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Eternal Africa





 The elephant is the largest land animal in the world




East African landscape




African village: after the Bantu migrations, villages became the traditional method of settled life south of the Sahara




Family and patriarchal family structures maintained themselves in Africa as well





Then and Now: A tribal chief from Sierra Leone and another from Nigeria (who lives in Oxford, England and is a soccer fan!)

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 Africa Geographical Map: http://www.usaraf.army.mil/MAP_INTERACTIVE/INTERACTIVE_MAP.swf





Lalibela's rock-hewn church of St. George




The same church from afar- who would know?




At St. Mary's of Zion in Axum, the Ethiopian Orthodox Church claims to have the Ark of the Covenant




The place is here: http://www.smithsonianmag.com/people-places/ark-covenant-200712.html




Ancient stele are now a park in Axum, maintained by the UN, and a symbol of Ethiopia's ancient heritage




Ghana's capital city (no longer existing) of Kumbi Saleh




Ghana's chief today




The Dogon people living as they did in the postclasscial era




Mansa Musa in an European atlas- showing him with gold




Gold in Mali was in great supply- Mansa Musa showered it on people during his Hajj




Unique houses in the Mali-Ghana area








Hot air balloon view of Timbuktu




Serenity in the Sahara, Mali




The Djenne Mosque in the capital of the old Mali Empire




Working on refurbishing, 're-mudding' the Djenne Mosque




Tomb from the Songhay period (1400s) before its collapse




A bus in west Africa could just as easily mean a truck




The fall of Songhay meant a fragmented political order



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