After the Fall of Rome



As the barbarians rampaged over Europe, Christians clung to outposts like this, off the coast of Ireland



Here are their huts, look for the cross in white on the left one



By the 800's stone buildings were being made again, like this at Iona in Scotland




Descent into the dark ages after the fall of Rome. The Baptistry of Poitiers in France is a crude construction but

comes from a time when, for 300 years, you could count the number of stone buildings built in Europe on one hand (600's)






Dark Age people prized gold and other precious metals and things because they had no other stable thing in life



The most precious things were books. The cover of this one is studded with jewels



Books done in the most fancy way were called 'Illuminated Manuscripts.'

Illuminated because it seemed light was coming from them, and manuscripts because they were all one of a kind



The books of the middle ages were much more detailed in their decoration than any in history



Over 1000 years old, the Cross of Lothar is one of the most beautiful objects from the distant past.

the front (left) is studded with jewels and the back has a stenciling of the Crucifixion, it is priceless.



Relics were kept in safe containers decorated with holy images like this one



Medieval artists even decorated chalices like this with holy scenes, can you see it?



A knights standard gear



Here is a helmet used in England a thosand years ago



A real medieval sword, obviously well used, that would go with the helmet




This frieze portrays Jesus and Mary fleeing to Egypt on a horse



This one shows Eve, in her hand is the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil



By the time of the gothic cathedrals in the 1100's, sculptures on them became more grand



The amazing art of stained glass windows like this took years to execute by master artists, but we

usually don't even know their names! (to do something like this 'to be famous' was not the point)



Here is Christ on the Cross in stained glass



Entire walls of the cathedrals were murals like this one




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