MINOANS: Art and Architecture

Minoan art was different than that of the Empires and Kingdoms to the east



 From Knossos Palace, we find skilled frescoes with (gasp) non warlike subjects!



A Minoan navy / merchant fleet, dominating the Aegean Sea



Scene from inside Knossos Palace, capital of the Minoan seafaring civilization on Crete



The partial excavation of the Custom's House on the coast of Crete



The current view of Thera, in the background, scene of the amazing destruction of Knossos



MYCENAE: Art and Architecture

Mycenaen death mask, possibly of King Agamemnon



A modern representation of the Phalanx formation, that which made Greek infantry dominate



Famous Greek vase: Chigi, depicting the hoplite formation



Famous Greek vase: 'Achilles kills Penthesileia' from Trojan War times



Famous Greek vase: 'Francois' showing a procession



Mycenae during its period of prosperity as the chief early Greek city-state



The best preserved part of Mycenae today: the 'Lions Gate'



The City of Troy as it was during the time of the Illiad



A replica of the Trojan Horse built at the site of the ruins of Troy



Today's excavation of Troy, a city that for most of history was only a legend



Finally, Mount Olympus, home of the gods



Greek art of the Golden Age



Early Greek sculpture, the Kouros



Golden Age sculpture by Myron, the Discus Thrower



Another Golden Age sculpture, the Statue of Zeus of Artemisia



Cast of Bronze, this is the momument to Leonidis, who led the 300 against Persia



Hermes of Olympia- he has a child and a cloth in his arm, noted for outstanding detail



The most admired face of all Classical sculpture, the Apollo of the Belvedere




Greek ideal of feminine beauty, the Venus de Milo, a famous Golden Age sculpture





A detail of a Doric column



A detail of an Ionic column



A detail of a Corinthian column



Sparta's remains. We don't know what it exactly looked like but we know it was probably bland and rugged



The Temple of Apollo at Corinth



Theater of Dionysus at Athens, where votes were tallied and dramas were performed



The great Temple of Poseidon at Sounion, welcome point for Greeks coming home and foreigners coming to visit



The Acropolis of Athens, cultural center, crown jewel of the city and of all of Greece



Close up of the Parthenon, one of the world's most famous buildings



The 3rd Wonder of the World, the huge statue of Zeus at Olympia, site of the games



What Olympia used to look like



Famous gate of Olympia, where the games would begin with the torch coming through and into the arena area



The 4th Wonder of the World, the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus in Ionia



The Temple of Apollo at Delphi, home of the famous Oracle of Delphi and the most sacred place in Greece



The Grand Theater of Epidarus, the best preserved of all Classical theaters



The 6th Wonder: the Colossus of Rhodes in the Greek islands



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