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What an AP course is

An AP course is equivalent to a college course and the student taking it can get college credit if they pass an end-of-year test that takes place on May 13, 2010. This means they can save time and money if they can accomplish this feat. Another benefit is that an AP course grade is officially counted as "more valuable" than a regular grade in the same subject. For example, a "C" in AP World History is equivalent to a "B" in regular World History.

What AP World History is

A global perspective on the past is used to investigate the development of societies around the world from the earliest times to the present day. Sophisticated students will learn that while encyclopedia facts are the beginning of wisdom, they are not the end.

A Note to Parents

AP World is one of the most difficult AP courses. Because of the difficulty of the course in terms of the massive amount of historical content, unfamiliar and unpronouncable names, places and events, round-the-world orientation, essay writing lessons, document analysis lessons and more, students and parents both can be frusterated with it. Although it is a fantastic learning experience crammed into 180 hours, it is easy to be angry. But AP classes are overseen and moderated by the College Board, and national standards apply. The same class is taught in selected schools around the country. Although the student's grades may not be what they are used to making, it is well worth the suffering.

Last Year's Statistics

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