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Art of Classical Rome: The Republic


Italy Before Rome: The Eutruscans' most famous temple reconstructed



Rome was founded by Romulus and Remus, brothers raised by a she-wolf



Roman Values: Love of the home and farm, hard work on the land brings great rewards, work hard and play hard, celebrate!



Roman women shown trying to stop a battle between the Romans and Sabines




Famous onyx carving of the symbol of the Roman Republic, the eagle (aquila)




The Forum of Rome, left in its ruined state but betraying the glory of its past



The Senate as it was, on the Capitoline Hill




Mighty Carthage as it was before its destruction in the 3rd Punic War



2nd Punic War: Hannibal taking his war Elephents over the Alpine Mountains and into Italy



The Ruins of the City of Carthage, 2200 years later



The wonderfully preserved Temple of Fortune at Rome, dating from Republican times- notice the Greek influence?




The most famous Roman Baths, called Caracalla,  in a park in the city



Pompeii today: with its nemesis in the background- Mt. Vesuvius



The Last Day of Pompeii, 79AD- sure was a bad day



Roman frescoes have not survived much, but here is an example from Pompeii, preserved in the dried lava



The Baker and His Wife. A famous and rare example of painting from the Roman World- from Pompeii



Slavery was a common thing in the Classical World, including Rome



The most famous road in Europe: The Appian Way leading to Rome, and the Arch of Titus



The Appian Way in the countryside, going by old roadside tombs of Roman senators and patricians



The famed statue of Augustus Caesar, showing his authority and his dignity



The Gemma Augustua, an outstanding ivory carving showing Augustus being crowned by the gods



The greatest aquaduct, the Pont du Gard in southern France (Gaul), built by the Romans when they built cities there



The famed Roman Circus Maximus, grand stadium of the chariot races



The most famous stadium in the world: The Roman Colosseum



The Inside of the Colosseum revealing the underground passages where animals and gladiators were kept before going out



The Colosseum at night, in an time-delay photograph



Downtown Rome at the time of its Glory



The Colosseum was only the most famous amphitheater, others were built all around the Roman World



A movie poster for Gladiator. Where did he fight?



'Bread and Circuses': An animal has been released to help the guy on the left while the people cheer in the background




A new fad: Columns glorifying an emperor's exploits: On left is Marcus Aurelius and on right is Trajan



Arch of Septimus Severus in Rome- classic Roman architecture



Emperor Hadrian built a huge palace complex for his private residence outside Rome, here are its outdoor baths



Hadrian's Wall in northern England, the boundary of the Empire



The great Equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius in Rome, the only statue of an Emperor still standing in its original spot



The fortress of Masada, last stand of the Jews against the Romans in Israel AD 70



Another Tell in Israel, this time shown with the ruins of a Roman city OUTSIDE!



The famous piece of Roman architecture, the Pantheon



The most famous dome in the world: the Pantheon Roof



The famous Palace of Diocletian, built across the Adriatic Sea in modern Croatia, he administered the East from here



476- after being pounded by barbarian attacks for a hundred years, the Empire falls in the west

The ruins of the great Forum of Rome at night today.


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