The faith of reincarnation and karma has inspired some of the grandest structures ever built


India's great Hindu temple of Benares on the Ganges River



The faithful swim in the Ganges during their pilgrimage to Benares, now called Varanasai



The Amritsar Palace of India, with its famous golden building and bridge



The largest Hindu temple in the world is this, where millions visit every year







The Jagannath Hindu Temple in India



The stunningly detailed Hindu shrine at



Greatest of all India's buildings, the Taj Mahal of Agra- built as a tomb and shrine





The famous faces of Angkor Wat, in Cambodia



Buddhist Temples in Bali, Indonesia



Grand scenery of Buddhist shrines in Burma



A closer look at the shrines in Burma, one of the great religious centers of all Asia



The Burmese shrine of Bagan, one of Buddhisms holy places



The Mahabodi Buddhist Shrine in India and Nepal's equivalent, high in the Hemalaya Mts.



Afghanistan's greatest relic was this huge sculpture of Buddha, sewn into the side of a cliff.

It reminded all of a time when there was peace in the world thanks to the way of the Buddha.



Before the USA moved into Afghanistan in 2002 and dismantled its government,

the great statues were destroyed by the Islamic fundamentalist Taliban on purpose



The most famous of Buddha's sculptures, at Kamakura in Japan, has withstood many earthquakes



The great Buddhist Temple of Saigon, Vietnam (Ho Chi Min City)



A young Buddhist monk inside the Temple in Saigon



The stunning Buddhist shrine in Bangkok, Thailand almost seems from another world



Hindu temple painted in white in Calcutta, India



Famous Buddhist statue from Ceylon (Sri Lanka)- at peace and in focus



This Temple of Codai in Vietnam almost seems like an oriental cathedral!



Mandalay in Burma has a complex temple guarded by these creatures



Recently, the Cambodian Gov't and UNESCO have cleared the foliage for tourism



The great temple of Angkor Wat in Cambodia has lain in the jungle untouched for centuries




In Thailand's countryside lies this Buddhist temple, part ruin and part solitary shrine



Inner Peace is the key concept in Buddhist philosophy, and here in Bangkok, Thailand



This temple in Vietnam is famous for its detail as well



At the top of the world lies Tibet, and the Buddhist shrine of the Dalai Lama at Lhasa

This is one of the world's most isolated







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