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Muslims do not show the face of Muhammad- instead, they use this symbol to represent him



This map shows Islam's central position in the religious map of the Eastern Hemisphere- in 750 and in 2004



The early bedouins live on in Arabia as merchants and traders as seen here




Early mosque (700's) from Damascus, Syria-- like the church, the mosque was the center of town



The Mosque of Baghdad, Iraq, the first city built as an Islamic capital



The mosque of Najaf in Iraq, holy site for Shi'ite Muslims

The Muslim world is split into two groups: Shi'ite and Sunni, with sunni being the majority



Egypt was conquered in the 700's and is still a Muslim country today- this is the famous mosque of Cairo



Islam expanded east to Lahore in India (now Pakistan)- where this famous mosque was built




Close up of Israel's most famous mosque, the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem- where Allah brought Mohammad into heaven



The 2nd most famous mosque is in Medina, where Mohammad the Prophet fled to and where Islam began



The Medina mosque is also a place of pilgrimage for Muslims in Arabia



The Great Mosque of Mecca, Arabia is the most famous in the world



People making pilgrimage to the Great Mosque, with the Ka'aba at the center right-->




Conquered in 1453 by the Turks, the Church of Holy Wisdom was converted into a Muslim Mosque- its style was

used in building new ones as well...



The 'blue mosque' of Turkey, (notice the reflection), was modeled after it



Mosque of Suleyman the Magnificent in Turkey



Around the time of the conquest of Constantinople (1400's), the Spanish forced Islam out of Spain

and built this church at Cordoba, in commeration of that event, called the reconquista



A mosque in Kazan,  Russia, this city has a large non-Russian Muslim population



Islam spread to the far east (Indonesia) and today that country has 200 Million Muslims




The UAE's most famous mosque, with the modern downtown in the background



The oil rich UAE has this modern mosque in front of a tall building, symbolizing the unity of faith and business



The mosque of Brunei, a small oil rich country in SouthEast Asia attests to the great energy of Islamic faith



Minarets are used to call the faithful to prayer 5 times a day



Pakistan's new capital city, Islamabad, has a mosque built in the modern style



Central Asia's most famous mosque, in Turkmenistan- compare it with the one in Toledo, USA




With more Muslims coming to the USA, our country is seeing more mosques built- like this one in New York



Many new mosques have been built in the USA, over 100 since 2000- like this one in Chicago



Architectually, this mosque in Toledo, Ohio is also done in a traditional way



Detroit has America's largest Muslim community, and this traditional style mosque

Detroit is the first city to play the Islamic call to prayer over public loudspeakers, which has caused some .controversy



Islam is very successful, and is the fastest growing religion in the world.

This Mosque is outside of London, England- where today, more people attend a mosque at least once

a week, than a church (980,000 in mosques vs. 915,000 in churches in 2005)- and today there are nearly a thousand mosques in England




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