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 At the local level, Hudson's Representative to Pasco County is Jack Mariano.


Mr. Mariano has favored smart development of Hudson's coastline, read here


See the County Commission at work: here








At the State level we are represented by Republican John Legg:  












Western Hudson comprises Congressional District 9.

We are currently represented by Gus Bilirakis's (R-Tarpon Springs).




If you live in the far east of Hudson, nearer to the Suncoast Parkway,

 your district is 5. You are represented by Virginia Brown-Waite (R-Brooksville)


Representative Gus Bilirakis (R-FL)

Representative Rich Nugent (R-FL)

Please click above for Reps' Homepages, and below for Senators

Senator Marco Rubio R-FL 

Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL



Political Report Cards for our Reps and Senators:


Representative Bilirakis's Environmental Report Card

Representative Bilirakis's Taxation Report Card

Representative Nugent's Environmental Report Card

Representative Nugent's Taxation Report Card

Senator Rubio's Environmental Report Card

Senator Rubio's Taxation Report Card

Senator Nelson's Environment Report Card

Senator Nelson's Taxation Report Card





Election cycles come and go, but the ideal remains in perpetuity


Welcome Hudson Voters!