maybe

April 1, 2005: Dredging brings fear of a shallow Channel

March 10, 2005: A DEEPER CHANNEL

Feb 20, 2005:, County 'amenable' to just the Hudson Beach channel dredged

Jan 30, 2005: More on the 'onramp channels'

Jan 28, 2005: County ok with Driftwood using same ol channel... sort of

Jan 25, 2005: Dirt in the way of Progress, (Ms. Grumet)

Jan 21, 2005: Who benefits, who pays,  if dredging is expanded? (Mr. David Dunbar)

Jan 20, 2005: Whose wallet is gouged if dredging is expanded? (editorial)

Jan 17, 2005: Mr. Dunbar is shown in the now famous photo (picture)

Jan 17, 2005: Residents say, "Dredge smaller channels too!" (Ms. Bridget Hall Grumet)

Jan 11, 2005: Dredging rightly occurs in stages (Mr. Al Meyer)

Jan 10, 2005: Minor channels may not be dredged (Ms. Grumet)

Jan 9, 2005: Dredging may not mean smooth sailing (Ms. Grumet)

Dec. 3, 2004: Home Prices keep on rising... is that good? (Mr. Robert Trigaux)

Nov 29, 2004: Dredging will go non-stop (Ms. Grumet)

Aug 5. 2004: Hernando Beach dredging shot down (Mr. Will Van Sant)

June 26, 2004: Dredging has been a long wait (Ms. Grumet)

Feb 15, 2004: Buying into Pasco's Bargains (Mr. James Thorner)

Feb 15, 2004: Areas continued obsession with waterfront property (Ahern)

Feb 15, 2004: Hernando waterfront explosion- Hudson next? (Miss Jennifer Liberto)

Jan 10, 2004: Hudson Beach Revitalization (Ms. Melia Bowie)

Sept 9, 2003: Seagrass is mentioned for the first time in dredging (Ms. Grumet)

July 24, 2003: Virginia Brown-Waite's role in the dredging (Letter)

July 20, 2003: Al Meyer gets his hard earned dredging reward (C.T. Bowen)

July 2, 2003: Dredging finally gets the ok from state and county (Ms. Grumet)

June 2, 2003: Hudson gets its website up and running- by a shifty character

May 19, 2003: Hudson Marina's Mike Lowe waxes on the difficulty to get permits (M. Bowie)

Feb 2, 2003: Hernando Beach has issues with the environment guys on dredging (WV Sant)

Nov. 27, 2002: Sam's Hudson Beach Bar sues the county (Cary Davis)

June 13, 2002: New Port Hudson Marina gives city a face-lift (J. Goldblatt)

April 27, 2001: Sam's Beach Bar is fined 10k by  Pasco County (J. Goldblatt)

April 10, 2001: Residents should NOT seek dredging side channels (Editorial)

April 7, 2001: Skeleton Key owner talks about need for dredging (Jennifer Goldblatt)

Nov. 23, 2000: Mike Lowe gets fined for trying to make Hudson better (J. Goldblatt)

June 11, 2000: The new marina and possible dredging will change Hudson (Alisa Ulferts)

May 3, 2000: The state forks over some loot for the dredging (A. Ulferts)

Oct 29, 1999: WWF (WWE) Wrestlers arrive at Hudson Beach

Dec 30, 1999: Sam's Bar comes back from the fire (A. Ulferts)

Sept 7 1999: Sam's and the County get in trouble cause Sam's didn't rebuild up on stilts (A. Ulferts)

June 30, 1999: Al Meyer is credited for saving the dredging project

Apr 19, 1999: Sam's decides to open up after the fire again (Bill Stevens)

Dec 7, 1998: The sheriff says that someone arsoned Sam's- uh oh- (C. Goffard)

Dec 1, 1998: Sam's beach bar goes up in a blaze of glory (C. Goffard)

Nov. 19, 1998: Dredging gets another look at by the county

Sept 20, 1996: A writer tells how much she loves Hudson Beach, and again (B. Fredrickson)

April 10, 1996: A lady drives her car into the Gulf at the beach

March 26, 1993: The aftermath of the time that Hudson flooded in the No-Name Storm

March 15, 1993: The night that lives in Hudson infamy- when we all flooded- read and heed!

Feb 9, 1987: Dredging discussed while Reagan was finishing the Cold War-


Remember, dredging the channel and the side channels to Sea Ranch, Signal Cove, Leisure Beach, Cow Creek, Yellow Point, Cape Cay and Sea Pines is the one true to life step- that one event- which can and would turn our City of Hudson Beach, Florida, into another Key West- bar-none.

We at recommend that all of these neighborhoods' delegations meet and resolve a workable plan to present for a 2nd round of dredging. One thing immediately noticeable at the Gianni's meeting was the spirit of reasonable cooperation and the feeling of, 'Look how many we are!' If we work together, it'll happen-  Seeings how this IS America, and we are Americans, we should have the sense of ownership over our immediate neighborhood- as a group of property owners with a common and just cause.

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